Posted: George Hancock Jr.|June 2nd, 2015

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If You're a Freelancer, You Should Know about These Websites


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Written by George Hancock Jr.
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Successful freelancers are independent and adaptable. We know how to get things done without the "amenities" available to the traditional employee of an organization. To be honest, though, sometimes it's nice to get help. If you're truly on your own, it might be a good idea to find someone to initiate a business relationship with. Human relationships are obviously important. Don't take technology for granted, though. There are plenty of websites and apps that are extremely valuable to freelancers, and I'm not talking about Linkedin, Upwork, or any other job seeking/networking site for freelancers. Here are a few you might not know of.

Quora and Stack Exchange

These two sites are not affiliated with each other, but they both serve the same purpose. With the help of their many active users, you can get answers to almost any questions you have. The only thing you should provide in return is an answer to another question.  At, users ask questions about almost anything, and there's usually a reliable answer offered. Stack Exchange works the same way, but it's geared towards programmers and web designers. If you're not sure about something, just ask!

Stride Health

Stride is an insurance meta search site that finds you the most affordable health coverage you can get, with your current health in mind. Soon, freelancers who are part of large networks like Uber and Upwork will be able to receive insurance stipends. Stride plans to partner with your freelance platform in order to do so. Give it a try if you're looking for insurance.

Simply Book Me is an easy-to-use scheduling and booking application. It's useful for anyone who wants to give their clients an easy way to schedule appointments with them. It's your own reservations system and it's free up to 50 appointments per month. You get the API and plugins, and you can accept payments.

College Recruiter

When it's time to find someone young and eager to join your team, might be your best bet. It will give you a good chance of snagging your intern or entry-level employee before others do.

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