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Based out of Haymarket, Virginia, Blooms Today has been in business since March 2000 and has since grown to be able to deliver flowers on an international basis. Headed by CEO George Dukas, they're a national company that delivers to locations throughout the United States and even to some international recipients.

But one of the keys to delivering flowers successfully is having fresh flowers to deliver. So how does such a widespread company accomplish that?

They use local florists. The flowers delivered by Blooms Today are largely grown on farms in South America and, when ordered, are shipped by air to the company's distribution center in the US. Local florists help preserve them, and the flowers are shipped fresh for delivery.

So Blooms Today offers the best of both worlds:

  • Widespread networking with the ability to order a bouquet in one state but have it delivered in another
  • Fresh local flowers.

It's nice to know, as the customer, that your service will have that local feel but be able to deliver from a distance. By and large, customers order their bouquets through the phone and internet, and Blooms Today offers a 24-hour help line for any questions you might have along the way. They then boast same-day delivery as long as you order by 2 p.m. and assure a money-back guarantee should your delivery be unsatisfactory.

A main point of emphasis for Blooms Today is their ability to provide flowers for a wide variety of special occasions. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bringing in a new baby, or just saying you're sorry, this florist wants to help. They have a wide assortment of prearranged bouquets that might provide just the right touch.

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Guarantee
  • Customer support

Ordering flowers can get surprisingly expensive, but the good news with Blooms Today is that they have relatively low prices. Their bouquets range from $25 to $80. While $80 is pretty steep for a bundle of flowers, some competing florists will charge you upwards of $100 to $400 for a bouquet.

Blooms Today also provides their money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with what you paid for. That alone gives some peace of mind.

Like with so many other businesses today, online ordering has made flower deliveries easier for both customers and delivery companies. Blooms Today has made their ordering process much easier for you by providing the ability to order your bouquet through the internet or the phone.

Their 24-hour phone line for customer support is worth mentioning as well. Should you have any difficulties while picking out flowers or finalizing the order, you can call this number for clarifications. Plus, as long as you order by 2 o'clock on the day you want the flowers delivered, Blooms Today offers same-day delivery, which is even more convenient.

But the customer support doesn't stop there. Blooms Today provides plenty of resources for you before, during, and after your order. Should you need help picking out the right flowers, getting a price estimate, or even tracking your delivery, the company has provided phone numbers and physical addresses to contact them. In particular, it's helpful that you can call to track the status of your order and not wonder if it has been delivered.

In addition, there is a company blog with articles that help you learn how to identify different types of flowers, take care of the bouquet that was delivered to you, select the right bouquet for your occasion, and more.

Another pro for Blooms Today is the quality of their flowers. Because they grow their flowers in lush South American farms and take detailed care to preserve them until delivery, their flowers are fresh.

The Bad

  • Customer complaints
  • Website
  • Limitations

There are some online reviews of Blooms Today that speak pretty harshly about their services. Some customers have reported being scammed by the company and had negative experiences because they didn't read the fine print on their orders.

Being such a widespread company, it's possible that the customer service will vary depending on your location and order. But it speaks negatively of Blooms Today that some of their customers felt deceived and mistreated.

The company website for this florist needs work too. The layout of it is cluttered, which can be overwhelming. And since Blooms Today has so many different options for bouquets to order, their website needs to make it easier for customers to view the bouquets and find one that matches their occasion.

It's true that this company has a wide selection of bouquets for a variety of special occasions. But one limitation they have is the types of flowers they create these bouquets with. Primarily, Blooms Today creates bouquets using roses, lilies, and carnations. While these flowers are beautiful and commonly used in bouquets, it would be nice for customers to have a few more options on which types to include in their orders.

The Bottom Line

Admittedly, Blooms Today leaves a few things to be desired when it comes to their website and, in some cases, their customer interactions. But on the whole, convenient and fast deliveries, and a wide selection of bouquets to match practically any occasion you have. In addition, despite the fact that they began in 2000 (the earlier years of the internet), they've done well to provide convenient online and phone ordering for customers.

What sets Blooms Today apart from a lot of competing florists, though, is their ability to deliver around the US and even internationally. With widespread service like that, they've set themselves up to be readily available to a wide network of customers.

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    September 21st, 2017

    Ordered flowers for family members through bloomtoday 2days before funeral NEVER GOT DELIVERED 9/3 for 9/5/17

  • 1

    August 19th, 2017

    Not impressed. Did the florist special where they create a fresh bouquet for $30 (on sale for $20) then +$20 for shipping. $40 and they sent 5 roses. 5 red roses. In a cheap vase that I had to pay another $5 for. Quality is sub par. I wouldn't use this company. On top of that, the Groupon is misleading. You don't end up saving anything because of all the additional charges. I do not recommend.

  • 0

    August 16th, 2017

    Wish when I selected to order flowers from for the funeral of a great family friend, that Blooms Today would turn out to be such a terrible company. I get a call from 1-800 # that tells me my flowers didn't make it. The calls come to me another state away while the funeral is taking place. What an absolute devastating call. All they can say is we are sorry and we will give you a refund. It's not about the money! When I select order flowers now and get a confirmation, then I believe flowers will be on the way. They are not willing to share the florist name in Davin WV. A call prior to the funeral giving me an option to select another arrangement is all I ask!!!!! Not to find out after the fact that it never happened, absolutely unacceptable!

  • 0

    May 22nd, 2017 Sanibel, FL

    Ordered flowers to be delivered for a funeral; called the funeral home to verify delivery and was told nothing had arrived. Notified Blooms Today and they stated they "forgot" to deliver. I was informed they would deliver flowers the day after our phonecall. I received the bouquet and was horrified by what they sent; nothing like the arrangement I had ordered and half the flowers were already dead. As this was a work related order I am beyond embarrassed and humiliated that, first they did not receive the arrangement for the funeral and second the follow-up flowers were dead. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

  • 0

    November 25th, 2015 Hampton Bays, NY

    Worst company for flowers they should be shut down!!! They didn't have what we ordered. Didn't call us to tell us. Then sent a $5.00 piece that was so ugly. We were charged $60.00!!!

  • 2

    June 21st, 2015 Jackson, TN

    The bloomstoday rewards program is a scam! I agreed to a sime coupon but then noticed a 9.99 charge to by CC that will now be billed monthly unless they allow me to cancel but I could not get through to customer service today... Without this "unexpected fee" I may have been satisfied. I knew the great price was just too good to be true. READ READ READ. They even charged this separately from what I agreed to at checkout