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BloomNation was founded in August of 2011 and is currently headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Their founders and current top executives are Fabod Shoraka, Gregg Weisstein, and David Daneshgar. BloomNation works with community and local florists all over the nation. This way there are no service fees, no delivery fees, the flowers are received fresh, and same day delivery is always available.

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The Good

  • Same day delivery
  • Social media
  • Customer support

BloomNation works with local florists and makes sure each floral arrangement order is hand-delivered same day, as long as the customer orders it at their florist's cut-off time. There are no delivery or service fees for same day delivery. They do this to ensure flower freshness and customer satisfaction.

Their search option allows consumers to quickly see the selection of flowers in their area or the area they are delivering. They also have quick search options that allow customers to search for certain flower categories, prices, and types easily and quickly.

They are active on several social media platforms and have a very large following on each. They have a BloomNation Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

BloomNation provides customers with a phone number to reach customer support, an email to reach out to customer support, and they also have a live chat option on their website. Customers can speak with a representative immediately by clicking on the "Chat Now" box in the bottom right hand corner of their website.

The Bad

  • Guarantees
  • Selection size
  • Pricing

BloomNation currently does not have any guarantee, refund policy, return policy, or warrantee on any of their flower arrangements.

In some areas, the selection of floral arrangements is very minimal. If you live in a smaller town, it is most likely that you will have less than 50 floral arrangements to choose from.

Based off of comparing some of the one dozen rose bouquets to their competitions', their prices are higher. Overall, their prices of floral arrangements and bouquets were slightly higher than the average.

They do not provide customers with gift basket options at this time. They only provide floral arrangements.

They have not been in business for as long as most of their competitors. They were founded around 2011; so they have only been in business for around four years.

They do not offer consumers a mobile app for iOS or Android at this time. However, their site seems to be mobile friendly.

The Bottom Line

BloomNation is a reputable company that has a large following on their social media platforms. This shows that customers enjoy their services and support their business. Their customer satisfaction could be due to their willingness to be transparent, their live chat box which allows for immediate contact with customer support, or the fact that they do not have any delivery or service fees. However, their prices are slightly high and depending on the area you live in, their selection of floral arrangements can be small. If you live in a large city or are hoping to send flowers to someone who lives in a large city, BloomNation may be worth looking into.

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    February 13th, 2017

    I was satisfied with my purchase of flowers from Bloomnation, but a little disappointed. The arrangement, quantity, and quality of the flowers received was fine. However, the flower arrangement picture I ordered had white and different shades of purple for the color. The flowers that were received had a lot of orange, some peach, and a little purple. I know the florists have to work with what they have available, but I wish the flower colors of my order would have been a little closer to the picture. Overall, I would probably use again.

  • 1

    September 5th, 2016 Van Nuys, CA

    VERY DISAPPOINTED. I chose an arrangement for the combination of colors and the flowers. What was actually sent was a sparse, hastily put together, skeleton version, lacking overall in the colors shown in the photo. it was bad. I get that sometimes flowers aren't in season, but at the very least the florist could have substituted with flowers similar in color. What was sent only vaguely resembled the arrangement I chose. I felt embarrassed when I saw the florist's snapshot. I'm very upset, feel ripped off, and would not use this Bloom Nation again.

  • 10

    February 26th, 2016 Mckinney, TX

    I am a florist with bloomnation and live their concept! You get top quality florist and know exactly what you are getting because you chose it from that florist ability.

  • 1

    February 11th, 2016 Houston, TX

    This is not a reliable florist BLOOM NATION!! My order was not delivered as promised, order was placed weeks ago and the excuse was its Valentines Day so we are behind. This is unacceptable!!