, founded in 2008, isn’t your typical freelancing site. While it does have the capability of creating a standard user profile, searching and applying for jobs, and receiving payment, it has other features that set it apart.

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For example, companies can design and complete entire projects through Field Nation. Here’s how it works. A company will come to Field Nation with a project that they would like to outsource to freelancers. They give a thorough description of the objectives of the project, describe how they would like it be done, provide a deadline, and allocate a budget. Fieldstone helps find freelancers from their pool of users, collaborates plans to ensure efficient completion of the project, and ensures that they don’t go over the budget. Freelancers are encouraged to give real time updates on their task lists. There’s even a mobile site they can pull up on their cell phones where they can check off individual tasks they’ve completed in real time. Freelancers have an incentive to be great because they can receive better ratings fromField Nation which will lead to more opportunities in the future. Once the project is completed,Field Nation reports back to the company and returns any unused budget money back to them—and if their advertisements are accurate, they often go under budget. In exchange for this service,Field Nation receives 10% of the money dedicated toward the project.

This service is free for freelancers. Joining is simple, and like many other freelancing sites, new users can create a profile highlighting their skills. They can apply for jobs and also be sought out for employment opportunities.

The Good

  • Customer service
  • Freelancer-friendly
  • Payment facilitation

This company prides itself on superior customer service and high customer satisfaction. For employers, this means that they can expect high quality freelancers who will actually complete their assigned tasks. The website states that 95% of contracted tasks are successfully completed. Furthermore, it states that 98.6% of its customers are satisfied with the service. They also boast 24/7 customer support. The website contains a feature where you can type in questions that you have about how to use the project software to update task lists, contact freelancers, and other important tasks. If you can’t find your answer through this feature, you can call and get it resolved at any time. Furthermore, both freelancers and employers can use Field Nation representatives to resolve problems, come up with ideas to be more efficient, or talk about any other issues that may arise during the project.

Fieldnation is friendly to freelancers in a few ways. First, it’s free to join, make a profile, and apply for jobs. Second, users have opportunities to build credibility in the marketplace through timely and thorough completion of contracted tasks. This means that employers will get to see a rating of potential freelancers, which increases the chances that lousy freelancers will be weeded out and great freelancers will continue to get work.

Fieldnation also facilitates payments, which is a feature offered by many (but not all) sites. Payments can be received through paypal, echeck, and direct deposit. Employers can be compensated for referring new customers to Field Nation, which can reduce their overall costs for using the service.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Lack of guarantees

While the website is very professional and it’s fairly easy to register as a new user and create a profile, the website is often vague or ambiguous in its description of the services they offer. For example, you really have to dig into the fine print to find information about the 10% service charge. Another example is that a link to a frequently asked questions section—and this link itself was difficult to find—was broken, meaning there wasn’t a one-stop page to have basic questions answered. This may be frustrating for some users trying to understand the service better before using it.

Another negative was the lack of guarantees for freelancers. For example, there is no guarantee that your application will be viewed or that you will find employment. However, this is offset by the fact that you don’t have to pay a membership fee to use the service. For employers, there was no clear policy on the website as to what happens if a freelancer does not complete their task. However, it does seem clear that such freelancers will receive a poor rating and be less likely to be contracted in the future.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Field Nation offers features that may be very appealing to certain employers. The ability to design, outline, and track a project all in the same place can provide confidence that a project will be done to exact specifications. Furthermore, it paints a very clear picture to freelancers of what is expected of them, and it provides them a way to update the employer in real time as they complete each task. Thus, employers who need multiple freelancers to collaborate on a project, and freelancers who are task driven and like to report on their progress may find this to be a helpful platform.


Field Nation charges a 10% from the work provider.

Jobs Posted

There are over 900 jobs posted.

Registered Freelancers

There are over 50,00 freelancers on Field Nation.

Guarantee / Protection

There are no offers of guarantee or protection shown on Field Nation’s website.

Payroll Options

Payments can be made through echeck, direct deposit, or Paypal.


We could not find any specific information that covered handling disputes.

You can contact Field Nation by phone at 877-573-4353 Ext1. You can also fill out a “contact us” form on their website or email them at [email protected]

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    February 8th, 2017

    Terrible company. The company is setup so that you pay for everything. They take 10% of all money from you and %10 from the buyer so they are making 20 percent off of your work! So if the company that gives you work pays you $1000 for the work you will only be paid $770 because now the take out 3% for insurance as well. So yes now field nation is taking 23% of your pay before you even get it and thats also before you have to pay your taxes! Also thier customer service sucks. You’ll get no reply when using thier app, call support and each rep will tell you something different. Hard to get any jobs sent your way, I’ve tried to sign up for jobs 5 miles away from me and get passed up and I’ve been a tech for 10 years and have never had a bad review and you can go weeks without getting an assignment so it’s definitely not reliable income.

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  2. User Score


    June 28th, 2016 Eugene, OR

    Field Nation is all about the companies that it attracts to hire field techs. I have personally not been paid by a company for extra trips required to site due to no fault of my own. When I presented the information to FN they invariably support the company. The theory under which they operate is that getting a company to use their services is much more difficult than finding another tech, therefore the technicians are expendable.

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  3. User Score


    June 20th, 2016 Grand Prairie, TX

    Field Nation protects its buyers but not producers in time of conflict. I completed a survey for Techs in a Sec and sent survey several times to Alexandra Givens, however, the lack of organization caused her request the same information because “she did not have time to go through all of her emails looking for it”. She stated that Nicholas Torres of Hemmersbach was assisting her with how to organize and search her Outlook email Inbox for relevant email. The following is an example of the issues faced:

    Hi this is Alexandra with Techs In A Sec. I spoke with Nicholas again for clarification on what he needs because when I tried to explain it I was not understanding it myself. Anyway, this should be the last request.** The ticketing system that Nicholas uses for his tickets (what we refer to as work orders) was down when we started this project. He needs daily work order reports from you so he can use that to enter a ticket into his system and process it correctly with his coustomer. He said it does not have to be real detailed. Put the time you started and the time you stopped with a outline of what you did that day. This is different than the survey information you are gathering. This is just a brief statement of what you did that day with ck in and out times. One for each day you worked. Everything needs to be emailed to me [email protected]. I will forward it to Nicholas. If you have any questions please call me at 646-330-4991. Thanks so much! Alexandra P.S. This has been a learning experience for me. It should go much smoother in the future.

    Also, Alexandria Givens initial email address was not valid and email was constantly returned: Hello Alexandria,

    I have sent this daily log three times however, it has been returned three times as undeliverable to your address ‘[email protected]’.

    Additionally, I initially received a very favorable review from Techs in a sec, however, once I refused to continue to send the client site survey to Alexandria Givens (after sending it several times before and being told that she did not have time to look through her email for it), I received an unfavorable review. Actually, it was a bit harsh with Alexandria Givens stating “she has a mental illness” because I would not continue send the same document repeatedly.

    I started another assignment outside of Field Nation, however, I was receiving harassing phone calls and emails from Techs in a sec to the point that I not only changed my email address and contact phone number, I removed my physical address and requested that Field Nation deactivate my account.

    At the time Field Nation did not completely deactivate my account as I was still receiving email messages.

    Some time went by, and I completed my other assignment. I requested to have my account reactivated with Field Nation. I have been given the run around with multiple reasons from multiple CS reps. for over a month now. The reasons range from: not providing a verifiable address for tax purposes (my verified address and tax information is on file and has been for years now) to you need to contact another department via email.

    To date, my account is locked with the following message. The date listed I was on assignment outside of Field Nation during the time I asked to have my account deactivated so the error message does not make any since. This makes me feel the message is retaliation from the Techs in a sec harassment issue I reported that Field Nation did nothing about except make me feel as though I was the problem. Here is the error message I receive when I log in to Field Nation:

    A Quality Event Has Been Triggered
    Your account has been flagged with a quality event of Short-Notice Cancellation and your account will have Indefinite Open Marketplace Access Restriction.
    Support Escalation Process
    The Field Nation Support Team is the first line of help for both Buyers and Providers. The Support Team should be contacted in the event of any issues with a Work Order. The Field Nation Support Team is available 24×7. If unexpected challenges arise, Field Nation insists you communicate with the Support Team.

    Provider Quality Assurance Policy
    Last updated: Feb 4th, 2016

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  4. User Score


    May 17th, 2016 Bethany, OK

    Been on the FN platform for 4yrs now. Very up and down with the site from a technician’s standpoint. I will start with the good.
    Field Nation has the majority of major companies (technical/network companies) that are large nationwide companies and 3rd party companies that service just about every major chain you can think of from service to projects. There is potentially a lot of work in my field and I get at least 10 to 20 emails a day with new jobs/work that go up, even in a low market state such as Oklahoma for my field. FN is the primary source for freelance/independent in my field.

    The nice thing about this is that, as mentioned there is no membership fee and the fact that this does save you advertising for your services. Another good thing is payment is always on time and twice a week assuming your work was approved in timely manner by the buyer (buyers are the companies you do the work for through FN. You are the provider).

    Probably the worst catch to all this is the 10% fee (now 13% if you don’t have insurance). No need to go liking for fine print on details for this as mentioned in article…it is simple. FN charges that 10% on the total money paid out to the tech/provider at the bottom of the work order. They deduct this before you are paid. This is the total of everything they charge. This includes all expenses and even material you reported. Again, it is 10% of ANY money you make or get reimbursed per work order.

    The website has a fancy expense reporting section per work order but it is never used because it is pointless. They charge 10% regardless of how it is itemized. You agree to this policy before you even do work on the platform. FN does not budge on this policy. I have fought with them many times over it and lost every time. They simply respond with “then mark up your material and expenses 10%”. This is laughable as the more you mark up….the more they make as well. It is mathematically impossible to every make back that 10% charge through marking up through the site. 95% of companies already have a material pricing sheet you get with work order that states what they reimburse in materials. Either way you are trapped. Marking up materials can hurt you. For one it means the buyer spends more money and may not assign you the job if others have put in for a cheaper price. Secondly, buyers also may not use you in the future if you haggle too much.

    10% doesn’t seem like much but you have to understand that fuel, materials, etc. are a big expense over the course of each year. I average about 35k a year through FN alone and FN makes that $3500 off it. While I am filing my taxes with tons of receipts to help on taxes, FN is making a 10% profit on them. You fuel, materials, etc. Is profit for them and a loss for you almost every job where you have a set reimbursement from the buyer on these things. One of my biggest hits was a large 1 week fiber job I did. This was over $5000 in materials as well as an additional $480 for the hotel and $100 for fuel.When all was said and done, the total money with expenses and labor paid to me on the WO was $8500. FN got 10% of it all. I lost $500 on materials due to the buyers material price they pay back. I paid FN 10% of MY hotel and fuel cost…and then on labor. I still made money if course but took a huge hit on profit. FN doesn’t negotiate with you.

    All in all the 10% of the total is pure bs. It should be on labor and services only…not out of your materials and especially fuel as well. FN ONLY charges the workers/providers. The buyers and major companies do not pay fees or memberships. FN makes their money off the people working.

    Another bad thing is that FN is essentially cornering the market platform. Your 3 major platforms, FN, Field Solutions, and Work Market are pretty much shadowed by FN now. FN bought out Field Solutions and dropped the site and merged. This resulted in even more work they charge 10% for as FS did not. A lot of buyers who do not like FN contracted me directly when this happened. Work Market has also taken a huge hit in available work. FN is making power moves to expand their racket.

    Screening…. Let me tell you… I am a certified technician with 15yrs experience, about every cert you can think of, and a master degree as well as CCNP. I still have to compete on specific jobs to my degrees and certs with other freelancers who have absolutely no certs. I have worked with many technicians like me that are on FN…my competition…and the quality and knowledge is very poor. I have seen these guys google how to make a crossover cable, come to a job with tools carpenters use instead of network technicians, or even ask me to show them basic stuff. I don’t report this or complain but it is obvious to me that FN has made it too easy for anyone to simply jump into a high paying market with little to no experience. It is as simple as making a FN profile, checking all the boxes in your field stating you can do those tasks, and then clicking ok. People who have never used a punch tool but worked in a call center as “tech support” consider themselves field techs. I have jumped these guys often BC it makes me have to do more work when multiple FN techs are on one job. Just because you moved a phone jack in your house and it worked doesn’t make you a professional or a field technician. FN foes not verify its providers. You can say you can do anything you want and go right out and do it whether you know how or not.

    FN allows you to enter your certification numbers to the platform for the buyers to see (example- my CCNP, RCDD, etc. certification numbers and registry proving them). This would be great if FN actually had a database that recognized the official certifications. Instead of making the system work for this…which in turn gets you more work when buyers see you are a professional….FN instead wants you to fax and email copies of all your documentation to them..and then take 3-6 months to actually put this on the certification section of your profile. I have a SECRET clearance as well which in 4yrs they still have not found a way to put on this section. It is easier to simply put your certs in text in your profile with the numbers.

    The background check and drug testing system…. FN will NOT allow you to use any outside source other than their own. A SECRET clearance to FN is not considered a background check. If you run a background check for yourself and a drug test they will not accept it. You MUST pay the $40 to FN for their low level bg check. I have a friend who is on FN who has duis, suspended license, and even assault and battery conviction on his record and FN gave him a green light on his profile. Another $50 for a drug test by FN is also required. You cannot use your results outside of FN to be considered. Insurance is also a hassle as FN uses their own company. If you have business insurance already through a non-FN company it takes them forever to verify this….therefore charging you the extra 3% per work order.

    FN also will not release your background and drug test results for use on anything other than FN. You pay $90 for this to FN and you cannot use it on any other platform etc. This means you have to pay for all this 2-3 times (per platform you work off of).

    FN also does not escalate or back you up when dealing with bad buyers. Even though FN’s primary income is from you…the provider… they do not help you resolve issues with the buyer. I have had several buyers break the FN contract in the work order and FN did nothing to help me

    . Examples – one buyer got 2 months straight of work from me with the work order stating approval within one week per job. This buyer suddenly lost contact and I had 50 completed jobs worth $5,000 plus lots if fuel and materials that sat pending approval for payment for 2 months. I called FN many times. I even spoke with one of the “top dogs” there and they told me to try and resolve the issue with the buyer. Later I was called and told that the buyer didn’t even have the money in the FN account to pay me and that FN is not liable to pay me. There is no protection for the provider. Eventually the buyer paid me because they took on a huge project and failed to mention they don’t get paid from the customer but every 90 days.

    FN also only gives you a W2 for taxes at end of year. I pay quarterly….this means I have to spend days generating a report of income every 3 months.

    All in all….FN has the work…but if the buyer screws you…your 10% to FN does not buy you backup…. You only benefit from FN BC it is a platform people use for help/jobs where you don’t have to go out and market yourself. My area had a recent layoff of help desk techs who jumped into FN for quick work….most of whom counter offer for half of the job posted in order to get it. A buyer offers $50/hr for a WO and many bid 25 just to get it. This is driving the market down in my field in a big way…and this year it has been a nightmare trying to compete and work for my field’s pay.. I am taking more and more jobs at a seriously reduced price whereas I was making much more for the same tickets from same buyers the last 3yrs. With health insurance and other expenses of being self employed….this has become a less than profitable market unless I am direct with the customer.

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  5. User Score


    April 6th, 2016

    Pathetic customer service. Blocked my account and didn’t even give me a reason. I had $100.00 on that account. Now I am fighting with them to get it refunded. Totally unprofessional.

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  6. User Score


    December 10th, 2015 CA

    Overall it’s a great place to find work, payments are made twice a week to the freelancer, in house support is excellent in resolving issues quickly.

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  7. User Score


    August 30th, 2015 Centralia, IL

    Terrible bunch of lying thieves. They cheat technicians all while lying for their clients that also cheat technicians. There are hundreds that they have done this to and I already have a long list of them!

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