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Body Beast is yet another sponsored program designed by champion bodybuilder, clinical nutritionist, and superstar fitness model, Sagi Kalev. This program focuses on weight training to a build a large and chiseled physique and burning body fat.

The Good

  • Designed for high intensity
  • Nutrition plan
  • Cardio and weight training

This program has been designed for optimal muscle stress and high intensity weight without the use of big, bulky weights. An innovative approach has been taken to gaining muscle and losing fat by dynamic set training of fatiguing and pre-fatiguing muscles exercises. Kalev incorporates progressive set training by doing 15 low weight reps, quickly followed by 12 medium weight reps, finishing the set with 8 heavy weight reps, each done one right after the other. After a 90 second rest period, the sets begin again in reverse, the heaviest weight first, finishing off with the lightest weight. He says this is an optimal method to accelerate muscle growth as well as fire up the metabolism. Customers will receive 4 DVD's featuring 12 dynamic set training workouts, along with an eating plan created to deliver optimal nutrition for these workouts.

The nutrition plan incorporated with the program is broken down into three separate phases: Phase 1 - Build, the learning phase, conditions the body and helps to alter habits to preparing individuals for the second phase; Phase 2, Bulk. In this phase, macronutrients remain the same as phase 1 at 25 protein, 50 carbohydrates, and 25 fats, however, it guides members to the proper recalculation of caloric intake based on the current conditioning of the body. In phase 3, Beast, another series of calorie recalculation is going to take place, as well as altering macronutrients to 40/30/30. As many of us know, a lean healthy body can be attained following the 80/20 regimen - 80% diet, 20% exercise. The eating plan is simple, providing a list of foods that can be eaten during the program along with recipes.

We like that this program incorporates cardio in the mix even if the workout plan is solely to build and bulk bodies. This allows for optimum heart function, as well as the tried and true method to burning unwanted fat.

The Bad

  • Incorporates dumbbells
  • Requires other equipment

This program incorporates dumbbells which not everyone may have and can cost $200+ for a full set. Although that's not to say consumers are unable to find used ones in their local online marketplaces or on, for example. Additional products needed are a curl up bar ($61.91), weight plates, lifting bench ($224.90) or stability ball ($48.90), chin-up bar ($74.80) or resistance bands ($46.85) or with door attachments ($55.90). These products are sold on and ring in over $513, not including the weight plates, which consumers must purchase elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

The Body Beast can be described as a legitimate at home program with more motivational information and support than some of its competitors have to offer. It helps members clearly understand the principles outlined in this program by providing ample educational materials, tools, and online support anyone could need to build mass and define the body. Our biggest concern is the cost to complete this course as the equipment needed can add up rather quickly. If this is not a factor, then this product is certainly one worth considering should a bodybuilder physique be the goal.


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