Posted: George Hancock Jr. | April 29, 2015

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Ex PayPal Exec Who Twitter Feuded with Ex Colleagues Launches New Freelancer Site


Rakesh Agrawal and his former PayPal colleagues don't get a long well. Last year, Agrawal tweeted some insulting, unprofessional things about those colleagues, and then blamed it on his smartphone.  Less than a year later, "Rocky" is back and he's created a website that connects freelancers to clients. Freelancers available on the site are, for the time being, specialized in the following areas.

  • Consumer technology
  • Personal finance
  • Travel
  • User interface design
  • Apple products and design
  • Law
  • Retail experience design
  • Payments technology
  • Freelance writing

Redesign Mobile's homepage is full of articles written or reviewed by available professionals. Clients can connect with freelancers by paying a consultation fee, of which Redesign Mobile takes cut. The company doesn't take any percentage of the freelancer's project fees. Agrawal says he's looking for part-time employees, who provide the right services and the right quality, to list themselves on the site. He says he doesn't fully understand the market for these freelancers yet. Even so, he's not the only one who believes in the idea. Kashyap Deorah, Julie Gupta (former AOL executive director), and Ravi Narasimhan (formerly at Twitter) believe there's enough demand out there and have funded the business

Rocky's past mistakes and the media's coverage of them don't portray him as a bright guy, but his freelancer site model looks good. It's a breath of fresh air in a bland, frustrating remote freelancer industry where it's hard for clients to find the right person and it's hard for freelancers to differentiate themselves without building their own website. Furthermore, his negative publicity may be giving his creation a marketing boost. His bright idea reflects his feelings about work and employment. He told VentureBeat that he thinks "the whole nature of work is changing. A lot of the work today is still based on the industrial age."


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