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People as a Service is a very unique online freelancing service. With the aim of providing quality work over quantity, Service as a People gives a very thoroughly vetted freelance platform that knows the qualifications and goals of every freelancer and company requiring work. This attention to individual and company needs makes Service as a People a much different process than many other freelance platforms offer. Specifically, it aims to assure that both parties are satisfied with the work assigned and the work delivered.

Service as a People has a sufficiently simple and informative website, which suggests that the rest of the freelance process would also be simple to use.

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The Good

  • Pairing
  • Attention
  • Subscription levels
  • No cost
  • Satisfaction guarantee

People as a Service has many benefits for prospective freelancers and businesses looking to hire freelancers. One of the main benefits of People as a Service is the way that they pair qualified freelancers with individual projects and companies seeking specific services. Prior to being accepted as a freelancer by People as a Service, every freelancer's profile is reviewed and approved according to their individual qualifications and how well they match the projects and needs of the companies in the database. If a freelancer is approved, they are then given assignments based on their skill set. This process adds a measure of increased quality for companies seeking to outsource work.

Likewise, companies seeking to obtain freelance work are given personal attention in finding the perfect freelancer for their desired projects. People as a Service pays attention to the needs of each company and project in order to assign the perfect freelancer to the job. Depending on the type of subscription the company selects (subscriptions include: Test, Bronze, Silver, and Gold), each company is given varying levels of support from the People as a Service team.

Companies just joining People as a Service can get their first month free when they sign up. After the first free month, the subscriptions are divided into four different levels. The subscriptions are divided into these categories:

  • Test Subscriptions
    • $39/month
    • No contract
    • Limited 2-month
    • 1 user
    • 2 projects
  • Full Subscription
    • 1 user
    • Unlimited projects
    • Direct help form the Chief of Staff
    • $39/month for 12 months; $49/month for 3 months; $59/month for 1 month

Because of People as a Service's dedicated involvement in each assignment, dispute resolution and quality of service are more successfully managed. People as a Service guarantees satisfaction in every project, first by vetting the freelancer, and then by allowing the company to accept or deny the project based on their satisfaction. Every company is guaranteed their money back if the freelancer assigned never resolves the issues in the project, or if the results are repeatedly unsatisfactory.

The Bad

  • Monthly cost
  • Application process
  • Approval process

The negative aspects of People as a Service are particular, and may not even be negative for some freelancers' or companies' needs, but they should be noted.

Upon initial review, the most glaring negative aspect of People as a Service is the monthly cost of subscriptions for companies wanting to hire freelancers. When compared with other freelance platforms, the subscriptions do seem relatively expensive (especially when the freelancers are not required to pay anything). Some companies may see these prices as reasonable considering the fact that People as a Service does offer project scoping, follow-ups, and reporting in addition to the freelance platform. These services by themselves may be very expensive when working with a marketing agency, so the cost may actually be worth it to many companies wanting additional help.

Another challenge of People as a Service present is that it does require an application process in order to freelance. This application process requires initial approval based on the freelancer's profile, an interview, and work samples. The way that their website describes the process suggests that freelancers are selectively chosen based on their qualifications but also based on the needs of the companies requesting services. Therefore, it is seemingly competitive and challenging to begin freelancing for People as a Service. This aspect assures quality of work, but it also limits the opportunity for freelancers. Because of this, it will not be a valuable freelance platform for everyone.

The approval processes of the People as a Service platform suggest that the exchange of work requested and completed may move at a slower pace than other freelance sites with less mediation. Although their website does not specifically mention the time frame of project completion, it may be a concern for companies looking for quick turnaround on their projects.

Freelancers will also have a challenge with the approval processes if they are used to getting a large overview of projects available to them. Unlike other freelance sites where there are hundreds and thousands of projects listed, People as a Service assigns freelancers individual projects based on their qualifications and skillset. The unique process offered by People as a Service may not work well for some freelancers looking to pick up many jobs quickly.

The Bottom Line

People as a Service certainly offers a unique approach to the freelancing world. The amount of mediation and the commitment to quality shown by People as a Service sets it apart from other freelance sites that focus on quantity and mass production. According to its website, People as a Service most definitely offers a more individualized and calculated solution to companies looking for freelancers.

On the other hand, People as a Service's involvement in project assignments may not work for freelancers and companies looking for quicker, less mediated solutions. Freelancers may want more control over the projects they choose, and companies may want more control over the freelancers they choose. People as a Service, while attempting to ensure quality, may complicate the freelance process for some parties that want more control.

The bottom line about People as a Service is that it is a great option for companies and freelancers looking for a structured, calculated approach to freelance. Freelancers and companies who may find other freelance sites overwhelming will be relieved with the way that People as a Service takes on the task of pairing freelancers and projects together.

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June 1st, 2016

The interaction with the platform is really simple and we saved a lot of time looking because the platform itself finds the right freelancer for what we need.