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There's a lot to love when it comes to Flower Delivery Express. Founded back in 1946, this florist has an extensive company history and decades of experience to prove they can (literally) deliver satisfaction.

Originally named Wesley Berry Flowers, the company started as a family business in Detroit, Michigan. Led today by CEO Wesley Berry II, they have expanded around the world and have made millions of dollars. That's right-not only do they service the United States and Canada; they deliver to 80 countries around the world as well.

Customer service and good business practices have helped foster this growth, undoubtedly. But what really made business boom was one tool: the internet. In 1994, the company started its own website, and that helped them grow more than they ever had before. It enabled online ordering and much easier customer support-not to mention more accessible advertising and a visible flower guide right on customers' computers.

Today, you can order flowers through Flower Delivery Express by phone or online seven days a week. They promise to deliver within one day of ordering (or simply on the day you select if it exceeds one day) using third-party deliverers FedEx and UPS.

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Global access
  • Delivery tracking

Possibly the most obvious pro with using Flower Delivery Express is the fact that they have almost 70 years of experience in the flower industry. Since they started back in the mid-1940s, they've had decades to perfect their process and prove they can still succeed in a changing economy. Those years have also enabled them to expand their repertoire and, of course, expand globally as well.

That brings us to our next pro: their global access.

Because this florist delivers to the US, Canada, and 80 other countries, they're a great option for delivering your bouquet to someone who lives far.

Ordering flowers is made easy with the company. All 24 hours of the day, you can submit an order, and they flowers will be delivered within a day. FDE won't be able to guarantee the exact time the flowers will be delivered, but you can be assured it will be within one day. And if your delivery fails to satisfy for any reason, they have a guarantee to replace your order to keep you happy. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase and report it upon delivery, they'll replace the flowers for you.

There's more though. Once you place an order, you can track it to know when it has been delivered. Along with this ability, Flower Delivery Express provides options to email them, call them, or submit a question or comment through their website. Because of this, they've done a great job being available to customers and offering the necessary resources to help.

The company website receives a positive review too. It's very detailed with both prices and pictures to accompany the descriptions of bouquets you can order. To create an account with the company, you just provide your name, email address, and the mailing address. FDE's website is also secure for providing your payment information.

A prominent advantage of ordering through Flower Delivery Express is their plethora of options. You can choose from:

  • 85 assortments of roses.
  • 65 bestseller bouquets.
  • 40 modern assortments.
  • 35 deluxe assortments.
  • Platinum assortments.

Plethora indeed.

They also provide a list of occasions you might be recognizing, and you can narrow down the type of bouquet you want according to those. This way, your flowers go along with a theme. They offer different types of gifts to accompany the flowers as well.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Delivery time
  • Customer support

The bad news is that, despite FDE's plentiful options, they're not the cheapest option out there. In truth, their bouquets can get extremely pricey, ranging anywhere from $25.99 (not so bad) to $374.99 (ouch). Plus, you pay separately for delivery on top of the bouquet. Flowers are a luxury, but some competitors make theirs a lot more affordable.

Another con for FDE is their delivery time. One-day delivery is pretty fast, we won't deny. But with some florists promising same-day delivery or even delivery within hours, 24-hour delivery starts to sound slow.

On top of that, they could benefit from providing better customer support options. Their corporate office is open during normal business hours, and you can place an order 24/7. But if you have questions about your order or need specific help, you can only call or email and must then wait for the business to open up to get any answers. Since the flower industry sometimes requires more immediate attention, that kind of customer support just isn't enough.

The Bottom Line

What sets Flower Delivery Express apart from other florists is their extensive company history and widespread delivery ability. True, their prices are high and they might not deliver as fast as other florists. But there's no denying they have an excellent global market, and there's no ignoring their decades upon decades of successful experiences. Another unique aspect of Flower Delivery Express is their wide selection of themed bouquets you can choose from.

What does that mean for you?

It means that if you need a florist who has experience, who can give you options, and/or who can deliver to other countries, FDE might be for you. No doubt, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for their services when you do make an order. But if that's worth it to you, they deliver on everything else.

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    April 20th, 2016

    Buyer beware - DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! If I could give less than 1 star I would. I live in Vancouver, and used Flower Delivery Express to send flowers to a friend who had just given birth in Edmonton. First of all, I thought that I was purchasing $40 flowers, then when it came time to enter my credit card information the total charges came through at over $80 after all the ridiculous fees they add on! Secondly, when I got my credit card statement the charges came through in USD, even though it was a Canadian transaction sent to a location in Canada! Nowhere on the website did it say that my transaction would be in USD, and this added on over $20 to the total price. Had I known that, I WOULD NOT HAVE bought the flowers through them. Thirdly, I specifically asked for same day delivery, as you never know how long someone will be in the hospital after giving birth. Later in the day, a lady called me from an external florist company with some questions about the order. I asked her what time I could expect the flowers to be there, and she told me there was no way they would arrive that day. I was very upset, and told her that I had specifically requested same day delivery, or I wouldn't have purchased the flowers at all. She very rudely told me that she was sub-contracted by Wesley's/Flower Delivery Express to put together the order and that I didn't pay her anything or give her any instructions. In the end, the flowers arrived in the evening on the NEXT DAY, literally as my friend was on her way out the door as she had been sent home! This part is the real kicker, when I called Wesley's/Flower Delivery Express to tell them I wanted a refund as what I got was in no way what I had ordered, they proceeded to tell me that the only way I was going to get a refund was to have my JUST GIVEN BIRTH and HAD SURGERY friend return to the hospital, with the flowers that are now most definitely dead, and we could then receive a refund. I argued with the customer service team for quite a while before realizing I was getting nowhere. I will now dispute this transaction with my credit card company and hopefully have a better result... I was as extremely dissatisfied with this company as a person could be, and I will NEVER order from them EVER again!

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    December 7th, 2015 Glenshaw, PA

    This company is a scam, straddling the line of the law. My order was placed fraudulently by the website when a pop-up ad regarding reduced shipping prices submitted the order when I hit close. I did not want this order to be placed as I felt the prices were too high to be worth the value. I immediately called the customer service number and the representative stated my order was placed on hold, but they refused to take my information or order confirmation number. Without knowing who I am or what my order is, how can they state it was placed on hold? Then they said I had to call back after 11:00am the next day to receive confirmation of the cancellation. When I explained this was a next day delivery, they hung up the phone. Seriously, they hung up on me!!! The next morning's multiple calls to customer service fared no better. The representative kept me on the line, refusing to talk to me, while I heard him and the other representatives laughing and singing. Then he placed me on hold, again without acknowledging me at all. The reason, he had started another call which was conducted in his native language. The other attempts also resulted in hang ups and automated messages saying we will call you back. What a lousy, scam of a company this is. Even after placing an online dispute via their website, requesting help with the cancellation, I received an error message stating that multiple requests from the same IP address will impede the ability to assist me. I only placed one request through the website, but again this is an example of a scam and how they set up safeguards to straddle that line. This is your definition of customer service? I had to call Visa to dispute the charge, opened an incident with the Better Business Bureau and am placing this review on every social media site I can find. If you still choose to use this company, please remember you have been warned.