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LAST UPDATED: October 30th, 2019

In the flower delivery realm, two things mean everything: quality and speed. After all, sending flowers to someone is a gesture of love, consideration, and sentiment. Nothing ruins that grand gesture more than lopsided flowers or a belated delivery. Florists around the world recognize this. But while most of them boast same-day delivery and a wide selection, there's a company out there that has taken speed to the next level, promising delivery within 90 minutes. Known for their speed and freshness, BloomThat sprouted in December 2003 when a group of close friends got together to form the company. These friends-David Bladow, Matthew Scwab, and Chad Powell-had the goal to give customers fresher flowers, faster service, and bouquets with enhanced designs. They still run the business today. With more than a decade of experience, Bladow, Scwab, and Powell have created a popular line of just a few predesigned bouquets nicknamed and priced as follows:

  • Pixley ($35)
  • Emery ($45)
  • Piper ($45)
  • Madison ($60)
  • Linden ($60)

And for customers who prefer something other than a bouquet, they also offer two smaller assortments that come in a wooden box:

  • Garfield ($25)
  • Hudson ($35)

All you have to do as the customer is select which assortment you want delivered, enter a delivery location, and sit back while BloomThat delivers your gift within the promised 90 minutes. All of their orders are taken through their website or their iOS app. But there is one catch. BloomThat is a local company-so local that they service the Bay Area in California. While many other florists can deliver your bouquet to someone across the country or even across the world, this florist has a niche market in California. Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day, they deliver to San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale, California. So if you need flowers delivered in any of these cities, BloomThat might just be what you need.

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The Good

  • Delivery Time
  • Freshness
  • Customer Support

Delivery Time

The most obvious advantage of ordering from BloomThat is their incredibly fast delivery time. One of the few (if not the only) florists that claim to deliver in 90 minutes or less, they trump other companies that take several hours or more to distribute your bouquet.


Because they operate locally in the Bay Area, their flowers are also as fresh as can be. Unlike florists who import their flowers from far away, BloomThat grows and preserves their flowers locally so they can deliver in the promised time frame. They store their flowers at room temperature and provide them with a hydration pack upon delivery too. Interacting with BloomThat is pretty easy and intuitive too.

Customer Support

Their company website is extremely simple, with only the most essential information available. To create an account with them, you just need your phone number, email address, and password. And again, to order a bouquet or box plant, you just go online or submit the request using their app. BloomThat's customer support is helpful as well. If you have questions or comments about their service, you can email, tweet, or call them or refer to their FAQs page, which has information about preserving your bouquet and other basic questions. They even have a company blog with peppy articles that have ideas for keeping flower-worthy occasions meaningful and fun.


The Bad

  • Small market
  • Options
  • Guarantee

Small Market

Despite their many pros, BloomThat also has a few obvious cons. The most obvious limitation is their incredibly small market. In the flower business, of course it's important to have fresh flowers, and operating locally is about as close as you can get to delivering fresh flowers quickly. But because BloomThat only services the Bay Area, they're essentially irrelevant to anyone outside that region. That being said, they can master speed and quality, but they've made their bouquets largely unavailable.


Their market isn't the only limitation though. They also have very few options to choose from. While some florists offer hundreds of designs for bouquets and other assortments, BloomThat has created a grand total of seven. As the customer, you can't build you own bouquet or branch out beyond their premade designs. You're stuck with their small, albeit beautiful, collection.


This company also doesn't provide a visible money-back guarantee for customers who aren't satisfied with their purchase. Flower deliveries are a tricky business, since flowers need special care and it can be difficult to time deliveries quickly. So even though BloomThat prides itself on fresh bouquets and speedy deliveries, they should still provide some guarantee in case they mess up your order. That's one item their customer service is lacking. While there are several good things about BloomThat, TBC has a few concerns:

  • Bouquets are expensive
  • Limited selection
  • No guarantee
  • No gift option

The Bottom Line

Even without the guarantee, BloomThat has done well in its 12 years to establish a strong reputation with a local feel. Because their market is small, they're an excellent option for anyone needing a delivery in the Bay Area with short notice. Their speed and flower quality is what sets them apart from competitors as well. They've also kept up with a competing technology-driven world. Since BloomThat offers online ordering and an intuitive iOS app, they've set their business up to be competitive in this market. To remain competitive, they might benefit from expanding their repertoire of products and possibly expanding their market in the future.
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VOnDC Lorton, VA

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Their customer service is great, but their product is terrible. I have ordered from them twice and both times their product arrived in a substandard condition. While they gave me a credit toward a future purchase, it is HIGHLY doubtful that I will ever use it. I gave them a chance to redeem themselves after the first disappointment, yet they disappointed again. My advice? Go somewhere else.

3 years ago

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Rob McCullough Conshohocken, PA

Ordered flowers for my wife for Valentine's day. The flowers that arrived looked beat up and died in about 5 days. I complained and they sent out another shipment...same problem.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Constance Dillon

Absolutely fantastic customer service experience! Recommend highly!

4 years ago