More and more workers with expertise in media are looking to work as freelancers in some capacity. However, a common problem with most freelance work is finding a source for steady work within the worker’s niche field. Enter, Mediabistro.

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Mediabistro is a service provided by Mecklermedia. Since 1994, Mecklermedia has provided tools and resources for professionals working within the media industry. As a part of Mecklermedia, Mediabistro offers freelancers and clients a marketplace to buy and sell medial content online. In other words, that source of steady work as a freelancer in media is a simple website.

How does Mediabistro fund this service? Mediabistro profits from both sides of the client-freelancer relationship. Mediabistro offers freelancers subscriptions to their available job opportunities. At the same time, clients can pay to have their available jobs posted on the website. This creates a space where clients and freelancers can find and meet one another’s needs. While some freelancers may find the subscription method financially bothersome, Mediabistro delivers, with hundreds of jobs posted at virtually any given time.

But don’t rely on our words alone—we’ve compiled a list of key features that any freelancer should know about their service. Here’s what we’ve come up with to help you figure out if Mediabistro is right for you:

The Good

  • Sortable jobs

With any freelance site that is dealing with a wide variety of jobs, it’s important to have a) good offerings and b) an easy way to sift through them all. Mediabistro has many job listings in various medial fields, like PR and web development, and these job listings are easily sortable. This allows freelancers to focus on their strengths and to find jobs that fit their preferences. It also allows clients to find qualified freelancers efficiently. This allows Mediabistro to service a wide variety of media experts without letting the perfect job slip through the cracks—always, a good thing.

The Bad

  • Fees for both clients and freelancers

Mediabistro plays both end of the client/freelancer relationship by charging them both for the use of their services. This is probably a smart move on the part of the company, but freelancers should be aware that there are other services that only charge a commission on payments received and/or only charge clients.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a freelance job in media, MediaBistro has plenty of options available. Just make sure that you can see yourself making back the cost of the subscription free.


Clients: Mediabistro charges $279 for a 30-day posting on their website.

Freelancers: Mediabistro has year-long subscriptions available for $145 ($119 for AvantGuild members).

Jobs Posted

Mediabistro has jobs in many fields (web development, publishing, marketing, etc.). In June 2015 there were a total of 1820 job listings on the site.

Registered Freelancers

Mediabistro has around 800 freelancers registered.


MediaBistro offers no official guarantees, but facilitates all transactions within their website for the safety and convenience of clients and freelancers alike.

Payroll Option

Freelancers may opt to receive payment through PayPal, wire transfer, or major credit cards (processed by PayPal).              


Mediabistro offers information and help concerning any problems or disputes on their website. Additionally, their offices can be reached at the following phone number: 212-547-789

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