Posted: George Hancock Jr. | April 21, 2015

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Freelancer Plans to Wrestle Airtasker, Angie's List for Market Share


There's good news for managers who are familiar with and loyal to Freelancer. Next time you need to find a freelance worker in your area, you'll be able to do so with your favorite outsourcing website. Freelancer say their finances are in the green after having some trouble, and "Freelancer Local" is going to expand their payment volume to several hundred billion dollars (Australian) per year, according to ZDNet.

Freelancer has always been a good choice for anyone looking for help. The website lists freelancers located all over the world, who can apply to help clients. Freelancer Local does the same, but it uses location-specific data to help you find someone located in your area. It competes with Amazon Home Services, Angies List and Airtasker, although Airtasker isn't a very well-known freelancer source outside of Australia. So, Freelancer is now useful for carpenters, plumbers and others who must work on site.

Unlike Angie's List, Amazon Home Services and others, Freelancer doesn't feel the need to partner with or acquire any companies that might help them in their new venture. They feel confident that online freelance work and offline freelance work will begin to compliment each other more and more.  Products sold online will require offline maintenance and "add-ons." Services like online advertising management and website building often leave clients wondering if there's someone local that can help.

Freelancer currently has the advantage of a global reach. The new local service will likely expand their user base by reaching new freelancers and new clients. So, they've obtained a potentially strong global position. But for Joe home audio installer and Joe HVAC tech, we'll just have to find out if Freelancer Local is any good.


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