Half of the work of freelancing is finding the next project to work on. Newsmodo takes the guesswork out of your next paycheck and offers great opportunities to work with big-name clients.

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What is Newsmodo?

Newsmodo is a platform that connects content creators with clients who need that content. Creators can network with buyers through the following means:

  • Advertising a profile on Newsmodo.com for potential clients
  • Choosing a specific, posted job to work on
  • Pitching their own work to clients looking for content.

Newsmodo has crafted a site where creative minds can connect and create more easily than ever before. With a focus on journalism, Newsmodo allows writers to build their portfolios by working with major brands, ranging from NBC News to Levi’s jeans.

Newsmodo is more of a niche site than other freelance websites, meaning that the type of content they are looking for is more focused and is generally of the journalism genre. These is a great opportunity for those a) looking to branch out of normal freelancing and develop niche skills, and b) who have roots in journalism and are looking to specialize.

The Good

  • Big contractors
  • Convenience

Newsmodo has some impressive companies contracting content through their site, creating opportunities for freelancers to work with big names, such as the following:

  • Levi’s
  • NBC News
  • NewsCorp Australia
  • Woman’s Day
  • Fairfax Media
  • And more.

Additionally, Newsmodo allows writers to find work easily and conveniently on their site, even facilitating transactions for both parties’ convenience. That means that writers can easily receive instructions, submit their work, and collect payment through one easy site.

The Bad

  • Customer support

While Newsmodo has an impressive set-up, some of the features they advertise are, indeed, too good to be true. For example, their 24-hour online support is not very reliable—in our experience, you may have to wait for your help, regardless of the “instant” message system they advertise.

The Bottom Line

Newsmodo has the ability to connect writers and freelancers to meaningful projects with important brands. While the quality of assignments is sure to vary, Newsmodo has an impressive repertoire. With an emphasis on quality journalism, Newsmodo is a good fit for those looking to expand their skills and portfolio in a meaningful way.


Newsmodo is absolutely free for registered Freelancers. Newsmodo representatives negotiate a price and commission fee with ordering clients on behalf of their content creators.

Jobs Posted

While there is no current data about jobs posted, Newsmodo reported at least 75 media organizations ordered from the site during the beta period. As the site has grown, even more companies have partnered with Newsmodo to purchase content from freelance writers.

Registered Freelancers

Newsmodo has over 14,000 registered global correspondents.


Newsmodo has no official guarantee, but all transactions are facilitated by Newsmodo on its website, for both clients’ and writers’ protection. They also employ round-the-clock customer service providers.

Payroll Option                                                        

Payments are made on Newsmodo via Paypal.


Newsmodo provides 24/7 online support via chat on their website. Additionally, they have a worldwide phone number: +613 8744 9055

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