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Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  June 4, 2015

A month after FitBit filed for an IPO, they released their plans for share prices. According to the New York Times, FitBit hopes to price their shares between $14 and $16. The company hopes to sell 22.4 million shares, with their existing shareholders selling an additional 7.5 million shares. Fitbit could raise up to $358.4 […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  May 28, 2015

FitBit may be in some hot water. The fitness tracker company is being sued by rival Jawbone under complaints that FitBit stole information from Jawbone through Jawbone employees who were leaving the company (to work at FitBit), reports the New York Times. Jawbone’s complaint against Fitbit is that FitBit contacted Jawbone employees and recruited them […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  May 7, 2015

FitBit is going public. The wearable technology company has filed for an IPO and will be publicly traded under the “FIT” name, reports MarketWatch. According to a regulatory filing, the San Francisco-based company plans to offer up to $100 million in common stock; however, that amount is likely a placeholder and subject to change. (MarketWatch) […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  April 28, 2015

Some say no. With the introduction of the Apple Watch and it’s fitness tracking capabilities, along with smart fitness watches from FitBit, Peak and Polar, some say that smaller fitness trackers will go by the way-side. Jawbone’s Up3 is a fitness tracker akin to a basic FitBit in that it collects data and sends it to an […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  April 17, 2015

Say you headed out on a run without your wallet, but you need to buy a water bottle, or something else, on your way home. In perhaps a genius move by Jawbone, their new UP4 line of fitness trackers will ship with an NFC chip inside, allowing the wearer to make payments via American Express. […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  April 7, 2015

Johnny Adamic at The Daily Beast thinks so. Adamic, a nationally-certified personal trainer and registered yoga teacher, argues why fitness accessories and apps could potentially have a dark side. Adamic argues that “we don’t trust ourselves anymore. The act of exercise is no longer a mind-to-body experience but rather a mind-to-fitness-tracker-device-to-body phenomenon.” His argument stems from […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  March 24, 2015

A small, but important, update to FitBit’s Surge fitness watch was rolled out this week. According to VentureBeat, the fitness tracking company, added biking/cycling workouts to their Surge fitness watch. Surge features heart-rate tracking, GPS, distance, duration, heart rate, average speed, and calories burned. The Surge is a wearable fitness smart-watch that costs $250. For […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  March 19, 2015

The Microsoft band is the newest player in the fitness tracker game. The tech giant released the Microsoft Band for sale this week, reports Forbes. The fitness tracker will push health data to Microsoft Health, the desktop data control center. The band costs $200 and will be released slowly to brick and mortar stores as […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  March 13, 2015

Historically, Apple has had third-party gadgets in their actual stores and in the web store, considering there are a lof of gadgets that can be used with your iDevices. However, some have noticed that fitness bands and trackers have been disappearing from shelves on the heels of the Apple Watch announcement. Some of these removed […]

Posted By: Abbey Dufoe  |  February 27, 2015

Wearable fitness tracker Fitbit, which has arguably taken over the wearable fitness tracker market over the last year, is in talks to buy a fitness app called FitStar, according to TechCrunch. FitBit has it’s own app that tracks your steps taken, calories burned, calories eaten, water consumption, and sleep cycles. You can also challenge other […]