Many people have seen the infomercials on this total body transformation program and millions have responded by attempting it. Insanity is a 60 day, two-phase, full body, core conditioning workout program created by former track-and-field star, now celebrity fitness trainer, Shaun T, with a bold promise to deliver one year worth of results in as little as 60 days.

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The Good

  • Body condition
  • Nutrition plans

This program was created to deliver gym like results only by utilizing the body for conditioning. Gyms or fitness accessories such as weights and resistant bands are not required. Members will receive a 9 DVD disc series incorporating every part of the body on alternate days, with a schedule of 6 days a week.

This program is fairly priced for the results it promises to deliver. Customers purchasing this program will receive two bonus workouts: Shaun T’s Fit Test, providing members an assessment of their current condition, and Core Cardio and Balance, for additional sports-ready conditioning. Along with the DVD’s, members will receive access to a support helping them stay motivated along their fitness journey. Also included is a nutrition plan with recipes and educational information on the what, why, how’s, and when to eat providing a clear path to the science behind nutrition and workouts.

At one time this program offered a 30 day money back guarantee should members be unsatisfied with their results or any other portion of the program. Now, they have extended this guarantee to a full 60 days, allowing members to complete the entire program. Members who have completed the full 60 day course have the option to send in before and after pictures along with the receipt, packing slip, a personal picture with the Insanity kit, and the credit card statement which will render them a T-shirt sating “I Earned It.” On the homepage there is a link with the entry form. Many Insanity members have chosen to do this as a way to motivate them to complete the course, as the T-shirt can be compared to a trophy for their dedicated efforts of accomplishment.

The Bad

  • Limited meditational material
  • Intensity level of program

One of the greatest downfalls to this program is there are minimal educational materials offered, as Shaun T has stated he wants to “see you ripped, not reading.” This may not be a huge disappointment for intermediate athletes, who have mastered the whys and hows. However for novice performers, instructional information and guided materials would be handy tools to get them through such a rigorous routine.

Another potential downfall is the intensity level of the program. This is truly an intense training program not designed for everyone. It has been formulated for intermediate and advanced fitness level performers. It is not uncommon for novice performers to injure themselves while attempting these workouts. Hamstrings will get strained, weak knees will become weaker, lungs and hearts can pump so fiercely that medical attention is required. During our first attempt at this program a couple of years ago, we found that it was challenging just keeping up during the warm-up session. Heart rates were sky high and soaking sweat levels kicked in within 2 minutes. The next few days were excruciating. We cannot reiterate enough that it is imperative to be in some sort of healthy endurance and physical shape before beginning this program. For those who wish to disregard this message, we highly suggest consulting a physician before undergoing this workout and nutritional program.

The Bottom Line

After our research and attempts at this product we find it to be considerable for intermediate and advanced training level performers. The intensity is insane, as promised in the title of the program, only taking 60 days to complete a full round with results to show for. With the amount of product coming in this package, we find it to be fairly priced and could meet many personal budgets.

Time in Business:

6 years. Insanity was first released 2009.

Price: Monthly price? Per class price? Subscription price?

This 60 day program totals $144.80, which is billed in full or in 3 monthly installments of $39.95 with an additional $24.95 shipping and handling fee.

Features: Cardio, Dance, strength? What does their program focus on?

Insanity focuses on total body conditioning incorporating intense cardio, plyometrics, and intense interval training.

Motivation: Community and Support: Is there a community to lean on for support?

When members join the team via Insanity, they will receive online support from thousands of other customers with similar goals. Members may also be involved with live chats from Shaun T, helping to keep motivation at a high.

Diet Nutrition Advice: Do they offer any diet/nutrition planning or advice?

Shaun T has helped create a dietary plan to be incorporated along with the intense 60 day program. The Elite Nutrition Plan comes as an added bonus, filled with 60 days worth of meals and menus, when members purchase the program.

Accessibility: Online, How many gyms are accessible?

There are no gyms, embarrassing weekly weigh-ins at a public office, or group classes to attend. This 9 disc workout series is accessible in the comfort each member’s own home.

Time Commitment: Few times a week; whenever you want?

This programs routine is set for 6 intense weekly workouts, Mon-Sat with each session timing in between 35 and 50 minutes.

Health and Accurate Information: Do they provide any informational materials to help users?

Creator, Shaun T, has made it clear that this program is “not a book club.” Included in this package is a Quick Start Guide with a ten-minute tour as to how the program works and if it is right for the purchaser. Any other information may be found in the Elite Nutrition Plan or within the Community Support Forum.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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    October 21st, 2016 Lyndhurst, NJ

    Beachbody and Insanity are absolutely the best thing in the world! The program does so much good and you don’t need any weights to do it. I can do it right in front of my television in the comfort of my own home at any time day or night. This is legit the best product I’ve ever used. So far, I’m down about 30 lbs and I couldn’t have done it without Shaun T. He’s amazing!!

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