Freelance Writing Jobs, which is located at, is an online network for a variety of freelance writing work, including jobs for writers, editors, bloggers, journalists, resume writers, translators, and technical writers.

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The site has the Freelance Writing Job Board where companies that pay $30 for 30 days can post job openings. Freelance Writing Jobs also prepares a daily list of freelance writing-related jobs it sources from across the web, including jobs from Craigslist and independent companies’ web sites.

Freelance Writing Jobs is owned by Splashpress Media, which was founded in 2006, and owns over 100 sites devoted to “new media.” Freelancers do not have to apply for membership to search the site. Freelance Writing Jobs is open to anyone to search job listings and to read the blogs and articles on the site devoted to the business of freelance writing.

The Good

  • No fee for freelancers
  • No jobs posted daily
  • Does the searching for you
  • Job variety
  • Paying work
  • Knowledge resources
  • Links to other sites

No Fee for Freelancers: Freelance Writing Jobs is set up to be a community for freelance writers, where they can search for jobs and network. Freelancers do not have to register to use the site. There is no fee to apply for jobs and no membership fee.

New Jobs Posted Daily: Freelance Writing Jobs’ staff searches the web for new jobs for writers and editors and posts them daily, except for Saturdays and Sundays. There is also a job board on the site where companies can pay to post job openings for freelancers, although a recent search of available jobs on the job board did not show new positions being posted as frequently as the daily jobs listing.

Does the Searching for You: If you don’t feel like searching Craigslist sites for freelance jobs, this site compiles them for you, as well as locating listings from other online sources.

Job Variety: Freelance Writing Jobs’ daily listing of jobs covers a broad spectrum of freelance work including positions in journalism, blogging, education, entertainment, business, technology, health, food, and lifestyle.

Paying Work: The site will not include job postings for unpaid work or work that pays under $10. The site also refuses to advertise positions for “term paper mills” or that compensate writers in ways other than with currency.

Knowledge Resources: The site has a Writers’ Resource area with articles on getting started, finding work, and getting paid as a freelance writer. The articles on this site are well written and contain current information. Writers also have an opportunity to contribute articles to Freelance Writing Jobs, which offers them a place to build their brand and create linkable work with their byline.

Links to Other Sites: Writers who are interested in other types of freelance writing or other forms of freelance work altogether can find links to sites with blogging jobs as well as advertisements for other freelance sites.

The Bad

  • Improved search features
  • Increased interaction
  • Feedback on companies

Freelance Writing Jobs provides information about available paying jobs, but the site does not offer any guarantees about the quality or truthfulness of the jobs on its site. Freelancers who contract with customers based on Freelance Writing Jobs’ listings are responsible for negotiating with the customers, handling payment and taxes, and dealing with any disputes themselves. Freelance Writing Jobs may take some of the legwork out of finding potential customers, but writers will still have a lot of work to do in order to turn those leads into paying gigs.

Other areas where we think Freelance Writing Jobs could improve its support of freelance writers include:

Improved Search Features: The daily job postings, called “writing gigs,” are difficult to search. You can search the website, which includes the daily writing gigs, but you cannot sort your search by date or relevance, and the search feature does not allow you to include or exclude certain items, such as only searching jobs versus searching articles on the site. The logic the search uses on the site is also questionable; for example, search results for the term “pet articles” included a listing for articles on vacuum cleaners.

Increased Interaction: Although freelancers can post comments on articles on the site, Freelance Writing Jobs might benefit from adding discussion boards where writers can post topics and ask questions. The site claims to promote networking and provide a community for writers, but there is not a lot of opportunity for writers to reach out to other users of the site.

Feedback on Companies: Providing a way for writers to rate and give feedback on companies whose jobs are listed on the site would help freelancers avoid scams and promote companies who treat freelancers fairly.

The Bottom Line

Freelance Writing Jobs is a very useful site for freelancers in the writing field because it saves time by doing searches for paying jobs. The site doesn’t verify the jobs on its listing and does not involve itself in negotiations between the freelancers and the companies posting the jobs or assist with dispute resolution. This site is a useful place to begin a search for a writing job. Writers do not have to become members or pay any fees to search for jobs and companies can post advertisements for freelancers directly on the site’s job board for a small fee.

The site has many useful articles about writing and making a career as a freelance writer that would be useful for the novice and the seasoned freelancer. Freelance Writing Jobs also offers writers an opportunity to apply to post guest articles that they can use to reach new clients and add to their portfolio.


There is no fee for the freelancer. The site searches the web daily for freelance job postings and posts them to a job board that freelance writers can search for free. If someone wants to post a job opening directly to the jobs board there is a fee.
$30 to place a job opening on the Freelance Writing Job Board. There is no fee for freelancers to search the board or apply for jobs.

Jobs Posted

There were 102 jobs listed in the last three months on the Freelance Writing Job Board. Freelance Writing Jobs also puts out a daily list of freelance writing and editing jobs it sources from across the web and the number of jobs on that list varies by the day.

Jobs are for writers, editors, and bloggers.

Registered Freelancers

Freelancers do not register. Splashpress Media, the parent company of Freelance Writing Jobs, states the site has 62,400 unique monthly visitors.


No money back guarantee, no funds held in escrow.

Payroll Option                                                        

Freelance Writing Jobs does not accept payment for jobs, but it does accept payment via Pay Pal for job postings that are posted to the Freelance Writing Job Board.


No dispute involvement.

Email: Noemi Twigg, Editor in Chief, [email protected]

Phone: N/A

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