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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019 is one or the largest sites for jobs searches on the web. The site is owned and operated by Simply Hired, a privately-owned company that was founded in 2004. You can search jobs for free on the site without becoming a member, or you can register for a free membership that allows you to upload your resume and customize your job searches and alerts. Businesses can choose to have's full-service package where they pay only if someone clicks on their ad or use self-service and design and post their own ad for as low as $99 for 30 days. Businesses cannot search members' resumes that are posted on the site. provides a searchable list of jobs on its web site, through its app, and on its partner's sites, which include ABC News, Computerworld, Fox Business, and The Washington Post. In addition to posting its advertisers' jobs, includes listings of available jobs from job boards, company web sites, newspapers, and government web sites.

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The Good

  • Free membership
  • Volume of work
  • Global reach
  • Appearance and functionality
  • Style
  • Mobile app
  • Educational resources doesn't focus solely on freelancers, but there are thousands of jobs on the site that are looking for freelance workers. Here is what we think is good about the site: Free Membership: You don't have to join's site to search for jobs, but their free membership allows you to:
  • Post your resume on the site
  • Sign up for email alerts
  • Save your searches
  • View your job search history
  • Make notes and add ratings to jobs
  • Block selected companies and sites from your search results
Volume of Work:'s stats are impressive. The company claims to have 30 million "unique" visitors to its site each month and offers six million jobs in 974 occupations from 700,000 employers. The company posts job listings from other job boards, its own advertisers, and industry and government web sites. A recent search using only the term "freelance" turned up 60,993 jobs. These freelance jobs were in varying industries, with the majority being in IT, writing and media/news. Global Reach: isn't limited to posting jobs in the U.S. The company lists jobs in 24 countries and 12 languages. Appearance and Functionality: When you open's site, it automatically populates your location. The site is professional looking and the searches are fast. Also instantly visible is a popup with a statement that by using the site, you agree to the company's privacy policy and terms of service, so you don't have to search around to find out what you are agreeing to by using the site. As you search, a pop-up appears offering you the opportunity to chat with a staff member. You can search's web site, use its app, or choose to have jobs that match your search criteria emailed to you. Style: has a sense of humor. When we visited the site, their ad showed a bunch of people dressed in business attire looking extremely happy, with the tag: Love Your Job Like an Actor in Stock Footage. Mobile App: Simply Hired offers an app available from the Apple Store and Google Play so you are never far away from your next job search. Educational Resources: offers blog postings, with tips for job applicants, employers, and recruiters. The company also mines the vast quantity of data from its site to prepare reports on the jobs outlook, trends in hiring, salary information, and employment trends in local job markets.

The Bad

  • Jobs not relevant
  • No safety information or dispute resolution
  • Limited user interaction
Here's where we think can improve: Jobs Not Relevant: Simply Hired states its searches deliver relevant jobs because of the strength of the algorithms used to comb through available positions, but clicking on the "view personalized jobs link" turned up jobs that did not match a member's resume. One of our reviewers has a resume on the site with previous work experience that is heavily weighted with writing jobs, but the "personalized jobs" recommended work including truck driver, RN, and mechanical engineer, all industries where she had no experience. We had better luck when we typed in keywords and searched on our own, but even when we used the word "freelance" as one of the keywords, it turned up some jobs that were for full-time staff members, not freelancers. No Safety Information or Dispute Resolution: provides a giant listing of available jobs, but there is no information available to job seekers to help them avoid getting scammed or to assist them if they have a problem with an employer. The company's terms of service state the users of the site indemnify Simply Hired, its representatives and employees from all liabilities and costs incurred from using its services. Limited User Interaction: You can search for jobs on the site and read the blog posts, but there are no discussions boards, which could be useful places for users to share tips on how to get hired, ask questions, or rate companies based on how they treat their employees. Discussion boards could also focus on particular industries and the education and job skills required to succeed in them. Freelancers could benefit from a discussion board just for them, as constantly taking on new types of work for multiple employers requires a different mindset about job hunting than looking for traditional full-time work with just one employer.

The Bottom Line provides listings for thousands of freelance positions in multiple industries, but the site does not contain ratings on the companies who are hiring or verify information about the positions, so you will have to investigate the companies yourself. does not focus specifically on freelancers and does not offer the ability to receive payment through the site or provide specific training or guidance for freelancers. The site's search logic can also turn up jobs that do not meet the definition of freelance, even when "freelance" is used in the search terms, so you may have to do a lot of digging to find the right types of jobs. Although you can find freelance work at, there are other sites that have a stronger focus on this type of work where you may have better luck.
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