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CrowdSource is a site that allows freelance writers, editors, and microjob workers to find projects conveniently. After a skills test in the freelancer's field of interest, users are able to select and submit jobs at various pay-levels. CrowdSource has a sleek system with bonuses available as users hit landmarks in their work and many writers have found success in supplementing their income via CrowdSource.

Clients of CrowdSource include 14 of the top 30 online retailers and 4 of the top 10 publishers online.

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The Good

  • Jobs
  • Ease of use
  • Competitive payment
  • Customer support

Many companies choose to outsource their content writing to freelance companies, providing thousands of jobs to those who know where to find them. Good freelance companies have the jobs to supply to their writers and the professional platform to make finding those jobs simple and effective. Fortunately, CrowdSource meets these criteria.

Many users reported that CrowdSource was easy to use and usually had a satisfactory number of jobs posted. Indeed, the CrowdSource website offers a modern interface with easy-to-navigate job listings that make finding the next project simple and time-effective. Jobs are broken down by the following:

  • Copywriting
  • Data
  • Moderation
  • Transcription

You can also browse by industry:

  • Agencies
  • Marketers
  • Retailers
  • Publishers
  • Service Providers

Additionally, many CrowdSource freelancers said that the payment they received for their work was competitive, compared to other freelance sites. While the pay available on the site varies by project, those looking for a good way to supplement their income might want to give CrowdSource a try. In an email, we were told that many of their freelancers and editors earn $20 per hour and up.

We like that CrowdSource is easy to get in touch with. They provide a phone number, email, and Twitter information on their website. Not very many freelance platforms offer this. Along with their contact information, CrowdSource also provides a 100% satisfaction to their clients and dispute assistance - so they are very involved in each project.

The Bad

  • Editing staff
  • Transparency
  • PayPal only

CrowdSource seems to be a fairly good resource for freelance writers, but a major complaint from users concerned their editing staff. Editors on CrowdSource are widely reported to be inconsistent and picky, rejecting submissions for unclear or easily fixable reasons. Many complained that the reason a project was sent back was unclear, or that editors made arbitrary stylistic changes to their writing. Our advice is to go into the service with thick skin and the understanding that your work may change through the editing process. Furthermore, since sub-standard work can be rejected, we advise writers to self-edit carefully before submitting any writing to the site. While we can't guarantee that this will help writers avoid lousy editors, these pointers seem most likely to weed out widespread problems with CrowdSource's service.

Another thing to note about CrowdSource is that they don't display prices on their website. Instead, each project is quoted based on client needs. This could be a good thing so you're not paying more than you should, but we also wish there was more transparent information.

Freelancers can only receive payment for work via PayPal. Other Freelance sites offer a number of ways to submit payment, such as Google Wallet, credit cards, and banks.

The Bottom Line

CrowdSource is an easy-to-use service with good rates, but our advice is to stay away if working with editors and having your work critiqued is a weak point. On the other hand, if you can handle the occasional picky editor and are looking to supplement your income, CrowdSource is a great service!

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