Flowerpetal.com believes that for every milestone of life, be it a birthday, anniversary, new baby, or job, flowers can change everything. Their mission is to make sure each flower arrangement, plant, and gift is delivered on time, ever time, exactly the way it was requested. This company holds their staff to the highest delivery standards in the industry.


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The Good

  • Customer success
  • Community efforts

In 2008 business wire released a statement about FlowerPetal.com being the world’s first florist to offer Carbon-Free flower delivery back in 2007. Flowerpetal.com works with Carbonfund.org to reduce the threat of climate change that flower delivery may have on our planet. This company doesn’t show nearly as many complaints as other flower delivery companies show. This company has done a good job ensuring customer satisfaction with every order. FlowerPetal.com has implemented a standard delivery confirmation to followup with all of their deliverers… This could be the key to their customer success.

FlowerPetal has made several effort in their community and worldwide. This company is known to partner with or get involved in fundraising and  philanthropic foundations that go back to help the community.

The Bad

  • SEO
  • Selection

There have been speculations that this company has put a lot of funding into SEO tactics to increase their customer base then, suddenly had their site removed from rankings.  This means that they company may have been pushing too much to meet their SEO to the point that Google decided to take action allowing all flower search results to remain more natural overall.

Flowerpetal is more limited on their floral choices and doesn’t offer quite as many products as many other flower delivery companies do. Seems like every section they  have includes decent options, but not still nearly as many arrangements as their competition.

The Bottom Line

Sweet and Simple… Flowerpetal.com has been in business now for 15 years, delivering flowers with exceptional service.  They’ve made obvious effort to increase customer trust across the flower delivery/gift basket industry as a whole. Shopper can search arrangements by occasion, sentiment, or by product to find the best arrangement to fit their occasion. Arrangements done by Flowerpetal.com generally cost a bit more, but their quality services make their price well worth the difference.


FlowerPetal charges $69.99 for a bouquet of a dozen red roses.


FlowerPetal has a 7-day guarantee on their products


Choose from 275 bouquets on their website.


They offer email and phone customer service support.


Have your flowers delivered the next day, or schedule a delivery up to 13-weeks in advance.

Gift Options

You can also purchase gift baskets on Flower Petal’s site. Choose from fruit, picnic, chocolate or healthy baskets.

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