FTD was originally founded in 1910. This is the longest lasting flower delivery company still open today. FTD gives a 7 day Guarantee on their flowers, and offer customers same or next day delivery options. FTD delivers quality flowers and many other gifts for any occasion, or even just for fun.


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The Good

  • Guarantee
  • Options

FTD has a 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that your order is guaranteed fresh for at least 7 days. FTD also has color your day color options available from their site. This feature is great for those who prefer picking colors for their flower. FTD gives more room for personalizing orders with exclusive color options. FTD offers several different flower shops within their website. Customers can choose from the Luxury collection, the flower and gift shop, the sweet shop, the gift basked shop, and more.

The Bad

  • Complaints

FTD has had a lot of customers that have complained about not receiving their delivery or having their flowers show up at the wrong address. This company may not be the worst when it comes to costumer complaints, although, there have been more than 300 complaints with over $20,393 claimed losses from customers that ordered their flowers online since june of 2007.  The average loss amount for FTD orders is $69.00.

The Bottom Line

FTD is a well known flower delivery company that has literally started the industry for flower deliveries.  They offer a solid service with a variety of products, and offer a personal shopping experience online.  The FTD website is set up with custom offerings available on the flowers, top pick options, and has several merchant tabs with gifts available for any occasion. FTD does offer same day delivery, and has a 7 day guarantee, but be sure to track you order to ensure your delivery arrives as promised.


A bouquet of a dozen red roses from FTD costs $49.99


FTD promises a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.


Choose from over 300 bouquets on FTD’s website.


Contact FTD’s customer service through email or phone.


You can choose to have your FTD flowers delivered the next day or up to 14 weeks in advance.

Gift Options

FTD gives buyers to option to also send chocolate dipped strawberries, sweets, fruit, gift baskets, jewelry, wine, champagne, and more.



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