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LAST UPDATED: October 15th, 2020
The site was founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2009 with the aim of providing a platform for people to buy and sell a variety of small services typically offered by freelance contractors, such as writing, graphic design, and programming. Fiverr is available in over 200 countries and has truly become a global brand and marketplace. 

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Reputation-based promotion system
  • Millions of visitors

Fiverr was made famous by its innovative $5 per project platform. Users can visit the marketplace and find almost anything (testimonial videos, birthday wishes, etc.) for only $5. Fiverr also introduced add ons to help registered users add additional revenue to their $5 projects. In January 2012, Fiverr launched Levels, a reputation-based promotion system. After sellers successfully complete at least 10 transactions, they unlock advanced tools to offer add-on services and increase the value. Now, close to 50% of the services offered on Fiverr sell for more than $5. Approximately 15% of the sellers consider Fiverr a primary source of income. Fiverr has not released any public information on their user base; however, was ranked on the 200 most popular web sites in the world. Thus we can deduce that Fiverr receives millions of visit each month. We placed an order within the Fiverr platform and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of work, speed, and ease-of-payment.


The Bad

  • Fee

Fiverr take $1 out of every $5 order or in other words a 20% fee. The 20% fee is pretty steep compared to other freelancer and marketplace platforms. Be aware that many of the freelancers are offering the same services to hundreds of people diminishing the overall credibility of the user. For example, we've seen testimonial videos by Fiverr users for hundreds of products that they've never used.


The Bottom Line

Fiverr is a great marketplace for small Gigs and projects. While the price is cheap, remember that you get what you pay for. If you're looking for important, technical work we recommend using our other top-rated companies. For small, quick, and inexpensive projects we recommend Fiverr.
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Julia Kinane Greer, SC

Not easy to navigate. Completed my profile and could not go further. Help section did not function.

3 years ago

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David Solomon

Worst place ever! there are genuine sellers but you find many many most of the sellers are fake!

6 years ago