Posted: Abbey Dufoe | March 24, 2015

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FitBit adds biking workout to Surge fitness watch

A small, but important, update to FitBit's Surge fitness watch was rolled out this week.

According to VentureBeat, the fitness tracking company, added biking/cycling workouts to their Surge fitness watch. Surge features heart-rate tracking, GPS, distance, duration, heart rate, average speed, and calories burned. The Surge is a wearable fitness smart-watch that costs $250.

For the biking element, FitBit users can see duration, distance, calories burned, and time in heart-rate zones on their app dashboard after every ride.

"Bike-tracking is something Fitbit users have been asking for, and we're proud to deliver this amazing feature that will continue to help Fitbit users reach their health and fitness goals," the company said in a message to VentureBeat." (Venture Beat)

This week, FitBit will also introduced the ability for users to pair multiple devices to a single account, which could be useful if users have the Surge watch along with a FitBit Flex or Charge everyday fitness gadgets. The new software also recognizes when you switch between your gadgets! TechCrunch predicts this will help FitBit sell more products.

"The key to Fitbit's long term success lies in selling devices. This update essentially doubles the company's potential market since now a Fitbit user can now buy and use more than one tracker at a time." (TechCrunch)


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