P90X is another beachbody.com supplied fitness program led by celebrity personal trainer, Tony Horton, as a successor to Power 90. This program was designed to take already fit individuals to the next phase of physical endurance and performance.

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The Good

  • Great workouts
  • Nutritional food guide

What we enjoy about this program is that it works. If you put in the time, it works. The moves are simple, not to be confused with easy, and individuals can get a solid, gym level workout in the comfort of their own homes, without the fear judgment or embarrassment by not being able to complete the moves as others so. We enjoy Tony Horton because he is fun to workout with, keeping members motivated, on track, and adding his own sense of humor lightening things up.

The nutritional food guide has “real” foods that can be easily found, even in some of the smallest of residential areas. Recipes are included, taking the guess work out of what, and how, to prepare. Members may also be please to find their blog and community support websites also have an array of health and nutritional advice ranging from more recipes to the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

While the price can seem a little daunting, in the end, we found it to be quite fair for what comes in the package. The largest package totaling $369.45 includes:

  • 12 DVD’s, including introductory video
  • Nutritional guide filled with recipes
  • Detailed fitness plan and calendar
  • Support group access
  • 30-day supply of their post workout drink
  • 3 resistance bands
  • 5 additional “Plus” workouts
  • Power Stands (equipment)
  • Chin-up bar

When incorporating each of these factors into a fitness routine, consumers may find this is worth more than paying monthly fees at a gym.

The Bad

  • Long and strenuous
  • Long fitness program

We get that working out can be a chore, especially in the beginning of a fitness plan. Lacing up those sneakers is one of the hardest things to do. Within P90X members will find workouts can be long and strenuous, especially for novice performers which this program is not recommended. Workouts range from one hour to one and half hours with some complaining the length of time to complete one workout is simply too much, stating half the workout delivered similar results. Also, to get all the extra and exclusive features, members must make their purchase from beachbody.com, leaving those searching for a less costly option out of the circle.

The Bottom Line

P90X’s program is not for the faint of heart. Daily workouts can stretch up to an hour and half, although it’s possible to complete half the workout, if time is a factor, while still reaping the benefits of a good routine. For some it may seem costly, however after crunching some numbers, we found it is worth the price. For those who want to focus on dropping pounds of fat while building muscle and gaining strength, all in a rigorous 6-day a week plan, this is certainly an option to consider.

Time in Business:

12 years. P90X was first released in 2003.

Price: Monthly price? Per class price? Subscription price?

There are three separate product offerings. Each may be purchased in three monthly installments, including shipping and handling charges:

  • P90X Base –$139.80, including the $19.95 shipping charges. (3 x $39.95)
  • P90X Deluxe – $274.60 including the $34.90 shipping costs (3 x $79.70)
  • P90X Ultimate – $369.45, including the $39.90 shipping cost (3 x $109.85)

Features: Cardio, Dance, strength? What does their program focus on?

This program focuses on building muscle and strength, with cross training to develop strong total body conditioning, while incorporating fat burning cardio routine within this 12 disc series.

Motivation: Community and Support: Is there a community to lean on for support?

Because P90X is supplied be beachbody.com, those who purchase from the site will have access to a community support group called Team BeachBody. Members will receive access to message boards, chat rooms, individual coaches, and a private message center to help encourage and keep motivation at its peak.

Diet Nutrition Advice: Do they offer any diet/nutrition planning or advice?

The P90X Nutrition Plan is a 3 phase plan filled with scientific and educational information, almost guaranteeing members success if they follow the plan. This plan is customizable to suit the needs of anyone with allergies or gluten intolerances. Also as part of Team BeachBody, members will enjoy access to their blog, filled with nutritional advice and an abundance of recipes. Those who purchase this product on any market place other than beachbody.com, may not get the nutrition plan as part of their order.

Accessibility: Online, How many gyms are accessible?

12 workout DVD’s come in this package, which may be easily performed in the comfort of each members home. Many have expressed they enjoy this aspect of home workout systems, as they are able to avoid the shame or embarrassment of training in a gym should they not understand how to use a piece of equipment.

Time Commitment: Few times a week; whenever you want?

In order to reap the full benefits of this exercise program, members must follow a calendar outlining the workouts and days of the week each is to be performed. This program requires workouts be done 6 days a week.

Health and Accurate Information: Do they provide any informational materials to help users?

A fitness guide is included in each purchase which outlines the program, how to do it, and how to customize it to suit individual needs. The Beachbody Blog is also a tool members may utilize to research and become educated on health related topics such as nutrition, fitness, performance, lifestyle, and even success stories to keep members motivated. One good read is Autumn Proves Eating Healthy Is Not More Expensive, showing us ways to incorporate healthy choices on a budget.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    June 12th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    My fiance and love P90X. The workouts are super hard and they always leave you feeling great about yourself. And now there is a website where you can stream P90X videos for free.

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  2. User Score


    June 12th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    This is as decent exercise program that produces results. However, Tony talks way to much. I would finally just mute his voice.

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