99 Designs is a great site to find the best designs for a great price with the best designers on the job. With 99 Designs you pick a Design package specific to your own needs. They have packages and prices unique for whatever designing your business needs. With 99 Designs users have the opportunity to submit a brief or a description of what the company is and what designs qualities are preferred with each package. After you submit this information, designers compete in a "design contest" to win your business. The winner receives the cash payment for the work they submit.


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The Good

  • One-stop-shop for designers
  • Continuous relationships

Typically it can be difficult to find designers to cover everything you need in one place. 99 Designs does a great job of designing packages that actually cover multiple design needs. This saves you time searching for various workers, and money while you price the work you’d like all at once. Once you’ve picked your package and send in the brief about your company, 99 Designs will launch a contest to get designers on your project quickly. You are then able to pick from the best designs and choose the designer you’d like to work with on your current project.

If you find a designer your prefer over others, you may continue to working together directly on other projects. Quickly get optimal designs, meet top designers, and enjoy affordable packages loaded with creative value. 99 Designs also offers a section with “Ready-Made Logos.” Find the designs you need without the wait, or entire package.

The Bad

  • Price

All of this great service comes with a higher price than many freelance competitors. They may have the top artist and the top designs for projects, but they have few designs available for even under $100. Their ready-made designs start at $99, anything under that is very simple quality… Maybe find a photo retouch or a Facebook cover edit for $19. The design packages start at $299 and go all the way up to $1,199. Each package advertises a 100% money back guarantee, although signing up for a better package may be required to get the designs you actually need in the end. Each package cost also includes prize for you designer, fees, and commissions all up front.

The Bottom Line

If you have an open marketing budget with money to spend, 99 Designs may be the best online designer for you. They offer top quality designs with the most reliable design packages on the web. Known pioneers in Freelanced Graphic Art & Design products, 99 Designs tops professionalism and offers the best experience to those hiring a freelance designer on the web. Find designs you love anytime with designers you prefer every time.


99designs works at a contest level, so when you pay more money, you get more entries. 99designs doesn’t tell you exactly what is in each package, but here are their prices:

  • Bronze (30 designs): $299
  • Silver (60 designs): $499
  • Gold (90 designs): $799
  • Platinum (60 premium designs): $1,199

Jobs Posted

There are around 2,645 open jobs.

Registered Freelancers

Over 1 million freelancers.

Guarantee / Protection

Offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Payroll Options

They accept major credit cards, PayPal, SOFORT and iDEAL.


We could find no information regarding disputes.

You can contact via contact form on their website, or by phone at +1 800-513-1678.

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