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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019 has been a source for many workout trainers, gurus, and trainees alike. Jamie Eason has launched a 12 week training course called LiveFit, focusing on a science-based approach combining a workout plan, nutrition, and supplements helping members to meet their fitness goals.

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The Good

  • Designed for women
  • Easy phases
  • Community support online
Jamie Eason's LiveFit program is focused on getting females fit and healthy. It has been developed and broken down into three phases. Each phase is centered around an approach of combining training, nutrition, and her signature series supplements called Lean Body For Her. Within this signature series, consumers will find 100% natural-food based multi-vitamins, her anti-bloat formula which acts as a natural detoxifier, and her gluten/lactose free whey protein isolate. Each phase of the program is focused on setting small goals, leading to the ultimate completing of the 12 week program. A downloadable calendar with the LiveFit, 3 phase program, outlines which moves to perform on each days of the week. This program incorporates muscle strengthening moves, targeting each individual muscle group, as well as integrating cardio, strengthening the heart and lungs while keeping bodies lean. Phase 1 helps to create a habit of working out and eating clean, while incorporating weight training. Phase 2 is meant to is for jump starting a cardio routine, focusing on burning fat to reveal the progress set in phase 1 while increasing muscle building with an intense routine set. Phase 3 was developed strictly for fat burning, while maintaining or preserving as much muscle as possible. The first two weeks of phase 3 are intense muscle building moves, moving into the last 2 weeks with single muscle group routines and five days a week of 30-40 minutes of cardio. Community support is offered within BodyGroup, where members can communicate their progress, get advice, track progress, find nutritional tips, and much more, helping to keep determination high. The group forum is free for anyone to use. Simply sign up with a valid email address or log in via Facebook. Many other health related articles can be found under the "Articles & Videos" category at the top of the home page. Educational information is abundant and trainees from all walks of fitness levels will find relevant information to meet their unique fitness needs.

The Bad

  • Requires gym equipment
  • Mobile app issues
  • Website cluttered with ads
We enjoyed the all total body focus of this program, however, unless members already have gym style equipment in their homes, this program requires a gym and various other types of equipment, such as dumbbells, which may be out of many consumers' budgets. Members complain of the Body Space App not performing properly, although we saw no mention of the app within the member site. Some members have opted to track their nutritional intake and workout plan within MyFitnessPal. Also, we have found each website page to be highly cluttered with ads, videos, articles, and while the information is relevant, it is highly repetitive.

The Bottom Line

This is a workout plan starting roots on, taking an approach to changing lifestyles and habits, rather than focusing on pure physique. While this program and all of its signature supplements are centered for females, it's not to say males would not be able to perform this routine as well, while taking alternate supplements. This program requires gym memberships or equipment, which can be costly, but reasonable for the results rendered. This is truly a program with science-based approach implementing principles which work for everyone while allowing anyone to work at their own pace and level.
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