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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Behance is an online platform where creative professionals and students can share their work, look for jobs, and connect with each other. The company has a list of available work from numerous creative industries, including:
  • Graphic Arts
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Architecture
  • Illustration
  • Fashion
  • Cinematography
  • Cartooning
You don't have to be a member of Behance to search for jobs, but you must be a member to apply for jobs. Behance was founded in 2006. According to Wired.Co.UK, Adobe Systems bought the company in 2012 for a reported price of between $100-$150 million. Behance has over two million members and over five million projects have been posted to the site. Joining the site is free and members are not charged to post their work on the site. Members create projects that are collections of their work and post them. These projects can also be picked up by Behance staff and included in galleries and collections, which may increase the number of viewers who see the work. Recently, Behance reported over 55 million project views within 30 days.

Top Ranked Companies

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The Good

  • Free membership
  • Jobs at top companies
  • Creative branding
  • Appearance and style
  • Global reach
  • Educational resources
  • Mobile app
There is a lot to appreciate about Behance if you are a creative professional looking for work. Here are the main reasons we like Behance: Free Membership: You don't have to pay to join Behance. You can also post projects to the site for free and there is no fee to search for and apply to jobs. Behance does not take any percentage from work you receive from the postings on its site. Jobs at Top Companies: A recent search at Behance featured job postings from major companies, including:
  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Capital One
  • Skechers USA
  • Sony
  • Wayfair
  • Yahoo
Available jobs are posted frequently and you can follow companies on the site to keep updated on their hiring needs. Creative Branding: At Behance, you can create projects of completed work, post works in progress, and collaborate with other creative people on projects. The site is an excellent forum to draw attention to your work with millions of viewers accessing the site monthly. You can add contact information to your projects and links to your online stores, so interested customers can reach you. You can also follow and communicate with other members. Members can "appreciate" and comment on your projects. Projects with a larger number of appreciations and comments are more likely to be featured in Behance's galleries. Appearance and Style: Being a site for creative individuals, of course, Behance has a strong style and is visually compelling. The galleries draw you in and make you want to keep coming back to visit. Behance is like a giant museum of current, contemporary work by all kinds of visually creative people. You can search for work by types of projects, the creative field the work is from, featured work, and globally. The galleries and project search features make it easy for companies to search for creative professionals who do the kind of work they need. Global Reach: Behance allows members to post projects and job openings in 12 languages. Educational Resources: In addition to giving you ways to comment on projects and contact other members of the site, Behance links to the magazine 99u with articles on creativity and tips on getting work as a creative. The site also features success stories from members explaining how Behance has helped their careers. Mobile App: Behance has a mobile app available from Apple and Google Play. There is also a Creative Portfolio app that allows you to show your portfolio even if you don't have access to the internet.

The Bad

  • Difficulty finding freelance jobs
  • Projects don't shine unless you use ProSite
  • No safety information or dispute resolution
  • No ratings for companies
Overall, we are very impressed with Behance as a way for creative people to get their work noticed and to search for jobs. Here are a few areas where we think the site might improve: Difficulty Finding Freelance Jobs: Not all of the jobs offered on are appropriate for freelancers. Many of the jobs we found in a recent search were for full-time employment and there is no filter to view only the freelance positions. We typed Ctrl + Find and typed in the word "Freelance" to locate the ones that were not hiring full-time employees. We found 36 freelance jobs on the site that had been posted within the last month. Projects Don't Shine Unless You Use ProSite: Adobe offers its ProSite software to create your projects for free, but it costs $11 per month to publish projects created in ProSite to the site. If you don't pay to post your ProSite projects, you can still create projects, but you are very limited in the graphic design choices, so your projects may look rudimentary compared to the projects created with ProSite. No Safety Information or Dispute Resolution: In its section for creative jobs, Behance has no information available to job seekers to help them avoid getting scammed or to assist them if they have a problem with an employer. No Ratings for Companies: Providing a way for creative professionals to rate and give feedback on companies whose jobs are listed on the site would help freelancers avoid scams and promote companies who treat freelancers fairly.

The Bottom Line

Behance offers an attractive, interactive way for creative professionals to post their work, search for customers, and apply for jobs. With its large membership and active jobs board, Behance is an excellent place for creatives to get their work noticed. Freelancers who search for jobs on Behance should be aware that the company does not involve itself in negotiations between the freelancers and the companies posting the jobs or assist with dispute resolution. This site is a way for Adobe Systems to market its products, so they want you to use ProSite to create your projects. If you have a lot of visual creative work to share, paying the monthly fee to post your ProSite projects may be a good choice to get your work viewed by Adobe and the creative community. If you don't want to spend the money to post your projects with ProSite, you can post them for free, but with limited design functionality.
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