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While most freelance sites focus on writing or small jobs, there is one site with a wider variety of jobs available for design specialists: Design Crowd.

Design Crowd is a freelance site developed for...well, the design crowd. This unique site offers specialists a place to show off their skills, make contacts, build their portfolios, and, of course, find the source of their next paycheck. Fields of interest for Design Crowd clients include the following:

  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Prints
  • Graphics

Registered users of Design Crowd can request designs for projects (clients) or create designs to fulfill orders (freelancers). Generally, clients will view multiple design bids submitted online before selecting the designer of their choice. This can mean increased competition, but also allows the work submitted to shine at a higher quality.

But of course, the bottom line of any freelance site is the work provided. Design Crowd allows those with design skills access to real, paying projects for a variety of clients. At the same time, it gives those clients access to qualified professionals who they can hand pick. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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The Good

  • Designer/client connections
  • Flexible service

Design Crowd's power is in its niche. It's one of the biggest sites that is attempting to connect designers and clients in an online, freelance-style marketplace. This is no small feat, but Design Crowd has managed to build a site that is organized in a clear and user-friendly manner. Furthermore, the site allows users to complete all transactions in an orderly and fair manner by hosting payment, job assignment, etc. This cuts down on the hassle of organizing the various aspects of freelance work solo.

Additionally, everything about the service is flexible-the type of jobs that are available, payment options, etc. This allows people from a variety of backgrounds to find work on its site. It also allows people with diverse needs to find the perfect freelancer on one site. Design Crowd is attractive to many clients and writers because it's so easy to find a match for their specific needs.

The Bad

  • Fees

Unlike other freelance services, Design Crowd charges their fee from the incoming payments of their designers. While this can be resolved by charging a higher price, designers should be aware of this policy before beginning work on any Design Crowd project. Additionally, Design Crowd encourages competition for projects, instead of simply assigning one designer per project. According to the site, as many as 50 designers present options for a client to choose from, so contenders should plan to bring their A-game!

The Bottom Line

For those who are serious about design and are looking for a way to connect to those who need your skills, Design Crowd is a wonderful resource. In addition to giving designers a platform for their work and a chance to build their portfolios, Design Crowd enables them to select meaningful projects and to experience an easy and facilitated transaction.

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Virginia Gray

June 25th, 2015 Fremont, CA

Nightmare. Horrible customer service. Pay with PayPal if you dare use them.