Posted: Carlie McKeon | November 24, 2014

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Airbnb Goes to New Heights in Recent Promotion

34aFor the ultimate contest giveaway, Airbnb has created a "Night At" campaign. Contest winners will fly from any global location to the Netherlands to stay in a tricked-out jet parked on the runway of Amsterdam's bustling Schiphol airport. After crossing the globe 3,675 times, this beautiful blue and white jet will be temporarily available as a loft living space before it is retired.

The detached airplane will truly be a home away from home. Inside the bright plane with 116 windows, the lucky winner will find a large living room, one master bedroom with king-sized bed, two children's beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. Added perks are Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and a giant cockpit panorama window.

Stepping inside the sliding front door will be like living on cloud nine. There are plenty of books and magazines in the library to enjoy, along with 36 inches of leg room. For added entertainment, overnight guests can watch other planes take off and land on the backyard tarmac. For those who would rather watch a movie, all-time classics like Snakes on a Plane, The Aviator, Top Gun or Disney's Planes are available on the home cinema system.

There are a few house rules: No flying; use of the inflatable emergency slide is not permitted; smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on; no marshmallow roasting with the jet engines; the consumption of alcohol is not allowed; and guests are required to treat the plane like they treat their own planes.


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