Posted: Carlie McKeon | December 22, 2014

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"Team America: World Police" Sells Out on Amazon

business-news-alert-2Thanks to the hoopla surrounding "The Interview," interest in not only that film, but in others like it, has risen accordingly. For example, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's 2004 comedy "Team America: World Police" has now sold out on However, Amazon's site doesn't say "Sold Out" but a copy of the DVD won't ship for two to four weeks and the Blu-ray isn't available at all.

However, this doesn't mean you can't wait watch the film at all. It's still streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services. Paramount isn't hiding it. It just doesn't want theaters to screen it as a retaliation for not being able to show "The Interview."

As for the Sony comedy, press got to see the film before execs pulled the plug on its release. The majority of the public did not. Despite the large majority of people haven't seen "The Interview," tens of thousands have voted the film up on IMDB. At one point, it was rated a staggering 10 out of 10 and the film now has more than 26,000 votes on the IMDB. This perfect rating is likely just the public's way of expressing its desire to see the movie and give a subtle middle finger to the North Korean hackers.


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