Posted: Carlie McKeon | December 23, 2014

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Brick-and-Mortar Stores Might Edge Out Amazon After All

business-news-alert-4Retail surveys have indicated that in-store shopping is coming around, but still needs improvement. Data capture and analytics can help physical store retailers provide customers with the best possible in-store experiences. These data solutions provide a better understanding of today's multi-faceted shoppers, delivering the equivalent of clickstream analytics for walk-in stores.

Many people shop in a store and then find an item cheaper online. While some retailers perceive the practice as a threat, smart merchants are beginning to think of it as an opportunity. With the help of in-store analytics, stores can use these tactics to convert showroomers into brick-and-mortar buyers.

Another consumer practice is reverse showrooming or online research of potential purchases and then visiting a store to buy the product. Customers often prefer the instant gratification of walking out of a store with a holiday gift safely in hand rather than sweating out the UPS delivery arrival. Retailers can make it easy for consumers to browse for products online and pick up items in the store, which usually results in purchasing additional merchandise while there.

Above all else, physical stores can offer shoppers something no website can: individual service from a real person. Holiday shoppers commonly need advice about the perfect gift and require help with details like sizes, feature comparisons and gift wrapping, and stores can provide these items in just the right doses of personal service. To do this effectively, the use of accurate, real-time and historical data about customer traffic throughout the store and at registers allows for staff deployment matched to the ebb and flow of holiday customer traffic.

To make the most of consumer behavior tactics, retailers need a data analytics strategy that combines both online and in-store insights.


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