Posted: Carlie McKeon | December 24, 2014

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Fiverr Updates Android App for On-The-Fly Work

newswriter_main6Fiverr, the creative and professional service market place, has updated its Android app with new features to allow sellers to create, deliver and edit projects - which the service calls Gigs - on their mobile devices. Fiverr Android users now have complete control of their businesses and the delivery of transparent analytics plus management tools.

The updated Android app, which was originally released in March this year contains Fiverr seller features not previously found on mobile (Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire). Fiverr sellers are now able to update and respond to Gig orders in real time-increasing the efficiency and seamlessness within the Fiverr ecosystem - all through the app. These new features are poised to bring Fiverr's app capabilities to new heights, as more than 30 percent of the Fiverr Android community is comprised of sellers.

New features include:
1. Sellers can deliver Gigs directly from their mobile devices
2. Sellers can create / edit Gigs while on mobile device
3. Sellers can view pending and cleared revenues, as well withdraw revenue directly and securely to their Paypal account

"More and more of our sellers are using mobile devices to work and manage their Gigs while on the go," says Ariel Kedem, mobile product manager at Fiverr. "This Android update provides the necessary tools to our Fiverr community so that they can have complete control of their services, regardless of location."

Start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs can browse and buy more than 3 million Gigs on Fiverr, providing them with countless solutions at their fingertips. Examples of services include: translation, copywriting, editing, videography, logo design, animation, web programming, voiceover talent, and even financial and legal advice.

Individual Gigs on Fiverr start at $5, while top-rated sellers can offer single Gigs for up to $8,000. Fiverr on desktop, iPhone, and Android gives buyers and sellers even more opportunities to participate in a freelance marketplace via digital platforms, with no limitations to communication.


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