Posted: George Hancock Jr. | May 6, 2015

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How to Make Freelancing Work


Every business manager finds himself in need of skills that aren't available in his office. Sometimes, the best way to satisfy those needs is by hiring a freelancer. How do you do it? Here are a few tips from Rob Biederman at Entrepreneur.

1. Hire the right one.

Research the available workers, their reviews and their standard rates. Figure out what kind of personality you need and try to match the online profile with the profile in your mind. Take a look at any work samples you can find. Contact a few and take notes on how they reply. If you're not sure where to start your search, take a look here.

2. Provide clear direction and structure.

Make sure your directions and expectations are clear. Create a project timeline if necessary, and include deliverables that you can check to make sure your freelancer is on the right path and on schedule. It's a good idea to make sure your freelancer's preferred work is similar to the work you need done. Likewise, the way the freelancer likes to communicate should be compatible with how you do it. If you like to use the phone all day, but your freelancer always uses email, it has the potential to cause trouble.

3. Make them part of your team.

Invite them to company functions. Have them come to the office before they start working. Introduce them to a few of your co-workers. If they are located far away, let them in on the company chat rooms or have a video conferencing meeting once in a while.

4. Communicate

Make yourself, or someone close to you, available. Make sure the contractors know they can ask questions when they need to. Use Skype or if your freelancer works remotely. Make them happy and treat them as equals. It will pay off.





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