Teleflora has been in business for 78 years delivering flower arrangements selected by local florists across the US and Canada. This company guarantees satisfaction with every gift ordered, with free flowers hand-delivered daily.  

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The Good

  • Website
  • Affiliated florists


Teleflora offers their customers a live chat to help resolve any questions they may have as they shop. This company also spotlights a deal of the day, which discounted even more than other items on the site. The Teleflora website is easy to use and their product choice are clear and easy to read.

Affiliated Florists

Teleflora offers many different flower types on their site with rare options like African Violets, Alstroemerias, Calla Lillies, Carnations, and more. Customers can shop by birthday, occasions, flowers, plants & gifts, and price. Teleflora works with 20,000 affiliated florist to deliver flowers worldwide.

The Bad

  • Color options
  • Selection

Color Options

Though Teleflora offers a lot of different flower types, they don't have many color options to choose from on their arrangements. Colors are chosen standard to each arrangement, and there really is much room to customized flowers by color preference.


Altogether the selection of flowers on their website is limited.  There are only a few choice to pick from in each floral categories. Other flower delivery sites may offer a lot more choices on each flower type.

The Bottom Line

Teleflora guarantees satisfaction with every gift order they ship. If a shopper isn't satisfied they can contact Teleflora anytime by phone, email, or live chat to resolve any order issues. This company doesn't have the best track record with their customers. Orders can be hit or miss, so I strongly caution anyone who chooses Teleflora to track their order closely to ensure delivery and deserved valued.

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August 9th, 2017 Indianapolis, IN

yesterday (8/8/17) was my anniversary. i ordered flowers for delivery to my wife's work to make her feel special on such an occasion, and to start off our romantic evening correctly. i paid an extra fee to get the flowers there by 1pm, as advertised on site by teleflora. 1 came and no flowers. I contacted them via customer service site on email as directed, but all i got was a one time email stating they would respond when they get notice from the delivery, but it was already 230 and my wife was to leave work at 3. so, i went into chat with a live rep. they contacted the delivery people and then apologized, refunded my expedition fee and told me that it would definitely be there by 330. so, i had to lie to my wife to keep her at work longer. 430 rolled around and still no flowers. i had to once again contact them through their live rep chat. that person then tells me that they are not responsible for guaranteed delivery times. i informed her that someone should tell her website and the other rep i spoke to, so no one would be defrauded money by the information given from them. thankfully, i saved all my conversations and screen shotted the web page. we never got the product i paid $115 for. i demanded a refund and now i am on sites to share my experience. what a crappy way to start off what was to be a romantic evening with my wife. the worst part is i had to share with her what was going on and of course it took me a bit to get out of the pissy funk it all put me in. horrible. don't bother.


Gary Lane

June 16th, 2017 Auburn, CA

We ordered flowers for my mother in Hawaii and selected from what they said was available for delivery and ordered early enough for same day delivery. Later got an email saying the selection wasn't available and to click a link to let them pick the selection. My wife did so just so the item would be delivered that day. About 10 that night got an email they were unable to get around to delivering it that day. Best part is they charged us on the day they didn't deliver. So ended up with my mother not getting flowers in the hospital after her surgery. Would never use them again or recommend them.



May 17th, 2017

customer service is the worst. I ordered flowers for my mother delivery date 05-11 11:30 am. received email confirmation of delivery 05-11 after 6pm. Called mom home all day with broken toe no delivery. called Teleflora 25 min on phone promise delivery 05-12. no delivery 05-12. called Teleflora 40 min on phone deliveries still going out until 10pm. from Staten Island, NY drove to Cockeysville MD 05-13 at moms still no Flowers called Teleflora long holding times no answers several attempts still no answer. 05-14 Church with mom Lunch, drove to Pa. mom gets call for delivery.


Wendy Jolley

April 24th, 2017 Rockwall, TX

Ordered a live plant basket to be delivered on Monday following my best friends sisters death on Sunday. As of today, FRIDAY and after almost an hour on the phone and literally 15 emails back and forth with their customer service the delivery has yet to arrive. I will NEVER use them again and would suggest you not either.


Jennifer Matt

April 15th, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO

I ordered an arrangement online to be delivered to my mom for her birthday. The flowers were supposed to have daisies and yellow roses. I even upgrades to the middle package so the arrangement would have more roses. However when the flowers were delivered, there were NO roses in the arrangement at all! I paid $60 dollars for freaking DAISIES!! When I contacted customer service the apologized and offered a discount coupon! I will NEVER use the company again.....lessoned learned!



March 22nd, 2017 Spring, TX

I was charged almost $70 for a really really tiny bouquet, and they died in 2-3 days. $70 for this rubbish? This is how you running your business? keep away from this company!



February 16th, 2017

DONT ORDER FROM HERE! I Ordered a bouquet of flowers for valentines day under the same day option i chose the dates that were available for service which had 2/14 still available and come day of NO FLOWERS! NOW a day too late i wana cancel my floral order and CANT CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE waiting on hold for bout two hours+, no answer as of yet. Emailed them, NO RESPONSE. Yet they're quick to charge. Want a refund immediately and NVR ordering from here again


Jeff Fox

February 15th, 2017

Simply a skimming scam. Ordered premium with 25 tulips and received 12 tulips that looked old and tired. STOP! Order somewhere else


E plott

February 14th, 2017

Placed an order for my wife on February 13 at 11:00 am. I was required to give them a delivery zip code before I could even place my order but they waited 26 hours to send me an email canceing my order leaving me with no options for having flowers delivered to my wife on Valentine's Day.



January 23rd, 2017 San Gregorio, CA

2 days after placing an order for birthday flowers for my 86 year old mother; order accepted by Teleflora, I received a final email T stating "regretfully we are unable to fulfill your order" and "At this time, we have cancelled your order.". What?! Really?!, at the last minute, and more than 24 hours after the order was accepted and placed? I called Teleflora, and after a considerable time on hold, talked to a polite service rep, who was unable to determine why the order was cancelled. What I am very upset about is the time it took to determine this order was actually not going to be fulfilled. If this had been communicated immediately, or even within a few hours, I would have had time to organize an alternative. Why was i completely misled by all the interim communications stating that the order was accepted, delivery was planned, delivery was delayed, delivery would be made today jan 21, etc...?? And then instead of contacting me to arrange an alternative / discussing the real issue, I receive a curt email with no information, necessitating a 30 min call to Teleflora, only to ultimately get a non-nonsensical fabricated excuse. I'm left with NO CONFIDENCE in teleflora - after leading me to believe this accepted order would be fulfilled and honored, to suddenly cancel it without an offer of alternative or rationale explanation is inexcusable. I do not trust your service after this experience, very disappointing!!.



January 16th, 2017 Sparta, NJ

wrong item sent! Teleflora kept me on the phone for an hour hold then offered me a 30% discount off my order! I was very dissatisfied and they did nothing to correct.


Tom Grover

October 28th, 2016

What was delivered was not even close to what was advertised on the website . Customer service wanted to give you 20% refund or a 50% future discount . I did offer a full refund if the product to be picked up. I'd sure like over 90% of the business this was a gift more than a little difficult to try to get that picked up .


Leesha Leesha

August 3rd, 2016 Arvada, CO

Ordered what looked like a beautiful arrangement for my daughter today. She had surgery and just wanted flowers delivered to her. So mama came through, unfortunately teleflora did NOT! I ordered her white lilies and pink roses in a vase the "arrive in style" I believe it was called (almost $80 later!) I got the premium one so they would be filler in the short vase. When they were delivered, they were left on the front porch, that is whatever, but the flowers were Falling apart! The lilies had zero bloomes so the vase looked scarce at best. The roses, we'll they were not even pink as the website portrayed. They were white with red tips. Would be great for someone who ordered white with red, however I ordered pink. As my daughter LOVES. The baby pink. Rose pink if you will. Now the roses were broken and just falling apart. Pedals were falling off. Etc. $80 for what exactly? I understand the delivery fees but the flowers were $60 and MAYBE only $15 worth of flowers. I am so upset about this! I went and ordered her thru a local delivery service and got MUCH better results. It came with a price of course, but would rather spend the money on GOOD QUALITY AND SERVICE over teleflora. No one even knew they were delivered until she got a visitor and brought them in. I got a delivery confirmation an hour after that. RIDICULOUS! I do not recommend them at all!


John Swafford

July 20th, 2016 Longwood, FL

I paid to have flowers get to location early only to find out it maybe a day after the event I sent them for.. I had to fight to get a riding and was made to feel like it was my issue .. Shop local it's always best local business care about it clients Teleflora only wants your money and could careless about you


Amy Garstki

June 13th, 2016 Roselle, IL

I ordered Flowers on Saturday and then called to make sure they would be delivered and I was told "yes" they will be delivered. Come to find out that there was no Sunday delivery and my mother would be getting her Birthday flowers a day late!!! Just Great! If I knew this on Saturday I would have gone with a different company instead of disappointing my mother! This is unprofessional and I not only will never use your company again I will take my review power and spread the word on how bad this was to do to a customer! I even called to confirmed after i had called the florist I selected and found out that they are closed on Sunday. The confirmation was a Lie!!!! The customer service person had no idea about my order and could have given me the truth, instead of hearing the truth from a different phone call on Sunday Morning saying they have no florist open. If you sell the service you should deliver it! I could have canceled my order and found a different company. Now it's too late and my mother has no flowers on her Birthday. Thank you for this experience!!!!


Sigler Jorge

May 12th, 2016 Boca Raton, FL

I bought a premium one and even added extra flowers and the arrangement looked HORRIBLE, Walmart has better quality for a tenth of the price. Had to call their customer care number and wait 29 minutes on hold before someone picked my call... only to put me on hold a couple more times. Never will I buy from them again. I did receive a 75%refund... but my mother's day gift arrangement was horrible and that cannot be undone. Not to mention that it took me a lot to get the refund, they wanted to throw out a 40% discount on my next purchase... as if I was ever buying from them again.


Lisa Ostendorf

April 15th, 2016 Stafford, VA

I was extremely dissatisfied because I was literally on the phone for an hour, simply ordering a funeral arrangement. The time of transaction involved poor communication skills, inaccuracies and lack of knowledge about their system. Initially the employee entered letters incorrectly several times, even after I provided an example for each and every letter. Then, the same employee and her supervisor were unable to explain if the "confirmation email" they were sending would include the amount charged, the amount paid and the method of payment used, in order for it to suffice as a receipt for business reimbursement purposes. They honestly didn't know, plus the email never went through during our long conversation because the employee had the email address incorrect! Then, when it was corrected, they said they weren't able to resend the confirmation email because it had already been sent! What?! Isn't it illegal to not provide a receipt? I was told they would have their "email department" try to send another email (which still wouldn't necessarily have the basic receipt information on it) but it would take several days. I honestly still don't understand that. It was extremely frustrating. So, due to problems with communication, accuracy and system training, I still have no receipt showing total charge, total paid, payment method and a balance of $0.00, and I'm out $133.00. There are other flower companies out there, so I suggest using any of the others instead.



April 4th, 2016 Brentwood, TN

False advertising on teleflora's part. I ordered a teacup/saucer flower arrangement for my Grandmother to commemorate her first wedding anniversary without my Granddad and the arrangement was sent in a big green cheap mug. I didn't pay $40 to get a small floral arrangement! I paid that to get a beautiful teacup and saucer (vase) to honor my Granddad who was an advid tea drinker and the design of the teacup/saucer was reminiscent of their wedding decor. Shame on them!



July 23rd, 2015 Houston, TX

Well, here's another company I should have checked reviews for before purchasing a promotion (this time I used AmazonLocal - before it was a Groupon that blew up on me). I paid $20 for a $40 voucher, which by its terms was valid for 60 days; however, the purchase price could be used for 5 years. For a variety of reasons, I didn't use the voucher for a year - then was told by Teleflora that they would not honor it and I needed to contact AmazonLocal. Don't use this service!!!!!



May 14th, 2015 Salem, NH

Do Not Order anything from this Florist. They take your order, charge your credit card & then Cancel your order on the day that the flowers should have been delivered. They don't even call you they email you the cancel notice. Then they tell you it will be 7 to 10 days before they can refund your money.



May 12th, 2015 Stone Mountain, GA

I am completely disappointed with the pathetic flowers that were delivered for Mother's Day! The display was, hands down, the most pitiful bunch of flowers that I have EVER ordered from ANY online provider. The flowers were browned (obviously from heat exposure), and the stems were tiny - the entire display (in the vase) was only around a whopping 12 inches tall. I expected much, much more for a cost of almost $75.00! I was so displeased with these flowers that I would have been embarrassed to have presented them to my wife, so I instead drove down to my local Kroger and picked up some last minute roses. And it says something when you can get last-minute roses from a GROcERY STORE that not only look significantly better than TeleFlowers garbage (and were also a lot less expensive)! To their credit, when I contacted their customer service department to complain, they did issue a full refund (after a full 20-minute call, and was told that it would take up to 5 days for my credit card account to be credited). But bottom line, I will never from TeleFlowers again. In fact, I was so displeased with this order that I have sworn off using ANY online flower service in the future. I would much rather take the time and effort to visit my local flower shop to ensure that a quality arrangement can be presented for a special occasion. If you, dear reader, prefer to have the convenience of ordering flowers online, I highly suggest that you use someone other than TeleFlowers. If you absolutely HAVE order flowers online I could recommend using 1-800-FLOWERS - I have had beautiful flowers delivered from them in the past. But save yourself the disappointment and NEVER order flowers from TeleFlowers!


Melissa Koscinski

March 16th, 2015 Tunkhannock, PA

Worst customer service, rude staff, after a week of failed attempts to get flowers delivered, they cancelled order. So I had to reorder elsewhere, do not use Teleflora, you will not get flowers delivered, terrible service.