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LAST UPDATED: February 19th, 2020
Four years ago, good friends Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, both personal trainers as well as avid fitness and health gurus, decided to open a studio where they could teach their fitness techniques to others. Tone It Up was born, and the duo's company has grown substantially since, offering an array of classes, DVDs and nutritional programs.

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The Good

  • Many workout options
  • Nutritional plan
  • Great website
If you want a one-stop system that includes exercise and nutrition, Tone It Up is perfect for you. To begin with, the workout options are seemingly endless. There is a Total Body Toning workout, cardio, yoga, triathlon training, kettlebells and the Love Your Body Series. Additionally, there are workouts that specifically target abs, arms, legs, and "booty," as well as workouts designed to get in shape for bikini season or your wedding day. All of these workouts target specific areas of the body for optimal results in those areas. There are also nine Beach Body DVDs that participants can purchase and use at home away from the studio. These short videos were designed by Hodgson and Dawn themselves. The DVDs range in price from $29-39.00, and offer 3-4 hours worth of fitness routines to follow. Unlike other fitness programs, Tone It Up includes a nutritional component that can be added for a fee. The Tone It Up Nutrition plan includes 250 healthy recipes and a 5-Day Slim Down program. Program users may sign up for this component online, and participants receive their recipes via email in the form of PDF files. The nutrition plans have four options: Regular, Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian. The plan provides healthy eating options and allows users to track progress and record results. There are recipes for every meal, including desserts. The food is favorably reviewed and nutritious. If you like to dress the part, Tone It Up also has a fashion line, complete with swimwear, sunglasses, training gear, gym bags and more. Tone It Up's website was the most informative of all the fitness programs we reviewed. Every fitness workout is detailed, and numerous success stories are documented. There are recipes, nutrition programs, fitness and health articles, and fashion and beauty tips. The company maintains a dynamic community page where participants can connect and share experiences and highlights. This features a regularly-updated blog, in addition to a diary maintained by the founders, where they post company news along with their thoughts and feelings about fitness. The company also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The Bad

  • Better for those only losing a little weight
  • Expensive diet plan
Tone It Up's recipe component of the plan is not as detailed as the fitness portion, so you may be left with some unanswered questions as to why you're eating what you're eating. In addition, the nutrition plan is ideal for those with a small amount of weight to lose, so it might not be for you if your goal is to lose a lot of weight. Priced at $150.00 per month, the diet plan is expensive and much steeper than comparable plans. There is no book detailing the plan; rather participants have to print their own, which adds an inconvenient extra step.

The Bottom Line

We weren't very impressed by the nutrition programs, which are expensive, not geared for everyone and offer plenty of recipes but very little educational nutrition information. However, Tone It Up's fitness program lives up to the hype: if offers a variety of ways to work out, a large online community and specific goal-oriented plans.
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Nichole Hiatt Eagle Mountain, UT

I liked the Tone It Up workouts overall, my only complaint would be that they are more geared to slimming and toning, rather than building strength. The workouts were a great stepping block for me into weightlifting though.

1 year ago