Posted: Carlie McKeon | November 21, 2014

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Stay Healthy While Freelancing

112aYou recently made the switch to full-time freelancing, and at first, the transition is glorious. You get to sleep in whenever you want, no one is monitoring your time and you feel liberated.

On the other hand, because there are no natural breaks in a freelancer's day, many freelancers find themselves slipping into what can feel like 80- or 100-hour work weeks. Just as you know your work habits and what motivates you to slip behind the keyboard each day, it is equally important to know that you can work yourself into a frenzy if you don't set boundaries as a freelancer.

Of course, there are the exceptions that will require you to work long hours on a project here or there, but generally, you should work during the hours of your clients. That way, you are able to interact with them for questions, conference calls, meetings, review of documents, etc. and feel refreshed for each business day. During that time allotment, you should incorporate time for new business prospecting, follow up and creative/productive time, in addition to time for stretching, meals and otherwise, rejuvenating during the day.

The results? You will feel less harried and more productive with such a balance. And studies by the Mayo Clinic and other health organizations have shown a direct correlation between prolonged sitting and an increase in mortality, so getting up to stretch your legs and rest your mind is not only good for your client but it's good for you and your health.

Be productive as well as healthy, and the balance will be a huge benefit.


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