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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
SurfSET Fitness was born in 2007 when founder Mike Hartwick decided to incorporate his love of surfing into a workout system. Mike was an avid surfer and he loved the way his body looked after a summer of surfing. Having been a hockey player as well, Mike found that frequent surfing give him a better workout than anything he had ever experienced, including his intense hockey workouts. This led Mike to develop a fitness program that utilizes surfing movements to strengthen, burn calories and build lean muscle. Today, SurfSET classes can be found in gyms and clubs across the US, as well as at various hosted private events and international fitness locations.

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The Good

  • Unique experience
  • Burn lots of calories
  • Solid social media presence
SurfSET is the most unique of all the fitness programs we reviewed and, no, you don't need to be a surfer to benefit from this surfing-inspired workout. SurfSET focuses on three main areas to get you fit: core strengthening, fat burning and building lean muscle. The program features four 45-minute classes you can take:
  • Balance, a yoga-inspired class designed to build core strength, stability and flexibility
  • Burn, a high-intensity fat-burning workout
  • Build, a strength-building workout that utilizes resistance circuit training
  • Blend, a combination of the above three workouts
Each class is done on a specially-designed SurfSET board to maximize the the surf-like workout experience. The board is designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. You'll have to engage core, arm, leg and back muscles to stay on the board while executing your workout. The company says you'll burn 400-900 calories per class, and that you'll start seeing results after your first two classes. If you can't get to the gym to enjoy a SurfSET class, you can buy your own board and enjoy the complimentary subscription to virtual classes that comes with it. Although SurfSET's website doesn't feature a community page or blog, the company does have a solid social media presence. Follow SurfSET on Facebook or Twitter to stay connected and motivated.

The Bad

  • Workout is on a surfboard
  • Expensive classes
If you don't like the idea of working out on a surfboard, SurfSET isn't for you - the program is exclusively surf-based and doesn't offer any alternative classes. In addition, if you have any major mobility problems, you may find difficulty getting onto or off the board. The classes aren't cheap, either: if you attend SurfSET at a gym or a club, you'll pay about $45.00 per 45-minute class. If you take two SurfSET classes each week, you'll be paying $360.00 a month. This is by far the highest class price we came across while researching fitness programs. If you can't find SurfSET classes near you, purchasing the specialized board for in-home use will put a dent in your wallet - it costs a whopping $550.00! Storing the board is another challenge: it's about 70" long and 11" high. If you're planning to work out in a tiny studio apartment, you may want to opt for a fitness program that doesn't require such large equipment.

The Bottom Line

SurfSET is a fun, unique departure from traditional fitness programs that promises well-rounded results. However, the steep costs may drown your wallet.
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