Posted: Abbey Dufoe | February 27, 2015

Fitness Programs

FitBit in talks to buy fitness app startup FitStar

Wearable fitness tracker Fitbit, which has arguably taken over the wearable fitness tracker market over the last year, is in talks to buy a fitness app called FitStar, according to TechCrunch.

FitBit has it's own app that tracks your steps taken, calories burned, calories eaten, water consumption, and sleep cycles. You can also challenge other FitBit users! The tracker allows third-party app usage, but doesn't jive with Apple's new HealthKit.

FitStar, which is worth $25 to $40 million in cash and stocks, would add to the fitness party:

"FitStar makes a series of fitness and yoga apps that provide personalized workout programs for users. Those apps include high-quality video workouts led by celebrity fitness trainers to help motivate users to get in shape. Over time, its apps track the exercises users take part in and adapts to their strengths (and weaknesses)."

TechCrunch hypothesizes that FitBit is trying to compete with HealthKit and the new apps that come about once the Apple watch hits stores in April.

Do you have a FitBit, or are you an Apple nerd? Do you want both? Which way will you lean when the Apple Watch hits stores?


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