Posted: Carlie McKeon | December 19, 2014

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LinkedIn Profiles for Freelance Gig Success

newswriter_main5A. Create one experience section for your freelance work

Enter your own company (ex: Freelance Co. LLC) with a start date of when you registered as a business to present if you are still taking clients.


  1. Five to 15 recommendations as testimonials from past clients
  2. A slideshow illustrating your best work, highlighting clients and deliverables; plus other media files demonstrating your work deliverables, if your client agreements permit
  3. Bullet points that would look like features and benefits statements (think of this as a marketing piece rather than a resumé entry)
  4. If you work for different industries or offer two or three very different services, those could be separate experience sections

B. Create experience sections for noteworthy work

If you've ever been hired by a recognizable brand or received amazing testimonials from a single client, separate those out into two or three experience sections, i.e. highlight reels. This strategy will help improve your chances of showing up in search results for related work. These sections should each have a beginning and an end date. Be sure to label the assignments clearly as consulting positions.

C. List your projects

Project sections are like experience sections without media or testimonials. You may share a website, add collaborators' names and associate the projects with your main experience section.

D. Refine headlines and summary sections

For LinkedIn to work its magic, the most important information should be at the top and more details are revealed during scrolling. If you are trying to get more gigs as a freelancer, make sure your headline and current employer reflect this and provide a benefit statement of what you do and the results you provide. The goal is to get someone to click on your LinkedIn profile from a list of search results.

Your current position needs to show the experience section from item A. The summary section should function as your brochure - your sales pitch with these four elements in first-person story form:

  1. A description of the problem you solve
  2. Your unique promise in fixing the problem
  3. Overwhelming proof of how you've accomplished that
  4. A call to action

If you make these changes to your profile, you should start getting the type of assignments that best fit your area of expertise. Good luck!


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