Posted: | June 3, 2014

Flower Delivery

Need an Emergency Birthday or Get-well Gift? Here's 3 Reasons to Choose a Flower Delivery Service Online


From a vibrant spring bouquet, to a single dewy rose, flowers are the perfect gift to express many deep emotions, which makes it a great go-to option during emergencies. However, the inconvenience and limitations that come with traveling to the local florist prevents many people from purchasing flowers. Luckily, there lies a simple solution: order them through a delivery service! Here are 3 practical reasons to order by phone or online:

24/7 Service and Global Delivery

Store times and delivery limitations are issues of the past, as flower delivery services run all day and typically deliver around the world, proving convenient for: far-apart loved ones who wish to give each other presents for holidays or anniversaries; people who wish to send gifts to special occasions that cannot be attended; or for the whimsical sign of affection between one person and another. In addition, for the customers who need beautiful arrangements fast, it's common for delivery services to offer same day delivery and free shipping. It's as simple as calling a business (regardless of time of day and location), describing the desired arrangement, and letting them know when and where the purchase ought to be.

Wide Variety of Flowers

There's only so many flowers a florist's corner store can contain, resulting in a sometimes meager selection to choose from. When ordering from a delivery service though, specifically online, an entire catalogue of products is at your choosing. One can oversee all aspects of creating a bouquet-like floral colors, types, fillers, and packaging options-to arrange a gift exactly to his/her liking. Customers can even procure flowers that are out of season since companies, to ensure quality flowers at any time of year, have growers from all around the world. True, all of these options may bewilder a customer who lacks a keen eye for pleasant and appropriate flower arrangements, yet experts over the phone can guide said customer in his/her search for the perfect purchase. Diverse and large, delivery services' selections allow for nearly any combination of flowers that the customer can imagine.

Cheaper and Beneficial

Delivery services beat or at least match typical florists' prices because the latter has less resources to work with and usually makes less sales, resulting in a need to bump up prices. On a tight budget, the over-the-phone route is the best way, since customers can purchase bouquets and have them shipped for as little as $15-$20. Plus, this route negates all the unmentioned expenses of traveling to a shop, a venture that depletes precious time and money. Many flower delivery services-online or offline-know that benefits will attract customers, transforming them from one-time buyers to life-long patrons. So, these companies bestow things like free or discounted shipping and discounted purchases for long-time members, meaning continued usage of delivery services only helps you save as place more orders.

Ultimately, over-the-phone or online delivery services work best with the hectic schedules and tight budgets of today's society.


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