Textbroker began in 2007 as one of the first resources for buying and selling content online. It has since evolved to become a fully-functioning freelance site, connecting writers with clients who need content.

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The process for using Textbroker is fairly simple: after registration, writers submit samples of their work and are given a one to four-star rating. This rating determines their pay-per-word and which projects they can work on. After receiving this rating, finding freelance work is as simple as accepting a job and submitting it by the deadline. Textbroker earns its money by charging clients (those who order content) a flat fee on top of their writers’ rates. All payment is done on-site and there are always plenty of jobs to choose from, making Textbroker a great source for a freelance income.

The Good

  • Author benefits
  • Pay based on skill

Additionally, when using Textbroker, authors have a generally positive experience. They are given their full commission, and it’s easy to register and start working on the site—a huge plus for those looking for fair rates and a user-friendly interface. Textbroker has focused on making their process easy for freelance writers.

Finally, authors on Textbroker are ranked by skill and paid accordingly, which is a plus for those looking for a boost based on merit. While the pay raise isn’t huge, it’s always nice to be distinguished for quality and skill, and Textbroker acknowledges that.

The Bad

  • Limited features

While Textbroker seems like a great place for beginners, it lacks certain features that more experienced freelancers may seek. For instance, the pay is flat (based on word count) and payment options are limited to PayPal only. Those who want to cash in on large portfolios and expertise may find their assets to be of limited advantage here.

The Bottom Line

Textbroker is exactly what it claims to be—a quick, easy way to find freelance writing work for a variety of companies at a fair, flat rate. For those looking to try out freelance writing, Textbroker is a great place to get started, with plenty of available jobs.


Textbroker charges clients a flat $0.35 fee for each order placed. Additionally, clients are charged 35% more than the writer’s initial fee for a commission.

All writers are paid their full asking rate, with no additional fees.

Jobs Posted

There were 577 jobs posted in late June 2015. This number does not include direct orders, which are assigned to specific writers privately. Textbroker claims to execute more than 100,000 content orders each month.

Registered Freelancers

According to the Textbroker website, “thousands of registered authors and customers” use the service.


Textbroker guarantees 100% satisfaction for their clients.

Payroll Option

All transactions are completed via PayPal.


For help resolving disputes or answers to questions, contact (702) 534-3832 or e-mail [email protected] (authors) or [email protected] (clients).

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