Craigslist has become a household name across the United States, connecting buyers and sellers of practically all kinds of merchandise easily and quickly. However, some may not know that, as online demand for content has increased, Craigslist has also become a source for freelance work and writing jobs. Many clients and writers post their needs and services online every day, making it a great source for those looking to earn money as a freelancer.

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Because Craigslist is a global company on a large scale, the details of freelance work via Craigslist will vary by area. This means that knowing whether using Craigslist is worth your time or not will require some localized research. However, we’ve compiled some core features to help writers decide if Craigslist is a worthy source to turn to for freelance writing opportunities. Take a look!

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective connections

Craigslist is different from other freelance sites, because it acts as a connector, but not really a facilitator. What that means for our “Good” list is that Craigslist is easy to use and access. No registration on the site is required to respond to advertisements (only for advertising services yourself) and new postings appear daily. Additionally, it is cost-free to accept work (no middle-man facilitating fees), and many details (payment, etc.) are determined client-to-provider, giving both parties more control of the process.

While other sites control the interactions between freelancer and client on-site for a slice of the fee, Craigslist simply connects the two in a cost-effective manner.

The Bad

  • Little facilitation

Unfortunately, the simplicity of Craigslist is a two-edged sword. Craigslist is a great resource for people to find each other, but facilitates very little. While this can be positive for the reasons offered above, it also gives greater responsibility and liability to the clients and writers who use it. Everything from discussing the project to receiving payment for the project must be planned and enforced by the parties involved, which is a responsibility some would rather avoid.

The Bottom Line

Use Craigslist at your own discretion and practice safe and secure business. While a more of a hands-off service than we prefer, Craigslist provides a decent number of local jobs no matter your location and is a great place to connect with clients.


Craigslist sometimes charges a fee to those who advertise job opportunities. Fees vary by area, but are usually $25 per job per category. It is free to accept a job.

Jobs Posted

Craigslist shows available jobs based on area, and it is a worldwide organization, so results vary across the globe. In Los Angeles in June 2015 there were 491 freelance jobs available.

Registered Freelancers

Craigslist does not require registration for freelancers, but there were 735 advertised freelancers in Los Angeles in June 2015.


Craigslist has no official guarantees, but they do register complaints and reports of misuse to protect their users.

Payroll Option                                                        

Pay is determined between the two parties directly.


Craigslist can be reached via their website. Help is offered for breaches of security, harassment, etc.

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