iFreelance.com is a bid site for project buyers and freelancers to work online. Unlike many other sites, it is free to post projects to iFreelance. Freelancers are able to join projects by paying a monthly subscription of their choice. Users are then able to connect openly and interact about projects they would like to work on. iFreelance doesn't charge a commission or transaction fee, saving time and money for both parties.


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Registered Freelancers
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9 million
15.5 million
$6.25 - $12.00

The Good

  • Free to find projects

iFreelance makes it easy to post and find projects on their site free of charge. If you choose to use their service you will be required to pay a membership fee. They have a Basic package for $6.25, Silver for $9.00, and Gold for $12.00. Unlike many competitors iFreelance never charges a commission on the work. Therefore freelancer are able to make even more on for their work. Users are able to update their portfolio and share samples to showcase their work more. You can also personalize your own iFreelance profile or create banners to get more traffic to your page.

The Bad

  • Limited buyer protection

There is a lot of great work available but not much protection for buyers. Unfortunately iFreelance really doesn’t protect their marketplace.  Several users have filed complaints about few users that are actually scamming buyers on their projects.  There aren’t many ways to keep yourself safe from scammers. Any agreement on work you accept is communicated between you and the freelancer, leaving iFreelance free from liability. So if you need reliability, this may be a risky choice. You may end up with little or no work for projects you’ve paid for.

There are several things that concern us about this freelance platform:

  1. Less than 100 jobs posted
  2. No guarantee of payment
  3. No known dispute resolution
  4. Reports of scams

The Bottom Line

No Guarantees! Use iFreelance at your own will. With little to no protection for your work, be cautious of scammers and be sure to cover project expectations up front with your freelancer. Be warned… There are no promises here. For freelancers this is another great way to pick up additional work. Honest ethics are up to you though, so please ensure that you are offering professional, valuable work every time. All in all with hundreds of projects to choose from, you can find freelancers working for almost every department offered in businesses today.


iFreelancer is free to those hiring freelancers.

Freelancers can sign up for a Basic Package ($6.25), Silver Package ($9.00), or Gold Package ($12.00).

Jobs Posted

As of June 2015, there about 68 available projects.

Registered Freelancers

There are about 500 active freelancers.

Guarantee / Protection

There is no guarantee or protection that we can see.

Payroll Options

Pay freelancers via PayPal, a check or money order, or credit cards.


There is no information regarding disputes.

Contact iFreelance through their online form or via email at [email protected]

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