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Outsource has a great interface to help employers find freelancers and vice versa.

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Outsource.com is a brand new (March 2014) site that brings together freelancers and clients. It charges a relatively high membership fee for freelancers (anywhere from $100-$160 for 6 months) in an effort to provide high quality workers for clients.

Joining the site is simple enough. Upon creation of a username and password, you have the ability to make a detailed profile outlining your work experience, skills, availability, etc. Once your profile is complete, the site will match you up with clients and work opportunities. The membership fee gives you credits that can be used to send quotes to potential employers. A quote will include the price you would charge for the task, as well as a personalized message to describe why you are well qualified for the job. The amount you pay for your membership determines how many credits you have. To give a range, the lowest membership allows you to purchase 20 credits per month, while the highest allows for around 40 credits. To send a quote, you must use 3-9 credits credits, meaning you would be able to contact 6 employers a month with 20 credits. Any unused credits will be carried over to the next month. The site guarantees that your quote will be read within 5 days, or you'll get your credits back.

Outsource.com guarantees that if you're not hired within 6 months, you can have another 6 months of membership for free. Clients can pay freelancers directly through the site using PayPal, eChecks (only certain countries), paper checks, wire transfers, and direct deposit. Payments can be set up to be fixed or hourly.

The Good

  • Website
  • Amount of users
  • Guarantees
  • Social media
  • Payment facilitation

The positives begin from the moment you arrive at the website. The pages are clean, professional, and easy to understand. Furthermore, they're not overcrowded with unnecessary information or obnoxious advertisements. The bottom of the homepage provides key links to the most important information for both clients and freelancers. Overall, navigating the site it easy and enjoyable.

Something that is both a pro and a con-depending on how you look at it-is the relatively small amount of users. The hefty membership fees ensure that only those that are very serious will apply to jobs. Thus, clients receive fewer-but higher quality-applications. The benefits of this are twofold: 1) The clients don't have to comb through hundreds of lousy quotes for each good one and 2) If your quote is not read in 5 days, Outsource.com will refund the credits back to your account.

This brings us to the next pro-the guarantees. Although you have to pay for it, you're promised that your quotes will be seen and essentially given a full year (6 months paid) to find a job. Guarantees this good aren't found on many other freelancing sites.

Another positive are their efforts to advertise and grow the site. The site has a Facebook and Twitter page, both of which are updated with regularity. This gives hope that the relatively new site can quickly expand the number of clients and freelancers.

A final positive is that the site facilitates payments. While this is in no way unique among freelancing sites, there are enough sites that don't offer this feature to make it noteworthy. This feature overall makes the site a one-stop destination for finding work, doing it, and receiving compensation.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Membership fee
  • Competition

Because the site is so new (Outsource.com has only been around since 2014), there are a lot of unknowns. It was difficult to find the exact number of available job postings, and the 70,000 current registered users is slim compared to powerhouses like Upwork.com (over 4 million users). It's difficult to invest such a significant amount of money in a brand new site.

This brings us to the next con, the membership fee. While this is a positive in some ways (see previous section), the fee will likely turn away all but the most serious users. Thus, those looking for part time opportunities may want to look elsewhere.

A final con-at least for some-is that the competition may be stiffer on this site. It's clear that they're targeting high quality freelancers, so although fewer applications will be submitted, they will likely be strong ones. This is once again to the detriment of the more average user.

While there are a number of good things about Outsource.com, the experts at TBC have a few concerns:

  • There aren't a lot of job options
  • There are no money back guarantees
  • They charge a membership fee
  • They are a brand new company with limited experience

The Bottom Line

Overall, this site is attempting to carve out a niche by appealing to high-end freelancers hoping to avoid the crowded applicant pools sometimes found on other freelance sites. While it doesn't boast the sheer number of users or job opportunities compared to the bigger freelance facilitators, outsource.com claims to attract great clients. Furthermore, they make a strong guarantee that applications will be viewed and employment will be found. While only time will tell if this new site will attract the clients and users it seeks, it seems like a solid option for the serious freelancer.


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Vincent Baker
November 3rd, 2017 Starr, SC DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

The artist took my money and run. Don't work with Ajani O!

Scot Sheely
June 23rd, 2017 Darlington, SC

AVOID THIS SITE! I worked on a 3-camera, 4k video for three weeks, correcting horrible audio and video for a guy in California who disappeared after the project was complete. TOTAL SCAM SITE and job posters. The Outsource.com support never replied to my support requests, so I canceled my account. Since I used Paypal and cancelled directly through their site and interface, I hope that will be the end of it. If not, it's time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to recover lost & stolen remuneration. DO NOT USE OUTSOURCE! IT IS A SCAM!

Laurel Mathe
June 15th, 2017 San Francisco, CA

I don't even remember signing up with this company. I just saw the charge of $142.50 on my June 2017 credit card bill listed as: "PRM* Remote.com 866-7841265CA". I researched my own records and have absolutely no record I could find of ever working with or contacting this company. I googled the info and found out remote.com had formerly been called outsource.com. There I saw the many negative/scam reviews. I called my credit card company and reported it as a fraudulent charge. They were great (CapitalOne Business). They have reversed the charge, started an investigation and are issuing me another card with a new #. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

robin mather
May 2nd, 2017

Cancelled my membership to Outsource.com in 2016. Today, Remote.com debited my bank account for another year's membership. I'm disputing it with my bank but want other users to beware.

Dwain Moore
April 3rd, 2017

Outsource ripped me off. I payed the full amount on my credit card for a job. I released half of the money to the person writing my book but they never finished. I have no idea what happened to the other money that I had with Outsource. I have been trying to contact them.

Nin Li
January 16th, 2017

Three words. Class Action Suit. Not only a racket, but a total devastation of freelance job markets universally everywhere they infect. Took all my work and gave it away to 3rd world bidders who can afford to do any job for $3 an hour. Meanwhile, the clients they provide are Craigslist type freeloaders and scammers. They expect volumes of work for pennies on the dollar, or a fraction of what they could get anywhere legitimate. These lazy, cheap losers will simply rip-you off most the time and refuse to pay, stealing proofs and design ideas while lying to you the whole time. It's been almost a year and the service has costed me over $600, while only paying out $15 to date. Would not let me out the contract as they promised they would after working on only crappy, non-paying jobs and seeing no results. Outsource are con-artists.

Marcus Williams
January 4th, 2017

Outsource provides no chance for new users to even make enough to subscribe to their membership services. People without money, but with writing skills will not be able to put their feet in the door. A better system would, perhaps, be for new users to be able to work for a subscription, so that they would then have enough money to pay the subscription fee required for them to work on the website. While the thought of that in and of itself sounds unappealing, freelancers who truly want to be a part of Outsource's quality niche would be willing to do so. A rather infuriating aspect is the site's tendency to send users information on jobs when they have no credits to accept the job. Especially when it says "You have received a job request" as though a client has reached out to the user in question personally. In the end, it feels like Outsource just wants to look starving writers in the face and ask them for money.

November 15th, 2016 Pomona, CA

AVOID! WARNING! No Verification of Freelance Talent I was six weeks in on a project with a "experienced" developer. My project involved the creation of a complex web app that could not vary from the supplied flow and detailed slides. Here is where it went wrong as the freelancer thought instead of following laid out direction. The freelancer thought I was going to be his debugger. Talk about not doing his job. In addition, the freelancer over proclaimed his skills. When I reached out to Vanessa at Outsource regarding the problems, I was contacted by Norma (Manager). Norma understood and agreed to the refund, but Vanessa thought she was someone. I abhor using fine French, but it happened. Then when I go to post again as I am six weeks further behind, I get my third attempt at posting denied with Vanessa stating: "At this time we are unable to approve your new job posting. We do our best to match you with a freelancer for your project and we spent a lot of time assisting you and tried to make sure you were satisfied with your freelancer." Oh boo hoo is what this company is about. This company is living in winter wonderland thinking that just because someone selects that it's going to be perfect fit. OMG, nothing is perfect. Always remember that when you don't receive what you are paying for, you contact your credit card company and dispute. Moreover, there is no dispute that Outsource is not what it claims.

Wendi W.
October 27th, 2016 San Diego, CA

Their tagline should give it away: “Access the highest quality freelancers around the world for free.” The highest quality freelancers around the world are not on Outsource (A), and (B) never, never trust a job board that allows people looking for freelancers to post for free. I learned this too, late. I'm usually pretty saavy about the business of writing, but Outsource was new to me and I read a little about it. I'm really disappointed that so many freelancers wrote complimentary reviews about this site, because it really is in no professional freelancers best interest to get jobs through places like this. I had been away from freelancing for a while, and I mistakenly assumed this would be a way to jump start things again and get some new, more varied clips (I was expanding my writing niche). First, this site requires a contact that may not even be valid. It has no opt-out possibilities, and it's basically charging freelancers twice for services: Once by paying monthly and getting roped into a 12-month contract. Then again, by making them dole out "credits" to bid on jobs. The higher paying the job, the more credits required to bid. Second, the jobs are not exclusive to Outsource. I have seen the exact same listings in multiple places. There is no reason for a freelancer or job seeker to pay to bid on a job that is listed for FREE in other locations. Additionally, some of the jobs are not even real. They do a bait and switch type of deal when you finally contact someone. Third, these are blind bids. You get zero information about the people seeking freelancers. They are listed in the job board with first names and last initials. I mistakenly assumed that once I signed up for the contract I would see the in-depth information that paid participants can see. Often, there is no information on the company, the website, or the pay. You cannot see what others are bidding, and you are given very little -- if any -- guidance on the job. Fourth, people are dramatically underbidding jobs. I've spoken to other writers that have successfully gotten work from Outsource and the amount they worked for is dramatically low, and frankly insulting (as are most content mill jobs). This underbidding is really encouraged in the following way: The aforementioned blind bidding process. The fact that when you submit a bid, you are required to submit your rates for a project you know nothing about. It's a drop down box on the top of the submit box that requires either a fixed rate or hourly rate. No professional writer is going to be able to offer an honest bid for a project they know nothing about, but you cannot send in a bid without putting something in that field. Outsource does not set any filters or boundaries on job types, and the system allows people to put in ridiculous project requests for outrageous prices. For example, there are a lot of ghostwriting requests for full length books (30,000 - 50,000+ words) that start at $500 or less. This is drastically below the working rates for freelancers. Writer's Market for 2016 shows ghostwriting rates as .50 to $3 a word, with the average of $1.65 a word. This is just one example, but all of the rates are insultingly low. I did a little experiment with my bids. I started bidding lower and lower, just to see if I would get a response. I spoke to a representative of Outsource at the beginning when I first signed up. I told her that I was shocked at the low rates and she assured me that it was just a starting bid. Hogwash. People do not even open or respond to bids that are in the appropriate range rate. The writers that are taking jobs from this site need to realize that they are worth MUCH MORE and that every time they low ball bid a job and get it, they are devaluing all of us. Once I realized what hogwash her statements and this entire site was, I was locked into a 12-month contract at almost $50 a month. Here's an example: I have been doing legal writing for 20+ years. I saw a posting looking for someone to write content for a lawyer's website. One of them was even in my field of practice. Perfect, right? He wanted four blog posts a month, 400-600 a word. However, there were major red flags. First of all, he submitted this “job posting” multiple times because Outsource only allows 18 quotes/bids per job. He used the name “George W.” – yeah, that's real. He wanted original content, someone with “solid writing and grammar skills, and be capable of producing articles which need little or no editing for style, form, and grammar,” and someone with background in the law. However, at the bottom of the page, he wanted a flat fee on a per-article basis included in the fee, and then suggested $25 per article/blog post. He also wanted the job done “as soon as possible.” That phrase suggests rush work, which always should pay more because it comes at the expense of other clients or your personal life. For realz? You want someone who does all that for about $.10/word? (Give or take my math skills.) Without knowing what these articles entail? $50 a month is a lot of money when you're freelancing, and if you are going to have to be locked into that amount monthly for any period of time, you should be getting some value. Outsource offers no value to the freelancer.

Victor Allen
September 12th, 2016 Sumner, IA

Total scam. They lure you in with a free trial and promise tons of work just waiting for you. But it never materializes. I have called three times to delete my account and they refuse. This is quite possibly the worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

August 23rd, 2016 Escondido, CA

I have no idea where to begin. For the sake of your finances DO NOT sign up. I am losing money every month because of this lying and cheating company. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. If you enjoy burning money, then by all means sign up with these typical greasy scam artists. They'll get you locked in for a year, next you get to see your money deplete from your account as those scam artists laugh all the way to the bank with YOUR MONEY!!!! They need to be shut down.

Toucan Jack
August 11th, 2016 Santa Cruz, CA

After filing out all my experience, filling up a portfolio page and all the other detail needed to have a strong presence on the Outsource website, I tried to submit a quote, only to be met with the monthly charges that would be ongoing for a year! What a waste of time I spent getting all my stuff together. If I had known up front about the monthly charges for a year, I would have never signed up in the first place. Kinda scammy to me. Glad I found this review page.

Michael Parrish
June 13th, 2016 Pinson, AL

If only I could give fewer stars. I signed up and, unlike many who are complaining, I understood the risks and made an educated decision to try it out. I had similar experiences to many and found that it wasn't for me. So happens that my debit card that I used for payment went defunct and I purposely didn't give them any more information because I no longer wanted the service. Seems like "case closed". Fast forward 6 months (or more). I'm paying bills and I check my bank account, which is shockingly low on funds. Turns out, they somehow got my Paypal information and charged me through that account. I have NO IDEA how they got this information since the email address for my outsource and Paypal were not the same and I certainly never gave it to them. I am, right now, trying to get in touch with both Paypal and outsource for resolution, but it's seeming to be an uphill battle. Shady doesn't BEGIN to describe my experiences... which basically amount to identity theft. Please, please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and do not do this to yourself. Try another site. Get jobs a traditional way. You WILL regret using outsource.

Louise Sutton
May 18th, 2016 Erie, PA

An absolute scam - when I tried to cancel - left several messages, no call back. They promise a lot and deliver nothing..I have alerted my bank and filed a dispute. You should file with your State Attorney General Consumer Protection in the state where you live and the state where the company is located. Also the BBB in your state and in CA., and your State Banking Commission, your state and in CA. Just a terrible scam that takes advantage of vulnerable people! Shame on them

Dee Acra
May 12th, 2016 Hollywood, FL

Scam, their poor user interface make you think you are buying a one time credit and the then lock you in get money every month, I tried to cancel and they won't let me, I don't know what to do, I can't afford that monthly fee, heartless evil greedy people.

May 5th, 2016 Kirkland, WA

A complete scam. They make you think you are buying one time credits then continue billing you forever and it is impossible to cancel. Avoid this site like the plague!

Dale Katz
March 14th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am sure many of you have discovered the new shady business practice of "forced auto-billing". Well many credit card companies and banks are beginning to take action against this practice since the companies rely on you forgetting about them so they can bill your credit card. Outsource.com simply tells you on the phone that they will cancel your account and refund your money, however, they take no action. I had to file a dispute with my credit card company (who was wonderful about it). This is a completely useless program. You have to spend credits just to get details from the most ambiguous of job posts, only to find out that it is not in your wheelhouse. They advertise "per-month" but charge you for 6 months up front. STEER CLEAR OF THIS SHADY SCAM!!!

March 14th, 2016 Hayden, ID

before I got the promo code it looked like I might get much work, or some daily prospects of it, on this site. I got 1/2 off. But after almost 2 days I sent an email tot hem to get a refund, because they stood behind its possibility in case of disillusionment. I got NO replies to quotes sent. Which does happen and this is all very competitive; but too then, how does an artist know they will be paid for their completions? I would hate to be scammed by customers as well. There's a lot of other venues online for work wise, I'm not sure outsourceDOTcom is the best one.

January 27th, 2016 New York, NY

In comparison to the other freelance sites out there, Outsource's platform is shady at best. Subscription fees are FAR and away higher than any of the others, and the value is negligible; Outsource offers the lowest number of credits/bids per month while requiring significantly more (3-9 credits!) to bid on any given project. They tout that they are the better deal, since they do not take a cut of project payments; however, the quantity and quality of projects on their site have severely dropped off over the past 6 months and do NOT warrant the hefty subscription fees. At least other sites ONLY take a cut of work you actually get! Outsource 'guarantees' that your proposals will be read; however, 80% of the projects applied to are abandoned or not awarded, even if mysteriously 'viewed'. Outsource offers ZERO transparency as to an employer's stats, ratings and whether or not a project is actually being awarded and completed through their site. After 13+ years as a freelancer on all of the various sites, I have NEVER experienced such a low response/return rate. To date, over the past 1.5 years testing the Outsource waters, I have paid upwards of $400-$600 in fees (subscriptions+having to purchase additional credits since professionals are offered precious few), to get around $1200 in work. Did I mention that Outsource forces you to sign a 1 year contract guaranteeing that you pay them $60+ a month? All the while they do not guarantee that you will find any work to justify the cost. Since they have unreasonable subscription costs instead of taking a cut of actual projects paid through their site, they clearly have no incentive to push for quality clients and postings. Comparatively, on Upwork, I pay a monthly subscription fee of $10 and receive 100+ bids to use (2 each) on a high volume of quality projects - there are so many high-budget projects, I can completely pass on anything under $300! I can only assume Upwork has managed to deplete both Outsource and Guru of anything worthwhile - on the other sites, I feel fortunate just to get a response to the $199 bids I have to place to stay competitive with the overseas lowballers. Over approx. 4 months on Upwork, I have paid $40 in subscription fees and received $5731.50 in projects! With such a high rate of return, I would happily pay a cut of ACTUAL jobs over a set fee any day! My Outsource subscription ended a few months ago, and I elected not to renew it. I visit the job listings every once in a while to see if there is anything worth returning for. There isn't. There just isn't. I understand Outsource is one of the newer freelance sites, but they need to wake the F up with some major reform if they want to last through the year.

Rene A.
December 11th, 2015 Katy, TX

Outsource.com does charge a substantial amount up front plus they require you to purchase credits in order to bid on projects. So, Outsource makes money off multiple bidders on every project. It's not a good place to get business from. Basically, the company requesting the bids MAY or MAY NOT choose anyone, and if they do, they are going to choose one of the LOWEST BIDDERS. This is not a good way to develop your small business.

November 24th, 2015

support.com makes candidates pay to apply for jobs, then forces them to under-bid each other. When you see a business model like this, run away and don't look back because it's a scam.

Reena Chandrashekar
October 26th, 2015 Fayetteville, AR

A big mistake to become a member. One needs to be prepared to purchase more credits and a 6 month refund is meaningless if you don't get a job- you can end up purchasing credits for $2000 and either get a paltry job of $30 or less in that time period!!!

Lisa Michael
October 14th, 2015 Jacksonville, FL

OUTSOURCE.COM is a scam IMO! I believe there should be a class action lawsuit against them. They are good at preying on starving artists. I've used Outsource for the past 4 months. Paid for 6 months. I have bid on jobs until I ran out of credits. I have over 30 years experience as a graphic design professional. I have yet to receive 1 paid job from them. The one client that "supposedly" hired me has yet to pay me. Check is in the mail (for the last 3 weeks) I've contacted outsource and asked how they vetted their clients. They don't. I told them this client is a scammer and they should be aware of him. I feel that Outsource does not provide the service I expected, their bidding system is vary vague. Clients don't give enough details to projects in order to give a true estimate. It costs you credits and you have no guarantee that you will get work. You have to remember to notify them 30 days in advance of cancelling or it will auto renew. Can't find anywhere on the site to deselect the option to renew. I've had more success with Thumbtack.com and repeat customers. I've never had any luck with elance or odesk, ziprecruter either.

Jennifer Richards
September 15th, 2015 Fort Lee, NJ

Outsource.com is a scam! I was fooled because a graphic designer friend told me about it. I should have been more cautious. Now, I've wasted a lot of time responding to bogus project descriptions, and I've only heard back from one customer, who wanted to pay me $25 to write a full press kit for him. Seriously?? That's downright insulting. I've been doing entertainment and small business PR for nearly 30 years, and Outsource claims they have many projects for mid-to-upper-level freelancers, but they lie. I'm sorry, but there's not a nice way to say it. I don't know how you gave them a B+ rating. You should be warning freelancers that Outsource.com is a total scam!

September 15th, 2015 Saint Louis, MO

I found Outsource and thought it sounded like a great way to earn some extra money. I am a college student and new to the freelance world, so I was willing to pay the $16.99/month advertised in order to get myself started. HOWEVER, only after the payment went through did they inform me that they were charging me $101.00, and I was shocked and angry. That is a lot of money to me and I was notexpecting to have to pay that, considering the website and credit purchase are incredibly misleading. I am reading reviews and realize that I am not the only one. I only agreed to paying $16.99 and they dishonestly took $101. That is not only deceitful and dishonest, but it is fraud and not legal to charge someone an unknown amount of money. I understand that it said $16.99 a month for 6 months, but that makes it sound like you can cancel any time, and that you only charge monthly. I am now extremely skeptical about this website. Furthermore, upon contacting Outsource with my issue, they have not been helpful in the least. They only keep telling me that refunds are against their policy and that they would be "happy to give me tips on how to use my credits." I DO NOT want to use this company anymore, and they will not let me out of this membership that they used to cheat me out of over 100 dollars. Not worth it and incredibly frustrating to deal with.

Magdalena Nemesh
August 17th, 2015 Jersey City, NJ

I signed up and soon realized that it is a scam. Many project descriptions are written by the same person. The estimated budgets are way too cheap. I am a very accomplished designer and I have a job. Just gave it a try at my spare time. Beside cheating freelancers of their money ousorce.com also hurts their self esteem. My attempt to get a refund had failed. I hope there will be a class action against them and I will gladly join. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. IT IS A SCAM.

August 14th, 2015 Wheaton, IL

I am an experienced freelancer, and the jobs on outsource.com seemed legit and lucrative, so I thought I would give it a try. I selected the 20-credit-a-month option. Within the first week, I had used my credits bidding on jobs, so I bought more. I spent $130+ and applied for seven jobs, but all I heard was crickets. My bids were viewed, so I did not get a refund. There were also a handful of jobs I attempted to bid on - some immediately after I received notification that they were available - but they had already expired or reached their maximum number of bids. I emailed outsource.com to express my frustration and still have not gotten a reply more than 48 hours later. I would like to cancel my subscription and get a refund, but it seems I am out of luck. I do not recommend outsource.com - another scam preying on freelancers who think they need to spend money to make money.

Brian Standridge
August 3rd, 2015 Russellville, AR

Freelancer BEWARE! The time has come to announce that Outsource.com is not a legitimate company. The website charges over $100.00 to freelancers to bid with no guarantees. The freelancer knows NOTHING about the client. No earnings figures, no ratings, etc… The client knows NOTHING about the freelancer. No earnings figures, no ratings, etc… From this to how the job descriptions are all written. They look as if they were written by the same person every time. They are NEVER descriptive enough. They are SUPER vague descriptions. From that, you cannot find a physical address to the company. The website layout itself is cheesy at best. The bottom of the page has links like legit websites but only one or two of them are actually working links. If a person compares a site like Upwork with Outsource, they would run away from Outsource as fast as they can. Online work is real. Making online money as a freelancer is real. Unfortunatly, Outsource is a scam that equates to a black hole for money.

Jennifer Hartnett
July 27th, 2015 La Jolla, CA

DO NOT USE THIS "SERVICE". I went to outsource.com as a way to freelance as I was looking for permanent work. I had no idea I had to pay to bid, and when I paid, I got a lot of very odd quote requests and since I had only 8 credits left for the month, I figured I would wait to see what I was doing "wrong", but even with "tweaking" my profile, and advertising myself, and haven't gotten one job.

June 24th, 2015 San Francisco, CA

This is a website for freelancing leads so if you're just looking for a 9-5 job, this isn't the place for you. You've got to think about it like you are advertising yourself - no one is going to hand you some perfectly great clients. It took me about a few tries to get hired, but it's definitely paid off. To be honest, I almost gave up about a month after I started, but the support helped me tweak a few things and I've been hired twice so far with really good pay.

June 22nd, 2015 Sunnyvale, CA

What is the way to buy credits? There is none. You are taken to the purchase place only after you make a quote ready and try to submit, at which point you probably have not saved the text of your quote so you HAVE to subscribe. When I reached this point I tried the paypal option, and for some reason it didn't work, and I lost my beautiful writeup I made for the client. Anyway, I still have my money. The interface such as above is indicative of underhanded means of coercing money from you; they have no honor. That apart, making a quote needs good information about the project. There really should be a mini-forum where people can interact publicly with the clients and get questions answered. Without the interactivity in the beginning projects are not likely to work out well and you end up using up your credits for nothing

June 12th, 2015 Temecula, CA

You will pay a lot for bad job leads. To submit a quote, you must buy credits. The hiring client may never respond to you (most likely) or they may simply waste your time if they do contact you, fishing for info and not serious about paying for services. Graphic designers and related professionals need to take a stand against these sites. They seem like a good way to find freelance jobs, but they really take advantage of job seekers. Instead of finding work, you pay for a service that doesn't deliver. The old advice that it is a scam when a business charges a job seeker to access job postings remains true.

May 20th, 2015 San Francisco, CA

I've actually had great results..signed up 2 months ago and have been hired 3 times for writing jobs. Was also concerned about the upfront fee, but it's been worth it. The fee actually makes a lot of sense when you realize it scares away the $2/hr freelancers so you aren't competing with low wage workers overseas and can actually make good money. It's also great to not have to get a large percentage of your payment taken out every time you get paid.

May 19th, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

When checking out jobs on Outsource.com, I found I needed to buy credits in order to apply. Okay, so on the page where you do that, the prices were listed by the monthly cost, so I signed up for the one I wanted, only to find out after they accepted my payment that I had actually paid for 6 months. I emailed them to cancel (you can't do it from the website) and they told me they do not refund money, and that it clearly says 6 months. I has tiny print that just says the price for 6 months, but the way it's presented, it looks like it's just projecting out six months, and not locking you in. All in all, I felt VERY cheated out of my $137 or so. Oh, and if I don't get any jobs in the first 6 months, they give me another six months free. Completely worthless.

Steve Holzer
May 7th, 2015 Horton, MI

Pathetic company working as an internet scam. I will not waste my time explaining, just stay away. They take your money and never look back. The "jobs" are a farce.

Still Not Working
April 30th, 2015 Spring Valley, NY

It's all great except for the little detail about actually getting work. The most beautiful website in the world can't solve the problem of 80,000 freelancers competing for 600 jobs. I've submitted quote after quote and never get any response. Some don't even get reviewed. This is a complete waste of time and money.

Frustrated Freelancer
April 23rd, 2015 Tujunga, CA

1. No support at all. 2. They sucker you in to pay upfront for 6 months so you can send quote - to which you will not hear a single peep from any job request. 3. You can't see if the project even went live. At least with the competing freelance site, you can see if the project was funded and who it was awarded to. 4. Shady shady shady. 5. Stay away.