Journalism is a field that is relying more and more on freelancers to deliver content, and many freelance writers are happy to oblige. However, many do not know how to connect themselves with key publications and stories—especially in a consistent, steady manner.

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PitchMe is the way to achieve this steady connection with freelance journalism projects. It is a company based in London, dedicated to connecting journalists with publications and vice versa. Founded in 2012, the site offers chances for networking among writers, opportunities to pitch ideas, and, of course, many prospects for writing assignments.

With an easy-to-use interface (simply click a button to accept a job and deadline) and high standards for quality, PitchMe is a great way to get involved with freelance journalism that matters. Allow PitchMe to help you negotiate with editors and find homes for great pitches, while skipping all the hassle of late payments and missed deadlines.

The Good

  • Services
  • Free registration

There is much good to say about PitchMe. This service connects journalists and publishers, yes, but it also allows for great content to be pitched and created more easily than ever, which is great for originality and new stories. The best part is that it’s free to pitch, so creative minds can let their ideas roam free!

But of course, having the ability to pitch is only as good as the results and ease of use. With PitchMe, registration is free, and the service provides all payments on time, even giving writers advances when their pitch is approved. With a creativity-fostering atmosphere and an organized, facilitated service, PitchMe is a great source for those looking to dive into freelance journalism with little-to-no hassle.

The Bad

  • Transparency

Of course, no company is perfect, and PitchMe is no exception. While we evaluating the site, we discovered that PitchMe does not provide information on the amount of jobs available, nor the amount of registered users. That means that it’s hard to know whether the market is flooded on this particular site. A flooded market means that freelance writers may have a hard time competing with other users for limited jobs. A little more transparency would help potential freelancers know if the site provided enough opportunity at reasonable levels of competition.

The Bottom Line

PitchMe is a great opportunity for journalists who are looking to form relationships with other journalists and publishers. For one flat fee and small commission, writers have the opportunity to pitch and find buyers for new stories.


Freelances may pitch for free on PitchMe, but as soon as the terms are decided and set, writers pay a $15 flat fee plus 3% commission. If a story should fail before it is picked up, there is a 50% “kill” fee, which comes out of the freelancer’s pay.

Jobs Posted

PitchMe does not offer a specific count of available jobs online, but says that there are “hundreds” of pitches available from all over the world.

Registered Freelancers

PitchMe does not offer a count of registered freelancers. Registration on the site is free and quite simple. Those who join will be asked to provide a link to their personal website as well as a short personal statement.


There are no guarantees on PitchMe. Freelancers are paid through the website—50% when the commission is decided, and the next 50% after the story has been submitted on time.

Payroll Option                                                        

Once registered, users can set up a payment method within the website. PayPal is the recommended payment method.


Registered members can contact PitchMe representatives for dispute assistance or for any problems at [email protected].

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