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Discover Your Family History With One Simple Click

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Have you ever wondered where your great-great-great grandmother immigrated from? Or wanted to create a family tree with old family photos and documents of your ancestors? Luckily, connecting and discovering more about your own family's history is easier than ever. Online genealogy is helping people understand their past and making connections to their ancestors. In today's day and age, there is no easier way to compile research and create connections with ancestors than online. We've looked at many online genealogy resources and broken down the most important features that you should look for in an online genealogy site.

Connecting with Others
The ability to connect with other family members is crucial when it comes to genealogy. You want to be able to share information and collaborate with each other. Conducting research and discovering ancestors is an exciting part of genealogy. You are discover part of your own history and you should have the ability to converse with other family members about the matter. You want to look for a genealogy company that allows family members to converse through the site, share information and even collaborate together on the family tree. It is also important that your information is safe and secure. Good genealogy companies will protect that information. Also, many will offer forums and message boards about genealogy related topics to better assist you in your search.

Saving Features
When it comes to researching information of an ancestor, you don't want all that research to go to waste if you leave the browser. Your personal research should be saved and not be able to be altered by others without your permission. For example, if someone finds your information to be incorrect, they have to contact you and you have to make the change; they can't simply change the information directly on your account. This is also an important feature because you might have information saved you realize you want to change. If your information was not saved in your personal account, you would not be able to alter it.

Sharing Features
When you research ancestors, you inevitably find old photos and documents. You want to have the ability to upload and share these photos with others, which brings us to the third and final important feature for genealogy companies to offer. You should have the ability to upload these documents on your personal account and keep them personal, unless given permission.

Online genealogy was created to simplify the process of completing genealogy for yourself. Discovering ancestors and connecting family members is now a streamlined, easy-to-use process. If you take into account these three factors, you will be on your way to building your family tree and find long lost ancestors.


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