Posted: George Hancock Jr. | January 29, 2015

Genealogy Will Move to Lehi, UT

general-news-alert-2, the popular genealogical research site, is planning to move to Lehi, Utah where its offices will overlook Mt. Timpanogos. The facilities where its employees will work are supposed to be finished in 2016. Those employees will occupy 135,000 square feet of the area, initially. The company has gained loads of users and seen its revenue increase by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, yet the move and the necessity for more space suggest they expect to grow much more still.

The necessity for more space may be due to Ancestry DNA, a service that allows you to find out where your ancestors lived. By analyzing a sample of your saliva, the company learns which of 26 different regions your genes come from.   You're given a report than tells you which percentage of your DNA is from each particular region. For example, your report might say you're 26% "Europe West" and 74% "Asia South". Unlike the older services offers, Ancestry DNA requires human laborers to send materials and analyze your saliva. If the company needs more space for employees, it probably means they expect more and more of you to sign up and learn about your ethnicity. I'm not surprised. We ranked at the top in our reviews of genealogy sites. It's really a fun site to use and the DNA testing makes it even more so. If you can't verify that someone was your ancestor, you can use your DNA results to get a better idea of where to look.

Ancestry knew where to look for their new office space. The facility will be modern and will feature floor-to-ceiling windows to let in light and allow everyone to take in the beautiful landscape outdoors. It will be a big step up from the company's current headquarters in Provo. With a little luck, there will be equally-impressive improvements and exciting changes to the already-great website.


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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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