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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2020

Tempo is a fitness technology company that provides a comprehensive at-home fitness studio that is designed to help users take their workouts to the next level with the help of advanced technology and experienced personal trainers. 

In terms of workout performance, the Tempo Studio tracks customers’ workout forms and heart rate, counts their reps, recommends weights, and more. 

Tempo provides clients with all necessary workout equipment — most or all of which appears to be stored in the Tempo Studio itself. This ultimately allows clients to have a relatively gym-free home space when they aren’t working out. The Tempo Studio is six-feet tall, has a three-square foot footprint, and weighs 100 lbs, which makes it easy to fit within a common living space. 

The company recognizes that proper workout form and technique is essential to getting better, stronger fitness results. Tempo Studio implemented 3D motion sensors and A.I. technology that analyzes 25 of the body’s essential joints in order to help customers correct and maintain their form in real time. 

Tempo features hundreds of pre-loaded workout classes that customers can take advantage of when they purchase the Tempo Studio.

Additionally, the company offers customers the option to pay for a membership service that gives them access to live, on-demand classes, one-on-one coaching, personalized feedback, and more. 

Those interested in Tempo should note that the company charges a fairly high price for its Tempo Studio product and does charge extra for its membership service and delivery. Potential customers, however, should know that Tempo offers a helpful financing option which allows qualified customers to pay $55 per month for 36 months with $0 down. 

Read on to learn more about Tempo’s all-in-one home fitness studio program, coaches, financing, warranty policy, refund policy, and more. 

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The Good

  • Tempo Vision Technology 
  • Financing and Refund Options  
  • Tempo Studio Product Details 
  • Coaches and Classes 

Tempo Vision Technology 

As mentioned previously, Tempo features advanced technology in terms of 3D motion sensors and artificial intelligence (A.I.). This technology, known as Tempo Vision Technology, gives users the ability to obtain detailed notes and information in real time. 

According to the company’s website, Tempo Vision Technology, “captures motion by emitting pulses of infrared light 30 times a second.”

Once the motion is captured, Tempo Vision creates a 3D model of the user’s body which showcases up to 80,000 individual points. Next, Tempo Vision takes the 3D model and focuses on 25 joints in the body, maps the body, and tracks the user’s equipment motion. After analyzing the user’s body and movements, Tempo Vision then provides personalized notes and form tips that are “specific to each exercise.” 

In terms of user privacy, the company clearly states on its website that “Tempo Vision only sees an unrecognizable skeleton and doesn’t capture any interiors” of the user’s home. 

Tempo also provides a detailed privacy and legal terms page on its main website that discloses how the company obtains and uses customer information. Customers are also notified if there are any changes made to the company’s privacy policy. 

Financing and Refund Options  

The Tempo Studio costs a total of $1,995 which does not include tax, delivery, or membership fees. This total price may seem too steep for some, which is why the company offers a 36-month financing option. 

The company’s website promotes that customers can finance Tempo for as low as $55 per month for 36 months with $0 down. Customers can only achieve this rate if they qualify for 0 percent APR. 

When it comes to financial commitment, Tempo helps new customers by providing a 30-day refund. Those who are not satisfied with Tempo Studio can return the product within 30 days to get a full refund minus shipping costs. 

Additionally, the company’s website states that “every Tempo Studio is covered by a three-year limited warranty.” Those who wish to learn more about the company’s warranty, financing, and refund policies can visit the company’s website and/or contact Tempo’s customer support. 

Tempo Studio Product Details 

According to the company’s website, each Tempo Studio package includes the following equipment: 

  • Two 7.5lb dumbbells  
  • One 25lb barbell 
  • Six collars 
  • Four 10lb plates
  • Four 5lb plates
  • Four 2.5 lb plates
  • Four 1.25lb plates 
  • One heart rate monitor
  • One workout mat
  • One recovery roller

In terms of technology, Tempo Studio includes the following: 

  • 42-inch HD touchscreen
  • 10th gen i5 processor
  • 60w stereo speakers with bluetooth enabled
  • 3D time of flight motion sensor
  • High tensile aluminum frame

The company’s website provides that the Tempo Studio is 6-ft. high and weighs 100 lbs. As mentioned previously, the Tempo Studio costs a total of $1,995 and customers can choose to purchase it in either white or black. 

When a Tempo Studio is purchased, the company has a white glove delivery team that will “deliver, unbox, place, and set up” the Tempo Studio within the customer’s home. 

Again, each Tempo Studio product comes with a three-year limited warranty and customers can return the Tempo Studio within 30 days if they are not satisfied with the product. 

Coaches and Classes 

In addition to advanced technology, Tempo Studio features a few experienced coaches/personal trainers that can help users in real time. 

According to the company’s website, the Tempo coaches include: 

  • Bryan Fobbs — NASM CPT who has a specialty in performance enhancement and experience as an Orangetheory trainer. 
  • Natalia Roberts — NASM CPT who has several fitness certifications including Barre, TRX, and more, as well as an extensive dance training background. 
  • Clarence Hairston — Military vet and NASM CPT at Barry’s Bootcamp. 
  • Melissa Boyd — NASM CPT who has over a half-dozen fitness-related certifications. 
  • Cole Charlton — Multi-sport athlete, trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, and private NASM CPT who works with elite D1 athletes. 
  • Trish Poulose — Daughter of national-level India basketball players, NASM CPT at Barry’s, competitive boxer, and handball player. 

Potential customers can visit Tempo’s website to learn more about each coach and their fitness backgrounds. Along with experienced coaches, Tempo offers a variety of fitness classes that users can participate in. Tempo provides strength classes, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes, mobility classes, cardio classes, and recovery classes. 

The studio also offers Tempo challenges which give users the opportunity to test their physical strength as well as endurance. 

Customers can pay $39 per month for the Tempo Studio membership which includes live, on-demand classes and “personalized AI-powered training.” 


The Bad

  • High Cost 
  • Additional Fees
  • Space Required

High Cost 

The Tempo Studio costs a total of $1,995 which does not include tax, coaches, the company does charge a fairly high cost for its base Tempo Studio product. delivery, or membership costs. 

Tempo does offer a financing option which allows customers to pay $55 per month for 36 months with 0 percent down, however, customers can only obtain this financing option if they qualify for 0 percent down, which some customers may not be able to qualify for. 

Additional Fees 

As mentioned above, the Tempo Studio product costs a total of $1,995 and does not include the costs of delivery, tax, or membership fees. 

Customers who purchase a Tempo Studio product must make additional payments to cover those fees. Potential users should also be aware that the company’s refund policy does not cover shipping costs. 

Additionally, Tempo will only offer no-charge packing and shipping for returns if the user returns the Tempo Studio because of a defect issue. 

When returning for other reasons, the company states that customers “are responsible for paying between $250 and $350 USD, depending on location, for all associated packing and shipping costs.” 

Space Required 

In order to effectively use the Tempo Studio at-home fitness program, customers must have a clear workout space of five feet in front of the Tempo Studio in their home. 

A lack of this amount of space may exclude some potential customers from purchasing the Tempo Studio product since some customers may reside within smaller living spaces. 

Many customers, however, may not have to worry when it comes to space requirements, especially if they measure their workout space before making a Tempo Studio purchase.


The Bottom Line

Tempo offers an all-in-one fitness studio program that is designed to help users interact with trained coaches in real time, learn more about proper workout techniques and forms, and more without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Technology-wise, Tempo has quite a bit to offer. The at-home fitness studio features 3D motion sensors and A.I. technology that allows users to obtain detailed metrics and individualized assistance from personal trainers. 

Additionally, the Tempo Studio comes with a 42-inch HD touchscreen, 10th gen i5 processor, 60w stereo speakers that are bluetooth enabled, a high tensile aluminum frame, and more. 

Although Tempo Studio offers one-on-one coaching services and uses advanced technology to capture user’s motions and create 3D body models, the company states on its website that it takes user privacy seriously. According to the website, “Tempo Vision only sees an unrecognizable skeleton and doesn’t capture any interiors” of the user’s home. 

Tempo Studio comes with several different types of workout equipment including barbells, dumbbells, collars, and plates, and also comes with a heart monitor, workout mat, and a recovery roller. 

According to Tempo’s website, the Tempo Studio can be purchased in either white or black. The studio product itself is six-feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. The company states that customers need to have at least five feet of open workout space in front of the Tempo Studio. Tempo does offer white glove delivery and has a team that will deliver, place, and set up the Tempo Studio product within each customer’s home. 

Due to the Tempo Studio’s costs and space requirement, potential customers may want to make sure to measure their home workout space and consider their budget for workout-related costs before purchasing a Tempo Studio. 

The Tempo Studio also appears to hold most, if not all, of the workout equipment it comes with. This allows users to have a relatively workout-free living space when they are not actively using the Tempo Studio. 

In addition to the Tempo Studio equipment, Tempo offers a $36 per month membership that customers can pay for to obtain on-demand classes and personalized A.I. training. 

The company also offers a variety of fitness classes that are taught by experienced coaches/personal trainers. The classes customers can take include strength classes, HIIT classes, mobility classes, cardio classes, and recovery classes. Users can also take Tempo challenge classes to test their strength and endurance. 

In terms of coaches, the company provides information about each coach’s fitness qualifications and backgrounds directly on its website. All of the coaches who lead Tempo Studio classes are NASM Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) who have long-term experience within the fitness industry. Each coach can provide personalized form notes and tips based on what Tempo Vision Technology provides. 

Although the Tempo Studio costs a total of $1,995 which does not include additional tax, delivery, or membership costs, the company does offer a financing option of $55 per month for 36 months with 0 percent down for those who qualify. 

The company offers a three-year limited warranty and a 30-day refund policy to those who are not satisfied with their Tempo Studio product. Potential customers should note, however, that the company does not refund shipping costs and that Tempo may not cover shipping and packaging costs for returns that are not related to product defects. These costs can run anywhere from $250 to $350 USD. 

Those who are interested in Tempo’s at-home, comprehensive fitness programs, can visit the company’s main website and contact the company directly to learn more about the Tempo Studio, membership, classes, coaches, warranty, technology, etc.

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