Posted: | April 29, 2014

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With Businesses online and offline growing substantially in the last year, it makes sense why many companies are choosing to hire freelanced workers rather than adding more payroll employees. In an article released by the Financial Times it states, "The future is freelance - and that is healthy." The government workforce has been downsized and still those numbers are decreasing. Long term this freelance evolution could improve the economy and the working population. The self-employed or number of freelancer has been growing consistently for years now. Most of these workers have turned to technology to help promote or market their offers, while efficiency has also improved with mobile workers.

While the working standards may be changing, there's reason to believe even the education structure may include more lesson involved self employed work standards moving forward. Successful freelancers are skilled in multiple areas of expertise... Not just one. These workers get flexibility in their schedule and are able to complete many different assignments on the go, most working even from their homes. Typically they understand technology, selling, finance, accounting, and business to fulfill their projects or to be considered for work. Well rounded freelancers are more likely to get offered more jobs, therefore their employment is more stable and comparable to full-time.

Even in the beginning days of technology, skilled entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, started out as freelancers. That being said, as more freelanced or self employed workers exist, more of those workers will end up making a difference or actually creating something big for business. Along with this there are many upsides to hiring freelanced workers. Freelancing tends to fuel more creativity with business ideas, starts wealth creation, frees enterprise, and allows the population to run off of a creative workforce. This also helps citizens deal with the global changes in the economy and understand businesses as they are becoming more modernized and self ran by the freelance market.

A recent article by Forbes estimates that 1 in 3 American are freelancers... About 42 million already! Freelancers are expected to make up 50% of the total workforce by 2020. In 2014 researchers expect enterprises to jump on bored with freelancing, which offers to more consistent workflow, and greater earnings for each freelancer.  Today most freelanced work is done on mobile devices. While this economy rises even more work will become mobile ready and more efficient for business. Freelancers can check in, make updates, and capture photos as they work which removes the workplace from the traditional workforce.

There big shifts happening as the economy and the government react to freelancer growth. With freelance numbers changing substantially everyday, be advised that the government is now cracking down on companies that have mis-claimed their freelancers/independent contractors as actual employees. Even Microsoft got fined $97 million dollars even for mis-claiming on their staff. So as more companies are hiring freelancers the processes for their work will also become more clear. Moving forward in 2014 businesses and freelancers will be more free to gain advantages by supporting the freelance revolution.


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