Avas Flowers has been around for over 30 years and is currently headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. They are a family owned and operated business that delivers flowers and gift baskets nationwide. They offer arrangements for special occasions and holidays or "just because". They offer same day delivery and their customer service line is open 24/7.

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The Good

  • Ratings
  • Deals
  • Customer service


Each of Avas Flowers' products give customers the option to rate their purchase. This is very helpful to future customers. Future customers can look at the rating of each product to determine if they still want to go through with an order or floral arrangement. Avas Flowers contributes and donates to local organizations and nonprofits. They are currently a proud sponsor of many local nonprofits in their area.


They have a "Hot Deals" category that highlights all of their sale or discounted items. They currently have over 60 items on sale. Their website is business verified. Customers can feel confident that their purchase and personal information will be safe with a trusted company with an active "Trust Guard" approval. They have a 128 Bit SSL Secure Certificate. They have been a member with Trust Guard since 2011.

Customer Service

Their store is open 7 days a week with a customer service line available 24 hours a day. They have an informative flower wiki that informs and educates customers all about nearly every single flower that exists.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Live chat

Additional Fees

Although they claim that they have the lowest prices in the industry throughout their website, their prices, including all the additional fees, are higher than most of their competitors. Their delivery fees are pricey and they have too many additional and hidden fees that quickly add up.

Live Chat

They do not provide customers with a live chat option. If customers need to speak to customer service, they can call in during business hours or send in an email only. They do not accept returns, no matter the circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Avas Flowers is a family owned and operated business that has been around for a long time. They definitely have the experience and the ratings and reviews to prove it. However, most of the reviews we found about their company were poor. Since there were too many unhappy customers, we could not recommend Avas Flowers for your flower delivery needs. We suggest checking out our top recommended companies for better options.

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July 26th, 2017

All the horrible reviews are correct. After several days of screw-ups, flowers were ordered on Sat. for Monday, and when I tracked delivery discovered it was for the next Monday 9 days away! After several incredibly frustrating phone calls, in which I was repeatedly cut off after 15 - 20 minutes on hold, I finally got the delivery straightened out. When the flowers were delivered I found out they were horrible! Nine of the 17 stems were covered with mold and falling apart. I was sent photos showing a mass of falling apart rotting flowers, covered with clearly visible mold! After another nightmare getting to talk with someone on the phone I did get promised a refund, but I had to argue that I would NOT except a credit, and will NEVER do business with them again.


Tatiana Zuyeva

July 20th, 2017 Walled Lake, MI

NEVER order from Avas flowers ! WORST experience ever!! I order flowers for my daughter birthday in one week advance. Called day of delivery to confirmed and was told "out for delivery". She never got her flowers. Called next day and was told "the flowers OUT Of STUCK" !!! Never got any calls , email, messages. After wasting a lot of time on a phone got refund.


Kim Triebwasser

July 17th, 2017 Fargo, ND

I received a bouquet that was arranged as if a 5 year old did it and to top it off it was dead on arrival, For an additional charge I paid $4.99 for a colored vase that was not delivered. I called the company 6 more times and received 3 delivery confirmations over the following 5 days for the new bouquet they promised that was never delivered. I highly advise you not use this company for your floral needs.


Debbi Wilt

July 17th, 2017

Do NOT use Ava's Flowers! I work at a florist who has to deal with orders from Ava's Flowers and they are absolutely ridiculous. The consumer spends a mere fortune to send flowers to their friends/loved ones and Ava's only gives the receiving florist a fraction of the money they have paid. They charge for delivery...the delivery charge does NOT come to the receiving florist. Many orders are received days after the intended date of delivery (we received numerous Mother's Day orders from Ava's the day AFTER Mother's Day....orders that were requested to be delivered 1-2 days BEFORE Mother's Day). Many orders are sent that are impossible to deliver as requested, the receiving florist sends a message back to them, sometimes it is DAYS before Ava's responds. If you need to send flowers out of town, simply Google local florists in the area you are sending them to and call a florist direct. It will save you money, and eliminate the fraudulent middleman. You will be much happier with your purchase.



July 13th, 2017 Minneapolis, MN

Ordering flowers from this company for delivery is a joke. I ordered flowers more than 24 prior to the date of anticipated delivery. I chose to pay for the expedited delivery (have them delivered before 1pm) as the recipient would not be at work after this time. I also ordered a box of chocolate to go with the flower arrangement. I was told that I would receive a delivery receipt once the order was delivered. an hour before the 1pm deadline, I called to inquire about the status of the delivery (I wanted to make sure that it got delivered on time) Avas Flowers was unable to get a hold of the vendor they selected to fill this order. They assured me that it would be delivered on time. I called again 15 minutes before the deadline of 1pm and got the same response. At 4pm (3 hours after the 1pm deadline) I received an email stating the the delivery was made. At this time, the recipient was no longer at work. The recipient called her office to ensure that they were in fact delivered. They were, but without the chocolate. The receipt that was included in the confirmation email showed three charges, one for the flowers, one for the chocolates, and one for the expedited delivery. I called to ask for a refund, as this was totally messed up. Avas continued to try and get a hold of the vendor they used for this order, and continued to tell me they were unable to get a hold of them to follow up and get a refund. After several weeks of calling and emailing Avas, they finally refunded my chocolate charge and the expedite. This was helpful but not what I was asking for. My feeling is that the whole order should have been refunded. The recipient of the flowers was not able to actually get them from work until 4 days later after returning from vacation. What a joke, bad customer service, not on time, I would never use this company again, and would urge other to not make purchases from Avas flowers as well.



July 3rd, 2017

You don't know all the fees they rack on till the end. Be very careful before you hit the last button. When the bouquet was delivered even the local florist was embarrassed by how bad the arrangement was. How do they stay in business with all these bad reviews?


Catherine Reydel

June 27th, 2017 Brooklyn, NY

2 funerals ruined in 6 months. No call back. We were in tears. It was my 50 year old sisters funeral. A disgrace.


Shauna Taylor

June 25th, 2017 FL

Crooks!!!! Delivery was not what I ordered--Looked like they got something from the Dollar Store and delivered it to my mom Mother's Day 2017. Never stuck by their satisfaction guarantee!! Horrible Company!!!


Weldon Auld

June 21st, 2017

This company is an absolute joke. Nelson V was the agent that I had the absolute DISPLEASURE of coming into contact with. I have never been treated so rudely like my request did not matter at all until now. It is so sad that they do not train their agents better. I will NEVER use this company again for ANYTHING! I will be going directly to the florist in my town for anything that I need in the future. SAD SAD SAD If I could give negative 10 stars I would.


Ron Wildgust

June 18th, 2017

Customer service seems to come from a 3rd party, foreign(Indian, Pakistani perhaps Philipean)agency who have marginal knowledge of fluent english making it very very difficult to communicate. The price on the website was 49.95 but asking the price when I gave him all the info went to 107.00. After objecting it went to 73.00. After complaining more it went to 57.00. Delivery was promised by 2PM on June 15, 2017. When they did not arrive by 4 I got back on the phone to simply cancel the order to 42 minutes of absolute frustration. When I asked for the phone number of the Mahwah HDQ no one could give it to me, another 23 minutes on hold waiting for a phone number--I hung up and went to my CC company who gave me instruction on how to gain satisfaction. Terrible, terrible company on all levels.


Darline Boykin

June 11th, 2017

I received an email that the flowers had been delivered but they were not delivered on the day promised. I am not paying for them.



June 7th, 2017

I ordered sympathy flowers for our grandmother. They were not delivered on the day I ordered(6/5/17). I had to speak with two customer representatives(Dora and John) until I requested to speak to the manager. Larry (supervisor) told me he would give me 20% refund(which I never received) and he told me the following day(6/6/17) they would be delivered or I would get a phone call/email letting me know they were not received. They were not delivered and I had to call customer service again on 6/7/17; I was placed on hold for over 5 minutes and the representative Sam, told me the order was rescheduled for today. I asked to speak to a manager and she transferred me to an extension and the manager didn't answer! I had to ask to cancel my order and it took moving a mountain to try and get a refund!!! Save yourself the hassle and frustration do not use this company!!!! This company is a joke! This company is horrible at customer service! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!


Sandra Flores

June 7th, 2017 Fresno, CA

Do not use this flower shop/company. I spent $250 for two orders that should have been a 1/3 of the cost. Their prices are inflated! Buyer beware!!!! The price is not commensurate with the quality of the flowers/plant. The ratings are not accurate.


Susan Rooney

June 6th, 2017

My sons ordered an expensive flower arrangement for Mother's Day. I never received the flowers, but my son's credit card was charged. Luckily my son asked me if I liked the flowers several weeks later, after hurt feelings between all parties. Always order local!


D. Kocis

June 6th, 2017 Framingham, MA

TERRIBLE. Did not order from them, they are scammers. I paid for a $25 bear, they did not deliver it and would not refund it. I paid for a $49 flower arrangement, they sent a different arrangement and delivered it a day late. Customer service is in India, so they barely speak English and they are not helpful.


Tracy Horn

June 1st, 2017

I ordered 2 dozen roses for my mother's birthday. They never arrived and I had to call multiple times to even get an update. When they did arrive THE NEXT DAY, they were wilting and warm in this terribly packaged box. I googled local florists since I wanted to try to give a local business a try. They are a joke and to make it up to me they offered me $10 back. Seriously? I can't tell you how much I regret not using pro flowers or 1800flowers. At least my mother would have had cool, live flowers ON HER BIRTHDAY instead of warm wilting ones the day later.


Cheryl Ward

May 30th, 2017 Bloomingdale, IL

I ordered flowers for Mother's Day. The flowers arrived 4 days after they were suppose to, they were not the flowers I ordered, they were wilted and dying already when my mom got them. They were more expensive than if I had gone with another seller, I only ordered from ava's because I thought it was a LOCAL florist, it was not! I am completely not happy with this experience and will NEVER order from them again!


Chris May 22

May 24th, 2017 Easton, MD

The website claimed that the Rainbow bouquet was available for next day delivery, so an order was placed on Saturday. However, on the Sunday delivery date, their customer service called the sender to say they had been robbed and the delivery would not be done until Tuesday. The flowers that were delivered today looked like they had been dyed quickly and then packed in a shipping box which was delivered by UPS. The recipient opened the box and in the process of putting the flowers in a vase got dye all over his hands that he has not been able to wash off even after several attempts. In addition, the artificially dyed flowers smell funny and look unnatural and mangled. I would not recommend the arrangement, the quality or the questionable delivery excuse. Unless you want to send this bouquet as a tacky joke, I would not waste your money. I will be throwing these out. The thought behind the gift is appreciated, but not the quality or appearance of one of my two favorite flowers.



May 19th, 2017 Brighton, CO

DO NOT waste your money on Ava's Flowers. We ordered a bouquet that was to be delivered Sunday, Monday if unable. We received a call that they were overwhelmed with orders and that it would be delivered Tuesday and would be upgraded. Not only was it not delivered Tuesday, it was delivered Friday and not the same bouquet. When we were told "upgraded" we assumed a larger version of what was ordered. Apparently a dozen roses with nothing else is an "upgrade" to the large and full bouquet we ordered. And their solution to fix their lateness and total switch and in my opinion, downgrade of flowers was to give me a 15% discount and $10.00 store credit. I will never use them again!


Jennifer Hahn

May 17th, 2017 Sleepy Eye, MN

I submitted my order online and received confirmation. The following day I received and email that there was an issue and to contact the business. I called and was informed my delivery date would need to be rescheduled for the day after the set delivery. I agreed and was told I would receive a $10 refund for the inconvenience. The following day I received several emails from the company informing me that the delivery would be further delayed several days out and they had the wrong recipient name. I called the company and they told me that someone had manually changed the recipient name and delivery address and that delivery would be several days out. I explained that it was ridiculous, I expect the company to use the information I submitted with the order and not change the recipient, address, and delivery date. The associate offered to fix the issue but the delivery would still be several days out from the scheduled date. What a horrible way to run a company, process orders, and treat customers. I will absolutely NEVER utilize this company and will be sharing my concerns with other potential customers. Shame on this company for being so outlandishly irresponsible and unprofessional as well as incompetent. They need to find anther avenue to generate revenue.


Janele Barreiro

May 17th, 2017

DECEPTIVE AND UNETHICAL COMPANY Ordered flowers for Mother's Day for my mom and mother-in-law to be delivered this past Sunday, 5/14/17. The two separate orders were NEVER delivered. Not only did they ruin mother's day for my family but they refused to give me my money back and I am now out $162. This company is a LIAR and a THIEF. They stole my $162 dollars without providing or fulfilling any service. That in anyone's book is called stealing and is completely unethical and unlawful. They completely lie when they say they are one of America's Top rated local florists. They are NOT local, they are essentially a shady business with call reps in India who contract out work to local florists in the area the flowers are to be delivered. They also say that they are 'family-owned and have a staff of dedicated florists ready to design your order. That is a lie. Again, they contract out all orders so they have no idea who is making the order in the recipient's city. AND, not only that but the permanent banner on their website is misleading and a trap to order within 32 minutes as it says, "LAST MINUTE SALE, Free Delivery & up to 45% OFF, if you ORDER ONLINE NOW - While In STOCK - [Time Left to Buy: 32 Minutes]. It's always there, and it always says 32 minutes. If this is permanently on their website... how can it be a last minute sale? They do this so you can feel like you're getting a deal and you have to hurry to place your order. But you're not getting a deal; they're just swindling you. The customer service rep actually sounded frightened and said he wished he could help me but if he did anything he would be "in grave danger." What does that say about who owns this company and how this company is being run? Just check out how many people are upset on pissedconsumer.com: 3120 negative reviews and $1.2 million claimed losses. That is not okay. One floral shop owner posted this on the site, “This is how Ava's filled your orders. They take your money and offer a service that flower shops will not honor. We stopped taking orders on the 12th of May. Avas sent the orders knowing that could not be filled till a later date in hopes that you would take a discount or say its ok to send it at the later date. Ava's charges 5 bucks per color of bow, card etc... they also charge a service fee of 18.95 to 30.00. The only way we can stop this company is by not ordering from them and going to your local shop or calling a local shop in the town you want your flowers delivered in and by us the florist not accepting the order.'


Amber Pellegrino

May 17th, 2017

I ordered flowers to be delivered a day before Mother's Day. The day of delivery they let me know the delivery will be delayed. Then today, they informed me that they to not do delivery to the address anymore, and it will have to be overnighted by a different courier. They also didn't have the flowers that I ordered, and were just going to send something else. The customer service was horrible. I was put on hold and got disconnected multiple times. I cancelled my order, and I will never use them again!!!! This company is a disgrace!


Michelle Chambers

May 16th, 2017

I ordered an arrangement for my mom paid for express delivery and a full sized card. The card was a typical floral arrangement card, the flowers arrived 2 days later and was completely wilted within 2 hours of arrival. Mom was very disappointed.


Tom Jackson

May 15th, 2017 Bethesda, MD

Ordered flowers for Saturday before Mother's Day. Received an "urgent message" from Avas on Sunday evening. I called. They were unable to deliver the flowers. They gave many reasons including the heavy volume and a lack of stores in the area where they were to be delivered. They offered to deliver them the next day. I asked for a refund. I had two people try to convince me that I should let me deliver them the next day instead of asking for a refund. I was told by each of them that "every day is Mother's Day."


Kimberlyn Drew

May 15th, 2017

I called them to order flowers for Mother's Day on Friday, and was told they would be delivered either Friday or Saturday before Mother's Day. Then over the weekend, we received an email saying the flowers would be delivered on Monday. Someone left a message for me this morning (Monday) at 6:30 am my time, saying they needed a different phone number for the recipient as they could not get a hold of her, and that they needed it right away so they could deliver today. I called several times and waited on hold at least a total of 45 minutes! I finally got someone and politely tried to tell them that I had had a frustrating experience and the person HUNG UP on me! I have now sent them emails telling them to cancel the order, and I have called my credit card to dispute the charge.


Dan Fesperman

May 15th, 2017 Lutherville Timonium, MD

Awful. Three days late on delivery for Mother's Day. Knew they wouldn't be able to deliver on time but took my order (and money) anyway, and then only offered 10 percent discount when I called to complain (and only after waiting through more than 20 minutes of being on hold). They advertise themselves as "local" no matter where you're calling from, or where you're logging onto your computer, but are actually a nationwide operation based in NJ. Deceptive, poor service, and poor response to complaints. Pretty much all you could ask for in lousy retailing. Don't EVER do business with this completely terrible company.


Elyse Greenbaum

May 15th, 2017 Springfield, NJ

Stay away from Ava's florist at all costs. They are the worst. I ordered flowers for mothers day that I was promised would come on Saturday. They now say they will be delivered after mothers day. This is unaccepatable. Dont do business with them-horrible customer service


Shaina Galley

May 14th, 2017

I ordered a stellar bouquet of lillies, yellow roses, and some stunning blue and yellow flowers. My mother-in-law​ received a half dead lilly, 2 half dead yellow rose stems, red and white carnations, babies breath and some greenery. Instead of the big lux bow ties around the case I received a color and style of bow better suited to 'congratulations on your baby boy.' Multiple attempts at getting resolution isn't successful. I absolutely understand substitution but it's for flowers of equal or better value. Not carnations, not arranged like it's scraps (which it appears to be) from the warehouse floor. I also ordered the deluxe version. Pics to prove. I will make it my mission to make sure people understand this isn't a real local florist like it fronts to be. You're better off with 1-800-flowers or something else nationally ranked. I'm now off to find a new mother's day gift.


Debra Lewis

May 14th, 2017 Middletown, NJ

I ordered Mother's Day flowers. They looked nothing like I ordered or was described. I never thought someone could make flowers look ugly but they did. I asked Avas to tell me who made the arrangement and delivered the flowers but they wouldn't tell me. The arrangement looked like someone just shoved whatever was on the table in a vase and then filled in with cheap greenery. It made me cry when I saw it. Avas has offered me $10.00 refund and a $10.00 credit. So much for making the customer happy and satisfied. I will never use the credit because I can't trust them to do a good job.


Tina Haynie

May 14th, 2017

DO NOT USE AVAS FLOWERS RATED F BY BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Ordered flowers for my 80 year old mother in-law and received a text flowers delivered. My husband called the following day; my mother in-law never received them. Called Avas Flowers and they reported flowers were delivered and signed by "Eddie". No Eddie in our family or the tiny town my mother in-law lives in. Then the customer service rep told me my motther-in law could go get the flowers from Eddie. That conversation did not go well. Bottom line they said they would re-deliver the flowers. My father in-law received a call from the local florist telling him to come pick up the flowers as they do not deliver. The owner of the local florist happen to know my in-laws. Told her we paid $93.00 for the flowers she informed me they were allotted $66.00, Avas Flowers got a 27% cut. AVAS FLOWERS SCAMS AND NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. NOTICED ON THERE TWITTER MANY COMPLAINTS REGARDING DELIVERIES. They do not deserve one star, but a negative rating.


Carolyn S. Hughes

May 13th, 2017

Lies and different story each and every time that I spoke with their call center regarding my order. At this point, have no idea when the flowers will deliver. Was told that I had agreed to a variable delivery date of over three days and, astounded, asked the source for that information. The rep said that the customer okayed. I told her that the customer was me and that I had never requested nor agreed to that delivery timeline. She muttered on with something about one of the agents, that they were busy with Mother's Day orders (to which I replied that they had very poor project management skills as to not be prepared for Mother's Day and my order was not a Mother's Day bouquet), kept apologizing, and continued to read as if from a script! I clearly restated that my order was supposed to have delivered by 7 p.m. the day before, was told by a monitor that the deliver would happened by that time, and then asked for a supervisor. Was then told that the supervisor was at a late lunch and I would have wait until she returned for a call. That was over an hour and a half ago!!!! Would I ever use them again? Never? And would encourage anyone to stay away from them. Their online ad, listed as a local business located in my sister's town, drew me to them as I always like to use a local florist, call directly, and find out what is seasonably available. Didn't call (my mistake), instead placed the order online, and the headaches started. No confirmation e-mail. I called them and got a run around. Received text messages to respond to a urgent need. Called and the rep had not idea what or why I received the urgent text. What a runaround! They have my money; I don't have the product and have not idea when I will see delivery. Fraud is too light of a word to describe them. Their call center is awful. Warning to all: never, never use!!!!!!



May 12th, 2017

Never delivered my order and customer service is a nightmare - they wouldn't give me my money back even though they had no clue what happened to my order. Can't comment on how the flowers looked, because we never got them. Not sure how they're still in business


Debra Williams

May 4th, 2017

Arrangement delivered looked nothing like web photo which was ordered. Nearly $20 more than expected tops the ugly cake. My bad, should have researched this florist more throughly. So sad, what a rip off. Not to mention so embarrassing.


Kim Koller

May 4th, 2017 Cleveland, OH

I am disgusted with Avas Flowers. It has been a nightmare trying to get my situation resolved. I paid $97.90 for a dish garden with fresh flowers. It was supposed to come in a 2 foot basket with a nice handle. All was confirmed by the gentleman who took my order. I was embarrassed when I saw the planter at the funeral home. No fresh flowers, no basket, and there was a misspeling on the sympathy card. I was charged for a bow that also was not on the planter. When I sent them a picture to show them there was no bow, they said they would credit my account $4.10, but would do nothing about the missing flowers or basket. This company is fraudulent and I don't understand how they are allowed to continue running their business. There is NO satisfaction guarantee. I can't even get anyone to talk to me or return a phone call.


Gina Ricci

May 1st, 2017 Stonington, CT

I ordered a same day delivery for a funeral, 24 hours later no delivery. Over 2 hours on the phone with them only to get the run around and refusing to cancel the order. Claiming delivery but I called the funeral home and confirmed they did not deliver. They are very deceiving. This company is a scam. Buyer Beware!!!!


Mary Ewald

April 30th, 2017 San Marcos, TX

I ordered flowers for a funeral through Avas Flowers website. Not only did I Not get a confirmation email, but I had to call 4 times to talk to one of their "outsourced " customer service people. Their website distinctly shows a phone number to call right smack above my order number. I called that number first, only to reach an extremely irate " outsourced " person, who proceeded to yell at me and tell me that my order number was wrong and that she worked for Grandview Flowers!!! I was dumbfounded. So I began to wonder, what has happened to the $107 I just paid via credit card? I called a different contact number, which I had to really really search for, and told them my story. They were very apologetic but I'm still aghast. I sent them a screenshot of their website page with my order number and the weird number in plain sight above it. What they do with that info is their business, but I can see there seems to be a lack of oversight and monitoring of their own business. I will not order from them ever again, my experience was upsetting to be kind.



April 27th, 2017 Bridgeport, MI

Avas Flowers delivers nothing but headaches. I ordered flowers for a friend. I was told they would be delivered that day and that I would get a confirmation. After not receiving a confirmation I called back. Then I was told that they could NOT be delivered that day. At that point I asked for a refund since the delivery was very time-sensitive. It took me an HOUR on the phone and being passed from high pressure agent to agent four times before I got a refund. My advice ...Avoid this company at all cost!


Judith Barry

April 26th, 2017

DO NOT USE THIS FLORIST!!! I ordered flowers by phone and all information was repeated back to me and yet delivery was attempted in the wrong state! When placing the order I stressed the importance of these flowers arriving on time. The arrangement was guaranteed for delivery before 4pm and yet I wasn't called until 6:30 pm on the day of delivery to 'confirm' the address when they couldn't 'find' the building. (no wonder since they where attempting delivery in the wrong state.) I mentioned cancelling the order and was told the arrangement would be upgraded from a standard bouquet to a premium one at no extra cost. I agreed and the delivery was made the next day but was NOT upgraded and was in fact a pathetic little arrangement. My email was incorrectly recorded as well, so there were issues with obtaining a receipt. When I called to complain about the lack of upgrade they offered me 10% of my next order. I told them no thanks since I would not order from them again. Later that day I got a call from a supervisor offering me a $15 refund to my charge card. It is now a week later and this still has not happened. My advice is to NEVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY!



April 26th, 2017 Saint Paul, MN

Do not use this company! I ordered flowers on a Monday for a Saturday funeral. Everything seemed fine. Flowers were never delivered to the funeral. They claim that the local florist couldn't access the order but I never received any message that there was any issues. Tried cancelling the flowers as funeral was done but put on hold for REALLY long time while the agent tried to exchange it for a fruit basket or discount on mother's day flowers. Finally received my refund after 30 minutes talking to customer service and getting a run around. I will NEVER use this company again!


Lori Richards

April 25th, 2017

I ordered a big beautiful bouquet. Talk about bait and switch. They delivered a very small bunch of flowers.NOT worth the money. I feel like it is a scam. They will rip you off. And customer service is a complete and total joke...will keep repeatin the script no matter what you actually say. Paid over $80 bucks and received about a $20 bunch of flowers.


Amanda Landrum

April 24th, 2017 Silver City, NM

Avas Flower is flat out horrible!!! I dont recommend anyone ordering from here for busniess or personal! Still have made it right!!!! Ruined a very specail day which cant be redone!!!! DO NOT USE AVAS FLOWERS!!!!!


Jeffrey Ziegler

April 24th, 2017

Ava's flowers ads indicate that they are local - but they are not. The order process is a bit complex and then they follow up from a boiler room claimed to be in Mahwah. They confirmed what I had put in the order. and then 2 hours later said they could not find a local florist. I got off the phone with Mahwah and had my order placed with a local florist in 5 minutes. I the asked for my money back - but was told only a supervisor could do that. I asked that a supervisor call me and when none called with 3 hours, I put in an E-mail request - that was answered - but net - I had wasted several hours of my time. Never again


Andrea Radigan

April 24th, 2017 Ashburn, VA

Ordered flowers for my daughter's birthday on Sunday and was assured that they would be delivered on Sunday. Agent was very polite and helpful, I made it clear that if the flowers couldn't be delivered on Sunday that I didn't want to place the order. He assured me that they would be and said I would receive a call if there was a problem. At 8:30PM I called (clearly a call center) and was again assured that they would be delivered Sunday evening and that I would receive a $10 credit toward a future purchase. THEY WERE NEVER DELIVERED. I called the number on the website - again a call center - to cancel the order on Monday morning and was basically given all the operator kept saying was that they would upgrade the flowers and give me a $10 credit. After a lot of back and forth including her calling Avas I was finally issued a credit which will take 3-5 business days to process. A few "highlights"- NEVER recieved either of the $10 credit vouchers that I was told were emailed to me. The banner on the website on Sunday said they were having a flash sale and that there was 32 minutes left, well on Monday they same banner was still up INCLUDING "32 minutes left".They advertise themselves as a local florist however they are based in Mahwah, NJ and I was told I was dealing with a local florist in Glenside, PA. Overall NOTHING THAT I WAS TOLD ACTUALLY HAPPENED. SAVE YOURSELF TIME, AGGRAVATION AND EMBARRASSMENT AND TO ELSEWHERE WHEN YOU NEED FLOWERS


J Saunders

April 21st, 2017 MA

Ordered Easter flowers to be delivered before Easter which was confirmed by Avas. On the day of the delivery they said they could not deliver them due to too many orders and would deliver on first available date (no date given) and did not deliver flowers until Tuesday (3 days late and after Easter). They also delivered the wrong flowers and no vase, even though I paid for a floral arrangement in a vase. Then they refuse to issue a refund or even acknowledge that they had not delivered what had been ordered. Would never use them again.


Waldi Harris

April 19th, 2017 Boca Raton, FL

*Avas charged an unannounced $13.95 service fee after-the-fact. Oh but; delivery (even for same-day-delivery) is free; which was announced! *I wasn't able to cancel my order online once discovering this added charge. *The added charge is not even listed on the receipt Avas emailed; but only visible on the website after I paid - dishonest practice! *I was kept waiting on the phone for 21 min's on my first call to cancel and no-one even came back to address this issue. *I was unable to cancel and then...... *...... still no flowers! There is no response/solution to phone calls. Via email a halfhearted resolution was offered going back on a promise delivered to our voicemail!



April 18th, 2017

Did not call recipient as promised prior to delivering and left at door. First order was not as represented on website. It was suppose to be a gourmet basket and instead it was 3/4 fruit. Second order was flowers and they were ok but still did not call recipient prior to delivering as instructed to and as promised.


Victor Brunell

April 16th, 2017 Tallahassee, FL

I ordered an $85 arrangement of flowers from Avas for my grandmother to be delivered before 1 pm. The driver arrived at 8 pm, woke my grandmother up, and delivered the wrong arrangement of flowers. Avas refused to refund me or deliver the correct arrangement. They're crooks.


Tim and Patti B

April 13th, 2017

I ordered a nice Easter arrangement for my daughter who is in the hospital. It was supposed to come with Pink Lilies along with other nice flowers and a stuffed bunny and chocolate eggs. Her flowers are horrible! NOTHING like the description or picture. I have seen better arrangements at the grocery store! She got pink carnations and that is it! NO stuffed bunny and chocolate eggs. I called and was pretty much told to deal with it, it had already been delivered! DO NOT buy anything from this company!



April 7th, 2017

My husband was travelling to TN and celebrating his birthday alone. To make him feel good, I and my kids ordered flowers from Avas. What I ordered was "Touch of Brilliance Bouquet TBB-X" and what he received was not even close to it. I was charged for a full size greeting card and a bow also. There was no bow and the card was a very small card not even in an envelope while they show it in an envelope on their website. Out of my savings I spent close to $70 to make my husband feel good. Instead I cried looking at the flowers which were sent to him. I deeply regret my purchase and never ever in my life would recommend anyone to order from Avas.



April 5th, 2017 Tampa, FL

Worst company ever! I order flowers for my 5 yr old niece from Avas flowers. I paid for express delivery in which they guarantee delivery before 1:00pm. The flowers weren't delivered until after 4:00. which is fine, I can handle it...Things happen and I'm not unreasonable. The problem is, the picture that they are advertising on their website does not reflect the ones that were delivered. The flowers in the picture were full and beautiful. What I received was the complete opposite. After contacting them, they said that there was nothing they could other than come pick them up! So my 5 year old niece, who has no idea how hideous they are, wouldn't understand why someone would give her something and then take it back! I told them that the arrangement was so bad that I didn't want to pay for it at all! I did offer to pay for the teddy bear and balloon because there was nothing wrong with those items, however, I asked that the flowers be removed from my bill. They refused. This was false advertising at its best. on my bill it states: SAME LOOK AND FEEL AS PICTURE. I paid $88.91 for this. This should be illegal and after reading all these similar complaints...This company should be investigated. I contacted them personally and tried to work things out and they refused to work with me. I have pictures of the flowers that the company said I would be getting and of the ones I actually received. They lured me in with their false advertising! Disgusting! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!