Posted: Abbey Dufoe | April 17, 2015

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Jawbone UP4 fitness tracker shipping with payment capabilities

Say you headed out on a run without your wallet, but you need to buy a water bottle, or something else, on your way home.

In perhaps a genius move by Jawbone, their new UP4 line of fitness trackers will ship with an NFC chip inside, allowing the wearer to make payments via American Express. These payments would be made through air pay devices in certain stores, according to Mashable.

The UP4 touts an embeddable NFC chip that makes the transaction process possible. AmEx credentials are added into the existing Jawbone app. While the UP4 will feature a small contactless logo on the wristband, the prototype shown in the above images doesn't include the icon for now. (Mashable)

The UP4 band comes out this summer and costs $199, a $20 up-charge from their current fitness band the UP3 ($179.99). The UP4 seems to have appeal with consumers, considering the new fitness tracker is smaller, lighter, and less-expensive than other smart watches and fitness bands of the same caliber.

Jawbone unveiled the UP3 in fall of 2014, which replaced Jawbone's UP24 band.

Meanwhile, the company is phasing out the UP24 with the much slimmer UP2 ($99), a beautiful, sleek device that is 45% smaller than the predecessor. (Mashable)

All new Jawbone devices come with the upgraded "Smart Coach" software, which not only collects data on sleep patterns, heart rate, and distance traveled, but shows the user how they compare to others as well as provides suggestions on how to improve their health, wellness, and fitness plan.


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