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Share your voice by reviewing companies on our site in exchange for donations to your fundraiser.

About Our Fundraising Program

Best Company ranks thousands of companies within hundreds of different industries. These rankings are determined by the reviews we gather from the company's customers. Gathering this customer feedback is important to us, so is giving back to the community. That's why we have created FundRaising Your Voice. The program allows us to work with great youth organizations, like yours, to generate reviews for companies on our site in exchange for donations to your fundraiser. Best Company is not a crowdfunding site; we can only fundraise for organizations, and not individuals, at this time.

We'll donate $2 for every published review your organization brings in.

We gather information from experts whose background and experience qualify them to inform our ranking criteria. These criteria are given relative weight based on feedback collected from thousands of customers. We also gather thousands of reviews from real customers. Unlike other review sites, we do not hide negative reviews or use unpublished reviews as collateral to manipulate top companies into paying more.

See How Easy Our FundRaising Your Voice Program is for High School Groups:

"This is by far the easiest fundraiser for players and parents to participate in. It was a complete success and I’m so grateful that we had this opportunity to do such a simple fundraiser. Probably spent about 2 hours total [coordinating this fundraiser].”

- Athletic Club Director / Coach

“It was very easy. They made it so simple, I will be doing it again in the fall. I didn't have to spend any time at all in coordinating the fundraiser. They did all the work [and] the fundraiser was very successful.”

- High School Teacher

"Fundraising with Best Company was one of the easiest fundraisers we have done. I have been involved in many different fundraising activities, and to have a company who sets everything up for you and you just drive the individuals to them was incredible.

The best part about Best Company fundraising was that I did not have to come out of pocket for any expenses. The company set up our site, tracked our reviews, and cut a check at the end. Very easy and took no start up money to make it happen."

- High School Club Director

Fundraising Your Voice Application

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